Godkiller: Walk Among Us

Godkiller: Walk Among Us

Even in a postapocalyptic future in which Earth has been colonized by aliens, humans need hearts to live, so when an orphan boy's sister needs a new one, he'll go to just about any length to get it in this "illustrated film" from Matt Pizzolo.

About a 16-year-old boy's odyssey through a post-nuke wasteland as he searches for a new heart to save his dying sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Godkiller: Walk Among Us torrent reviews

Michele P (nl) wrote: Actually not that bad!Just kidding. It's crap.

S S (jp) wrote: Good start and had some funny scenes here and there but dragged on for the most part.

Shaun B (ru) wrote: If you enjoy 1970s grime and grindhouse movies then you should definitely stick to the originals. Sure, some of the recent revivals have been decent to very good but this one is insufferably boring and far too derivative to be worth any kind of watch. If you can make it past the 20 minute mark without passing out from boredom or ripping your hair out due to how badly played this is, don't say I didn't warn you. I enjoy bad movies (ones that aren't even in the canon of "so-bad-it's-good" category) but this is just worthless.

James H (jp) wrote: Dreadful western, poorly acted, cheap, amateur production and embarrassingly bad attention to period detail. The dialogue is laughably bad at times. Riddled with cliche's, the score is mundane. Corny and dumb.

Ashlyn B (br) wrote: This was kinda disappointing... Seen as the 1st 1 was so good!

Jonathan K (ru) wrote: Loved it. Brutally good.

Tim M (br) wrote: Perpetuates the misogynistic idea of "the friend zone," fat shames, of course the guy gets the girl...but only when he is good looking. Not a whole of good things to say about it. The performances were alright.

Mychal S (jp) wrote: A very challenging, provocative film. Its ambiguousness is only better served by its ambivalence. It may be too vague, but this movie was definitely made to stick with you, to live on well past it's final moment. And it most certainly does.

Giorgio P (au) wrote: The Program is Oscar hungry and with it's rushed first and third act, mediocre performances and poor dialogue I really can't recommend it

Jareth S (ag) wrote: This is one of those times when I wonder how a great classic film could go so long without any dvd release and I'm extremely thankful for the Criterion Collection correcting this oversight. Nicholas Ray made some great films and, though Johnny Guitar is probably my favorite by the director, Bigger than Life may be his best. Its absence from the AFI 100 list reminds me once again how flawed that list is. This is an important landmark film about the middle class American nightmare, prescription drug addiction & fear of escalating medical bills. His family and colleagues are unprepared for the personality change that comes as a side effect with his increase of his dosage. This underseen gem is deserving of a much bigger audience and is the type of film that the lazy AFI should be using their platform to promote. As much as I enjoy the over-the-top Rebel Without a Cause, this suburban family melodrama is a better film. The excellent Criterion dvd (or Blu-ray) extras include three 20-30 min. interviews that explore the messages and themes of the film, picking up on some things that I had overlooked during my first viewing.

Trevor F (jp) wrote: this is a great movie

Joe D (es) wrote: I just witnessed the worst movie experience ever. please never ever put Chris O'Donnell in a movie again.

Liam D (br) wrote: Though it may have a blunt intro, The Drop is an exquisite example of Michal R. Roskam's ability to build tension and suspense over a film, and Tom Hardy's undoubtable ability to act and enter a character

Cameron M (fr) wrote: Like a one-sided conversation with a popinjay and tedious to the point of restlessness, My Dinner With Andre loses the initial intrigue of its originailty with its faux-profound stories that aren't engaging even once the conversation becomes two-sided.