Goal II: Living the Dream

Goal II: Living the Dream

When Newcastle United soccer star Santiago Munez is offered a spot with Real Madrid, he accepts, but the move - accompanied by big money and fame - tests his ties and loyalties to family, friends and business acquaintances.

European soccer player Santiago Muñez is bumped by his agent from England's Newcastle United team to Real Madrid's Galácticos. But the move, accompanied by big money and fame, tests his ties and loyalties to family, friends and business acquaintances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shea H (it) wrote: Nothing. Happens. Well acted and at times beautifully shot, but mostly just dull. There are a handful of poignant and sometimes tense moments barely strung together with zero plot or narrative. I wanted to enjoy it in some deep & meaningful way but it's just not there. Kept waiting for something memorable or insightful to happen but it just never does. Decent soundtrack. Don't waste your 3 hours. You're better off watching American Pie or American Beauty again.

Will C (nl) wrote: The sequel to The Spanish Apartment,i will say,that this was way better then the first movie really enjoyable,but again the set back was not enough Audrey Tautou,she has more creen time in this but absent a good chunk of the movie,but overall stoll a good flick.

Damjan R (it) wrote: The 'second' part focuses on the failed (or doomed) Bolivian revolution attempt. In this story, Che comes out of hiding to attempt to duplicate the success of the Cuban revolution in Bolivia. Benicio del Toro excels once again as Che, only this time, Che has less energy and less support so he does what he can. The way this second part bookends the story of Soderbergh's shines new light even on the first story, where it is suggested that the revolution was kind of 'allowed' to succeed, while in Bolivia it was suffocated within a year. The pacing of this film is sublime, creating an atmosphere of dread almost from the outset. The direction and cinematography accent this marvelously and as the story eventually comes to a close, Che is revealed as a complex individual, a 'career' revolutionary who perhaps didn't know when to quit.

Jason W (de) wrote: If David Lynch has any part in making a movie in anyway shape or form don't bother watching it. ALL OF HIS FILMS are total crap and a waste of time. He must of paid off all the critics to get high ratings on his films.

Kevin S (jp) wrote: Great corporate humor, laughed a lot on the work lives of cubicle people.

Andrew M (au) wrote: Penguins of Madagascar isn't the best DreamWorks movie. I thought this movie was going to be great because I liked all of the Madagascar movies. But this movie, wasn't that good. I wouldn't really suggest this movie.

Nuvia R (au) wrote: TERRIBLE, if you watched the first it will ruin your mind, I'm trying to forget it never happened

Michael T (us) wrote: Returning to that Universal 4 Movie Marathon, Cult Horror Collection which I picked up at a Blockbuster closing sale a few months, we have 1973's Sssssss. By this time in his career, Strother Martin was no longer playing in Westerns but was frequently in low budget (no budget might be a better term) horror films. He plays a kind, soft-spoken, somewhat eccentric scientist with some bizarre theories about how mankind will survive the oncoming ecological collapse. Well, the movie is pretty stupid but Martin's performance as the mad doctor is worth watching. Dirk Benedict (a few years from starring in TV's original Battlestar Gallactica and then the A-Team) plays Martin's new research assistant (what happend to the last one?) and Heather Menzies plays Martin's daughter and Benedict's love interest. I saw this one originally on BCTV's afternoon movie show when I was off sick for a good chunk of May and June; Mom was disturbed with my choice of entertainment...