God's Forgotten Town

God's Forgotten Town

Julia, a reporter for a paranormal magazine is sent to investigate strange phenomena in a Spanish 'ghost town.' She and her small film crew go to Manasés, an abandoned village where all the...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:God's Forgotten Town 2008 full movies, God's Forgotten Town torrents movie

A group of journalists currently investigating the disappearance of all the inhabitants of a town one night, 1945. Julia is an investigative journalist who works for a magazine supernatural-themed "Year Zero". Despite not believing in parapsychological events, finds a surprising reality. Following a terrible fact found to be able to feel certain presences, even "see" the past when the force of the environment that is powerful enough. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth M (fr) wrote: I really liked the movie because it shows what those girls went through!!!

Michael H (br) wrote: With apologies to Nicole Kidman and Crocodile Dundee, Australia??s new No. 1 export is Mick Taylor, the ruddy-faced psycho with the muttonchops and maniacal snort-laugh.Taylor is to the outback what Jason Voorhees is to Camp Crystal Lake and Freddy Krueger is to every teen??s troubled dreams: He preys on young tourists dumb enough to thumb their way across Australia??s desolate northwest and then pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere.

Tom W (it) wrote: Conflicted is the best way to rate this. Really liked what I got. Going in a really fantastic direction with tons of potential, and then.....well, you have to see for yourself. There is a distinction between having an open ended finale, but this, well....I might want to consider this having no ending?

Jake O (mx) wrote: I give this movie 2 stars based solely on the concept of the movie, which was an intriguing one. It's the piss-poor execution from all involved creatively that drags this movie under

Gabrielle R (kr) wrote: so cute and original!

Adam D (nl) wrote: a very good movie special effects awesome and great acting to.

Jack B (mx) wrote: saw the new us version

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Marshall O (it) wrote: Wanna try me? I don't try anything, I just do it!

Carmela (ru) wrote: Not my favorite, but Joan Crawford does do a splendidly emotional acting job. The story got more exciting in the end; the plot took a while to get on its feet, and I didn't know where the tale was going until much later. Though it had a worthwhile moral and unique twist, both typical of the genre.

James C (de) wrote: Harlow "sings" and "dances" in this film about a Broadway star who falls for and marries a millionaire (Franchot Tone). William Powell plays a sports promoter/gambler who is secretly in love with Harlow and tries to help her when her husband, depressed kills himself and she gets accused of murder. Great support from Mae Robson & early Rosalind Russell & Mickey Rooney performances. Based on the real life event of actress Libby Holman (and not too far off from what happened to Harlow with husband Paul Bern.) (Harlow's singing & dancing are done by a double.)

Curtis R (jp) wrote: highly unrated. It tells the story of Dracula learning to let his daughter go. It's basically the little Mermaid. The difference, however, is that the focus here is Dracula which makes up for all the faults with the Little Mermaid which was insufferable from a story perspective. and unlike 8 crazy nights, the fast paced animation matches the tone of the movie perfectly which is something it has over Eight Crazy Nights. It's a monster mash and should be watched every Halloween.

Adam D (mx) wrote: Good. might've been a touch better

Wade H (it) wrote: A callback to the 80's fantasy classics. Purefoy is good as the titular role. The plot is watchable with decent fight scenes and creepy creature effects. The CGI is a cheesy, but gets the job done.

Tim S (kr) wrote: Caught this on TMC the other night, and was really loved it. A very funny western spoof with a lot of heart.