God's Not Dead 2

God's Not Dead 2

When a high school teacher is asked a question in class about Jesus, her reasoned response lands her in deep trouble and could expel God from the public square once and for all.

When a high school teacher is asked a question in class about Jesus, her response lands her in deep trouble. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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God's Not Dead 2 torrent reviews

JOHN C (fr) wrote: haha this movie was pretty funny. def worth a watch

WakeWRC89 (ca) wrote: My favourite of all of them. Full of action. Brilliant film.

Tim S (br) wrote: Shockingly fun movie.

Amanda H (ag) wrote: I went into this movie expecting a cheesy teen comedy, but I got so much more. This was a great film! The ending was really entertaining as well. Definitely worth watching!

John E (au) wrote: This felt like the final project of someone just finishing art school, who feels like they need to SAY SOMETHING IMPORTANT in an unconventional way. And it kind of works. If this movie about talking zombies trying to live a normal human life had been 30 minutes, I might have liked it. Despite the overly wooden characters and theme over substance. But it just goes on and on. It's either over the top message, or over the top violence. And not 'fun' campy violence, but long stetches of people doing nothing but screaming in pain. As for the message, they really hit you hard with it. American society is uncomfortable with homosexuality. We get it. You don't need the giant american flags, the references to being closeted, the ended relationship when she 'changes', etc. Using a movie as a metaphor is great. But it has to be really carefully handled. The original dawn of the dead, zombie movie with relatively subtle handling of a message. This movie, it just underestimates the audience to an almost insulting level. What's really disappointing though is that this could, should, have been good. The idea was solid, and I felt like the actors could handle it if given more to work with. It's an interesting concept above all, and the metaphor is both significant and self apparent. In the end it just never reached that potential though.Also, I think it's time to bury the cliched "Changes to a characters life and personality personified as they look into a shattered mirror and cut their hair." Ok, movies that aren't filled to the brim can get a pass there. But when your movie is 90% trope to begin with....

Frank B (gb) wrote: I really dislike each and everyone who has disliked this film. Everyone attempts to talk so intelligently and speak as if they have any real knowledge of what a good movie is. Makes me delirious how cynical everyone is trying to plague their opinion on everything. I played the Hitman games and my goodness this film did its best to replicate it in an action movie. Timmy O played a great agent 47. The strange and ominous dialogue is exactly like the game. So if you are going to critique the movie like a movie why don't you either critique the game or even play the game, unless you are afraid you might enjoy it.Frank

Richard C (br) wrote: This is like almost three hours on the history of the Islam religion and how it firstly spreads across parts of Europe, Africa, India, Spain like a virus. I quite liked the information it provided, though it is enveloped by liberal agendas and biases towards the Islam faith, so of course you won't hear about the founder Muhammad and his pedophile appetite. It starts by explaining the pre Islamic Arabic animism period and the gradual aceptance and rising governance of Muhammad, then it talks about the rapid growth of Islamic conquests in terms of land and adherents, and next is the scientific era of the Muslims and how their blind faith inspired them to learn about reality. Then it's rough struggles with Christians and their crusaders, then the Ottomans, and last is a guy who reigned for the longest time without losing battles - I forgot his name. Betwixt the narrating history lessons historians from different US colleges opine (Half of them Muslim sounding). It seems that for every evil that Islam conjured, there was majestic beauty and contribution to humanity. Truly in the schizophrenic nature and pattern of the Islamic founder.

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Phillip D (kr) wrote: Amazing performances all round but Donald Sutherland broke my heart.

Aaron G (us) wrote: Whoever cast Will Ferrell as a man who thinks he's an elf deserves an Oscar. Also, this is the only movie I can stand Zooey Deschanel in.

Andrew S (ag) wrote: Man on the Ledge is a very decent popcorn movie, it spends the first 10-15 minutes setting your expectation about what the film is about then as it progresses it slowly alters that view.What you end up with is a fairly formulaic and somewhat predictable storyline, but it's also a highly entertaining thriller.

Brian C (br) wrote: Harbinger Down is quite a fun movie but in the end it is a lower budget version of The Thing. Instead of the Antarctic it takes place in the Arctic. Instead of a research base, it takes place on a fishing vessel. But they find an alien encased in ice, and all hell breaks loose.That aside though, it is really good. The characters are lots of fun, and well developed. Lance Henriksen is awesome, as always.