Go Goa Gone

Go Goa Gone

A rave party off the coast of Goa, goes horrifyingly and hilariously wrong when the island is overrun with zombies.

A group of friends along with members of the Russian mafia get stuck on a remote island off the coast of Goa, when new drugs at a rave party are consumed by the guests, turning them into zombies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Perrine B (ru) wrote: Lou est une jeune fille de 13 ans, trs gentille et trs intelligente. Elle a d'ailleurs deux classes d'avance l'cole, mais pas d'amis, son pre est assez strict et sa mre compltement amorphe depuis le dcs de son bb. Quand le professeur de franais demande ses lves de faire un expos devant le classe, Lou choisi de parler de la mendicit. Pour illustrer son sujet, elle va la rencontre de No, 18 ans et SDF, pour l'interviewer. No a un sale caractre, passe son temps demander des clopes aux passants, et profite de l'attention de Lou son gard pour boire un coup gratos plutt que de rpondre srieusement ses questions. Petit petit, un lien se cre. No va se confier et Lou enfin trouv un semblant d'amie. Et elle convainc son pre de laisser No venir habiter chez eux...Jolie histoire d'amiti que voici, avec des actrices trs justes dans leurs rles compltement opposs : No (Julie-Marie Parmentier) l'hyper active qui ne cesse de parler, et Lou (Nina Rodriguez) la discrte qui coute et observe. On ne plaint pas particulirement No, qui semble se complaire dans son statut de SDF et ne profite pas rellement de l'opportunit que lui donne sa famille d'accueil. Sa prsence a un impact sur le pre de Lou qui fait ce qu'il peut pour cadrer No afin de l'aider, et sur la mre qui sortira peu peu de sa torpeur. On assiste l'closion de Lou, trs introvertie au dbut, qui se laisse un peu plus aller au contact de No, et celui de Lucas, le beau gosse trublion de sa classe qui dcouvre son existence grce son expos sur No. Mais les sentiments de Lou envers No et Lucas sont parfois troubles : est-elle jalouse, envieuse, ou pas du tout ? Le film est inspir du livre ponyme de Delphine de Vigan, et il semblerait que ses questions intrieures y soient plus dveloppes. Assurment pour un mieux.

Angela K (kr) wrote: This was a nice movie with a lot of heart.... even brought a tear or two to my eyes!!

Ronnie R (it) wrote: i always caught bits and pieces of it but from what I can tell it's definitely interesting.

Sarah (ru) wrote: Okay honestly this movie didnt really do anything for me. It wasnt horrible though. It was slow, and kinda boring at times. Acting all around was nothing spectacular. I think I was least impressed by Lopez though. Not sure why, she just didnt do it for me. I liked Stephen Dorff though. To be truthful he was a main reason I didnt turn it off halfway through. Caine played a weird guy, rather static as well. Nicholson was well....Nicholson. Your typical Jack. The story was rather lame too. No strong focus. Dont plan on watching this one again.

Colin G (gb) wrote: One of my favourite movies. A mature and funny chick flick. The tale of three very different women and the trials they face coming to terms with issues in their lives.

Ross M (ag) wrote: Freaked is basically a B-movie with a budget, but still a B-movie, the high point of the film was Mr. T playing the bearded lady, that was worth the rental alone.

Stephen Z (de) wrote: "Lethal Weapon 2" is a lot like the first film in many ways, meaning that it is an enjoyable film, but it is also not as novel or innovative. The action and comedy are still great. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are still fantastic, and Joe Pesci is a nice addition. But as successful of a sequel as "Lethal Weapon 2" is, it just isn't quite the same as the original "Lethal Weapon".

