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Godam torrent reviews

Nitasha R (kr) wrote: I can see that they were attempting to make a point..too bad it was done poorly.

Dan C (kr) wrote: I love shitty movies!!!!!!!

Pedro G (nl) wrote: Awesome movie! So entertaining, so fresh!

Maark T (de) wrote: A solid gangster movie which looks at it from the point of view of those in the lower ranks of the gang

Sui G (nl) wrote: Balto?! I haven't seen this movie, or heard of it, in ages. It's an okay movie. They save that little girl. And that's awesome.

Stan L (jp) wrote: so sad that Kurosawa ended with this.

Jordan P (br) wrote: Boasting a more unnerving undertone than most Asian horror remakes, Pulse uses modern society's technological advances as a springboard for supernatural domination -- and its exhilarating visuals and palpable scares help increase the creep factor.

Jessica B (jp) wrote: If the first ten minutes contains no original dialogue, story, or characters, then you know it's bad. Not even in a 'so bad it's good' way.

Jason M (it) wrote: The most underrated of the Indiana Jones films. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull brings back the delightful action with few dull moments and Harrison Ford shines. The story was interesting as well.