Goal! III

Goal! III

The heroes compete on the greatest stage of all, the FIFA World Cup Finals.

The heroes compete on the greatest stage of all, the FIFA World Cup Finals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Goal! III torrent reviews

Elvira L (nl) wrote: Beautiful homage to the persona that was YSL.

Harry A (us) wrote: Good dialogue, amusing moments, and strong chemistry between the two leads.

Janice B (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this movie about a kid who knows what he likes but is trying to find where he belongs.

Brad B (fr) wrote: Captivating movie that pulls you in. Not only as an insight into Iranian lifestylels, but when you talk into account that it's an allegory Iran as a country, it really makes you pay attention.

FilmGrinder S (us) wrote: "When you chase the dragon you get burned, oh man do you get burned."-Spike (Chad Lindberg)

katsist (mx) wrote: Found it to be dull and boring. Not many scares.

Alejandro E (au) wrote: Paranoid,mathematical thriller that gave a blow of fresh air to sci-fi genre.The modest beginnings of the man who direct The black swan and The wrestler

Mark L (ag) wrote: Rough around the edges and shows where he was at earlier in his career. Not as good as God of Cookery and on.

Lee K (fr) wrote: Wow am i actually the first to review this one? Anyhow caught this on Scream today, I have seen it before but nothing much was on. Adam Baldwin does a not bad job as the psycho in this however the acting thruout is incredibly weak. The storyline holds up very well making you wonder how far will somebody go to keep the one they desire. In this case alot. Another case of the guy who is very controlling and abusive, if you want to catch a good movie, yet an oldie on the same storyline check out Sleeping with the enemy starring Julia Roberts instead. God knows the acting is better!

Scott A (ag) wrote: Okay, I really did dig the contrived story here and how the entire first half hour is about two guys escaping from prison, and then hitching a ride on a train, who's driver happens to die after starting the train and off they go.All the train tension is pretty great, as it all looks real and all.De Mornay doesn't show up until the half way point and she is okay. She's very glammed down, almost looking like a dude.And I guess many liked the leads, but I thought Voight and Roberts, doing their best hick accents, just came off annoying to me. Voight was an over the top dick, and Roberts was the over the top moron. Their bickering got old real fast.And what was the deal with the Prison dude??? The train could crash into a Chemical Plant and kill thousands, but all he cares about is bringing Voight back to jail to keep peace? Really?And the ending was a big let down too.I guess it could be quite good if you can find anything to like with the leads, but I just couldn't.Oh, and when Roberts is boxing in the beginning, that is Danny Trejo boxing him. He looks crazy young!

Shane D (br) wrote: One of Hanks' best. A heartbreaking ending. Quality stuff.

Matt G (es) wrote: I've seen this next-gen Wet-Hot-American-Summer so many times that most of my laughter was premature. Yet somehow, I still find fresh jokes to laugh at even on my umpteenth watch ("I give the old man a week." "That's really insensitive, Mark"). The cartoonish town itself provides a perfect setting and tone for the endless string of hilarious non-sequiturs and characters. The best part is that its layered stupidity is actually covered in brains, never taking the easy joke when a better one is under the surface.

Dolores H (fr) wrote: Watched less than half of it. Wierd and really annoying. I really don't care who imprisoned him or why.

Mark W (br) wrote: Beyond awful!!! Worst acted/written/directed/edited movie I've seen in a long time! I feel sorry that Patrick Stewart (who barely narrates it)....is attached to this! I was hoping it was gonna hark back to the glory days of the old sinbad movies and have the wonderful effects a l Harryhausen! But no!!!! Just avoid at all costs....or watch it on how not to make a movie!

Leigh S (br) wrote: the year and title are wrong - it's Bobby Z (2007) but i was surprised at that this was more of an action comedy than an action thriller. Guess you can't judge a movie by its poster! haha I liked it though :)