Scott A (it) wrote: This movie is based on a play and it totally feels like one. It almost all takes place at a small hotel. The acting is okay, with Basinger being the best. Shepard seems to be over acting a lot in the beginning and his character is a total jack-hole.The last twenty minutes does get decent, but the 80-some minutes before that are boring as sin. I fell asleep twice during watching this film.It's clear Stanton is Basinger's father, but he never acts like it. It's clear Shepard has some past with her, but she also never seems to act like one happened. Quaid apparently is her current lover, but he shows up to the film late and just kind of stands in the background most of the time.Some crazy woman keeps showing up to fire a gun a few times and then drives away.And it has one of those horribly annoying right when something big is about to happen, the movie ends leaving nothing explained. I hate those endings.

william s (jp) wrote: There is something about this movie I always liked

Paul J (gb) wrote: One of the lost gems of the 70s. Brilliant and revealing character study on a ex-convict. Dustin Hoffman gives one of his finest performances. This is a perfect example of why 70s filmmaking rocked. It also happens to be just as relevant today as it did then. (Michael Mann helped write the script).

Nicholas G (fr) wrote: In this movie four people plan to go on a little trip. Unfortunately things do not go as planned. The foursome arrive at a poor Appalachian residential area near the river where most of the inhabitants are the result of inbreeding.You can sense that something bad is about to happen in the movie.What I liked most about this movie is the atmosphere which reeks of dread and dangers that lie ahead.

Shinyhair X (es) wrote: Interesting but to me unfortunately quite boring.

Van R (br) wrote: Actor Steve McQueen plays the least charismatic character of his entire career in the concisely-made, Don Siegel directed, 90-minute World War II movie HELL IS FOR HEROES, a first-rate, uncompromising anti-war movie about sacrifice and redemption set on the dangerous Siegfried Line in the winter of 1944. A woebegone squad of six rugged G.I.s find themselves stretched perilously thin to defend a front for 48 hours against a numerically superior German enemy until reinforcements arrives. Fess Parker, Bobby Darin, James Coburn, Harry Guardino, L.Q. Jones, Nick Adams, and first-time actor Bob Newhart co-star in this grim, realistic, virtually all-male combat thriller. Indeed, there is one woman at the outset who operates a bar. Apart from her, no other females appear in this serious, no-nonsense, but heavily ironic yarn. Our heroes must convince the enemy that they are 600 rather than a mere six.The production designers deserve applause for their fabulous job of recreating the Type 10 bunkers of the Limes Programme that cover the enemy front as well as the tank teeth that constituted part of the line. War films by 1962 were steadily growing more and more cynical, and HELL IS FOR HEROES contains cynical characters. The wise-cracking G.I.s of World War II era movies were overshadowed here by cantankerous, paranoid soldiers not about looting a church or espousing atheism. Although color films were the standard, Siegel shot HELL IS FOR HEROES in black and white and the choice is appropriate for the unglamorous subject matter. Like many World War II movies, the focus is on the grubby guys on the battlefront and Steve McQueen??s Reese is a perfect example. The unshaven, less-than-fortunate protagonist has wrecked a jeep, basically cracked up, been demoted, but he remains a brave, willing soldier who has a difficult time recognizing, much less accommodating authority whether the authority figure is an enlisted man or an officer. McQueen clashed with BATTLEGROUND cenarist Robert Pirosh, a World War II veteran and later creater of the ABC-TV classic COMBAT!, who had been initially hired to direct. Don Siegel replaced him, but Siegel and McQueen had their share of spats. Reportedly, McQueen sought to enhance the lonely character of his anti-social hero by refusing to fraternize with the cast. Neither McQueen nor Darin were on friendly terms during the production.

Orlok W (br) wrote: Brooding, moody, deceptively simple, and beautiful study of guilt and honor!!

Bill T (au) wrote: Pretty good outing here, but I prefer others better. A and C are, yes, in Africa on the trail of a gorilla and maybe some diamonds, while avoiding, yes, gorillas, headhunters, and some small-time hoods. There's nothing really classic here, and it's somewhat repetitive what with all the chases and Abbott fainting and all that. But still pretty good.

Lou S (us) wrote: Significantly less awesome than it sounds.

lloyd s (ca) wrote: Wish there was a sequel!!!!

Stacy S (de) wrote: Sufficiently creeped out. I see where more modern movies got their horror movie influences. It was worth watching to see Bruce Campbell.

Evan M (kr) wrote: Campy, mindless fun from the network that brought you Sharknado. This time giant lava-breathing tarantulas attack Los Angeles. Mankind's only hope? The cast of the Police Academy.

Nathan K (de) wrote: Like Top Gun only it sucks.