Go Toward the Light

Go Toward the Light

A young couple faces the realities of life with their child who is diagnosed with AIDS.

A young couple faces the realities of life with their child who is diagnosed with AIDS. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Go Toward the Light torrent reviews

Dathathreya K (us) wrote: I wish Mr.Travolta would re-enter the scene better than this!

Roland S (gb) wrote: A disturbing, eye-opening, hilarious riot of a game of play-acting

Jabatiha j (au) wrote: nice..................

Diana W (us) wrote: dude should just stick to 'grey's anatomy'

Joe T (de) wrote: Camporama! (with lots of cute boys..) lol*

Gill L (nl) wrote: I liked this movie when I was younger. It's not really one I've taken the time to watch in recent years so I'm afraid I can't speak too specifically on it. I think it's a great film for kids and it's quite cute to see the way they animated the car.

Hannah D (br) wrote: Better than one might guess, but still a kid film.

Alec M (ca) wrote: the fact that this turkey made 45 million just goes to show how little people care about reviews lol

Stefanie C (br) wrote: A haunting film on memory, love and loss. Don't dismiss your dreams ~ Demand them!

Mad M (br) wrote: Decent asteroid apocalypse flick.


Ryan R (us) wrote: 'Citizen Ruth' is a satire on abortion that's laugh-out-loud funny, surprising, and plays fair (both sides look like idiots). The cast is amazing, and Laura Dern should have got an Oscar for her performance as Ruth, a drug-addicted woman with child caught in the abortion war with both sides using her for their own gain.

TaShonda B (us) wrote: ummm...it's Bradley Cooper!

Matt C (nl) wrote: Not bad for a Friday night, a decent cat and mouse thriller but the only downside is its cast, where I feel they were slightly miscast. Denis Leary isn't menacing, Cuba gooding jr isn't tough and emilio estevez is well..whiney and annoying.Overall it's watchable, but nothing you haven't seen before.

Paul B (gb) wrote: Lucio Fulci's brilliant first entry into The Gates Of Hell trilogy is the story of a priest who, upon committing suicide, opens the gates to hell and brings the dead back to life. The acting is hokey in places but it is always impeccably shot, with each scene always having a point. The violence is graphic & gory & includes two exceptionally infamous scenes that I won't detail here. It's a wonderfully told film and fits together well, has truly memorable moments & an absolutely wonderful soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi. An absolute genre classic & a fitting pick on Horror Channel's Directors Night for Eli Roth

Kevin M W (es) wrote: When the film first debuted I wouldn't go see it: "Yet another ploy by The Man to hijack The Movement!" Now, years later, much less militant (still don't trust The Pigs!), and I discover simply a film about some conflicting attitudes at the time put to creative song and dance ... The Movement got hijacked by Walmart, cable TV, and Colonel Sanders; and the war machine ...? Its gone, right? Or at least balanced. Maintained. But we're here about the movies, right? So maybe this one's still relevant.

Greg R (nl) wrote: I wish this Peanuts film had a better ending, but I still liked this movie as a whole.

Simon D (br) wrote: a very original film, maybe one of the first mockumentaries that could actually convince those who know nothing about it beforehand that this actually happened. I presume this can be considered a protest film made by political paranoids.

Jard M (jp) wrote: This film will be remembered most for being Francis Ford Coppola's directorial debut, honestly though this is a decent horror film. It's a B-Movie all the way and even though it was done in 1963 it still looks cheaply done, seriously it looks like it's from the 50's or 60's. Still though this is genuinely creepy in parts and surprisingly violent in other parts. Apparently there were alot of these kinds of films out shortly after Psycho which revolutionised violence in film's. Overall this movie is by no means a classic but it succeeds as a horror film and is worth at least one viewing.

Pia R (ru) wrote: Just saw a few familiar faces on ad and decided to record it ... didnt know what it is about so it was a nice surprise :)