God for Sale

God for Sale

Prasannan, a recently released mental asylum inmate, claims to be an avatar of God and assumes the identity of Poornananda Swami.

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God for Sale torrent reviews

Alex C (gb) wrote: Flawed, but well-acted and convincing. While 1 and 1 doesn't always add up to two, it's still worth watching.

Derek J (fr) wrote: aspiring, original and mysterious but glaring holes and a w- eak protagonist has the antagonist conflicting himself inst- ead. like a batman film where the villain gets all the focus while the hero's reduced to background cardboard cutout.

Anirudh R (au) wrote: By far, one of the most true to the heart Indian Romcom ever to be made. The music adds a significant amount to that result.

James R (mx) wrote: A great blend of comedy and survival drama. Great to see a good film coming out of Australia, would love to see more!

Kristen F (es) wrote: Howard usually is good in all that I have seen him in. Might check this out.

Shaun B (es) wrote: Enjoyable 50's coming of age tale.

Nicole S (es) wrote: This is a great movie

Emod L (fr) wrote: 78%Still better than the Hobbit movies.

Juli N (mx) wrote: A few of these folks are suffering from a terminal case of the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing!

roger t (it) wrote: saw this and liked it when it first came out. need to see again to rate it fairly.

Greg W (ag) wrote: hepburn playing asian actually all asian roles played by white actors doesn't hold up well today

Wade H (kr) wrote: Gibson's return is welcoming, but to step in a film all to familiar with other thrillers. The suspense is good and the plot has some decent twist and turns.

Cody B (us) wrote: Wow, I kept this movie, and kept forgetting what it was about, if it was good or not. Hands down a solid Bruce Willis movie, and once you get used to Mos Def's nasal whine it becomes rather endearing. A little disjointed, but you feel hot and tired watching it, so they did a good job there. I think it wraps up rather neatly. And isn't even too sad.

Dan E (nl) wrote: The repetitive nature of the film undermines any of the thrills of watching a terrorist attack unfold from differing perspectives.