Gods of the Plague

Gods of the Plague

A man is released from prison and finds the society on the outside less than appealing. With several women as well as the police on his tail, he sets out to find an old friend.

A man is released from prison and finds the society on the outside less than appealing. With several women as well as the police on his tail, he sets out to find an old friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew M (it) wrote: You know, it could easily have been crap -- very, very easily -- and, at times, it is hanging in the balance, but it does manage to teeter on the side of "homage" rather than "cliche", which helps it a lot. If you like noir, and you're into the whole atmosphere created by that, then this film will keep you entertained from start to finish. Don't get me wrong, it actually does very little successfully, and it is very cringe-worthy at times, but you won't care when you're on the rollercoaster and getting into the - it has to be said, very thin - plot. It's over the top, it's gorey and it's stupidly crazy, but it's noir on crack and, for that, the filmmakers need our praise.

Dillon K (de) wrote: Emotionally powerful acting lead this small film to tough the hearts of the audience, through the eyes of struggling immigrant Americans.

Kenneth B (de) wrote: This is all just a bit too silly. It is too kooky to appeal to me. Ultimately it feels like a film with a very specific demographic.

Brandon W (mx) wrote: It's been a while, but I finally got around to watching '8 Mile' and... it's not bad. Eminem is actually a really good actor and he has great chemistry with his squad. The rapping is also fantastic. I'm starting to learn that I can't stand most of the rap music that is burning up the charts now. Fetty Wap, Drake, Meek Mill, all those guys. But I enjoy rap when characters do it in a movie. 'Straight Outta Compton', '8 Mile' and even in scenes like the printer destruction scene in 'Office Space'. The one thing I didn't care for was the romantic lead. I can't even tell you her name. Anyways, I'm glad I finally saw this film and it made me realize... "Wow is, 'Lose Yourself' a great song!"

Forrest K (us) wrote: An intriguing look behind the curtain at the perilous, ingenious collaboration of Herzog and Kinski. I can't imagine this would be interesting for anyone who wasn't a huge fan of their work together, and even then much of the film centers around Aguirre and Fitzcarraldo, anecdotes which have been well covered in other areas. Still, there are many moments of interest here, such as Herzog touring the house where, entirely coincidentally, as a young boy he lived just down the hall from the raving mad, starving actor Kinski. Herzog recounts tale after tale of Kinski's outbursts, and their intense love/hate relationship, although he seems content to reminisce without exploring Kinski's behaviors and history in-depth. In the end, I felt saddened even more that we only got to see five films from this inspired pairing, and all the more grateful for those.

Zach M (mx) wrote: This was a pretty boring movie that takes place mainly in the car that Ethan Hawke is driving.Both Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez are mediocre but the fact that the story and look of the film is pretty substandard don't help.Jon Voight plays the villain and really doesn't inspire fear.There was a fairly well done chase scene halfway through that does a really good job of showing the speeds that the cars are going.

Autumn B (ca) wrote: Stories of redemption are tricky. Make the story too easy and the audience misses the point; make it too hard ( Wild) and the audience loses interest. Unfortunately, this movie falls into the former category. The twists and turns in this Beauty and the Beast story are seen from a mile off ( the worried mom, the bad influences, even the money angle). Not impressed.

Phil H (mx) wrote: Yul Brynner is a rare actor whose very presence elevates the performances of all around him. So magnetic is he, so larger than life, scenes without him seem artificial, their deficiencies obvious. He makes the movie far more interesting than it deserves to be. You will be drawn to his character and enjoy the movie in spite of everything else. I give it a 6 of 10 with 5 of the positive points for him alone.

Tim D (au) wrote: Predictable action, terrible script, poor acting, marginal special effects. The thing is, given the premise, not sure if the movie could have been any better.