God's Army

God's Army

Life as a Mormon missionary isn't what 19-year-old Brandon Allen expected: so many rules and so few successes. Los Angeles is as unrepentant as Sodom and Gomorrah. He's forced to share a small apartment with five young prank-loving missionaries and, to top it off, his first companion, 29-year-old Marcus Dalton, proves to be a harsh mentor. After only one day as a missionary, Allen is ready to hang up his necktie and go home. Allen becomes a part of the drama occurring under the everyday surface of missionary life. After only a few intense days, Allen finds faith he didn't know he had, and courage he didn't know he lacked. He learns that the time has come to put away childish things, and to become more than just a man--to become a man of God.

Life as a Mormon missionary isn't what 19-year-old Brandon Allen expected: so many rules and so few successes. Los Angeles is as unrepentant as Sodom and Gomorrah. He's forced to share a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jonathan d (nl) wrote: slow paced, poor characterisation, monosyllabic retarded main character. how did he get a girlfriend? must miss

Andy V (jp) wrote: This is OK but not really worth watching unless you've run out of other action spy flicks.

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James D (au) wrote: I own it, so I might as well see it once.

Damien K (fr) wrote: The most beautiful "musical" I have ever seen... and heard for that matter. I think that every one I know, who has seen this, loved it.

Scott C (au) wrote: Another terrible John Landis movie.

Michael F (es) wrote: This movie only gets four stars for Michael Keaton's performance. The story and lame supporting cast (not the actors themselves but the shitty amount of time given to their character development) are good but not great and theirs really noting all that new here. But Keaton's performance is outstanding and definitely the driving force of the movie.

Trevor L (fr) wrote: Otm Shank. The music was very inappropriate. Also, I am Titanius Anglesmith: Fancyman of Cornwood.

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Alex S (nl) wrote: Oh Gary Cooper, you really are the inferior Frank Capra protagonist. You're not helped along by a mawkish, solemn, sentimental script in which indeed every scene seems to end in a sermon (and not even a good one: "be nice to your neighbor" come on now). Man this would be so much better as a comedic satire a la Preston Sturges or Billy Wilder and focusing on Barbara Stanwyck's hardboiled reporter character (who unconvincingly becomes the histroinic fainting type, because it's BARBARA STANWYCK and she don't faint).

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