Godzilla vs. Biollante

Godzilla vs. Biollante

Dr. Shiragami combines the DNA of roses with some extracted from Godzilla's cells. He names his creation "Biollante".

After rising from his volcanic grave, Godzilla is threatened by a mutated rosebush. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim W (br) wrote: Scariest thing is not what we know but what is unknown. Watch this if you like pretty well made, slightly disturbing, non-hollywood blockbuster horrors that don't just jump scare you to frustration. It was tense and looming, kind of smart and creative like a psychological thriller. But it was a bit predictable even in its unpredictability. Not brilliant, sure but pretty enjoyable. Also short but sweet. I really liked the build-up. Reminds me of 1408. It started getting weird and completely ungrounded after an hour, which I guess was its charm, but it did cause me to lose some interest. Also too technologically reliant. Kind of ambiguous as a whole if you think about it, which is a good thing I guess. And only 2 jump scares! I was so impressed. All in all a pretty competent horror. Solid 6.5/10.

The Movie W (it) wrote: Kicked out of a convent for being too pious (a nun describes her as being a "caricature of religion"), Sokolowski returns to Paris where she is manipulated into carrying out a subway bombing by a group of muslim men. In recent times, French cinema has split into two distinct camps; lavish, beautifully shot tourist board movies set in the rolling hills of the wine valleys, and gritty pieces which utilise the grim urban landscape of the north. Dumont exists somewhere in between, tackling ugly subject matter yet shooting it in a stunningly colourful fashion. In contrast to this visual professionalism is his casting of non-actors, imagine Ken Loach meets Kubrick. There's a shot in this film that sums Dumont up, set in a tower-block apartment in a rundown Parisian suburb. The view of Paris from this point is one which would be the envy of the middle and upper classes residing in the city below. All this visual splendor can't hide the ugliness of Dumont's intent. By claiming to attack religion he has made the most lavish party political broadcast the French National Front could ever dream of. I'm all for having a go at religion but when you target a minority faith it's just plain bullying. The idea that a bunch of Muslims would go out of their way to corrupt a Catholic girl is just too hard to swallow. Dumont is preying on middle-class Christian paranoia because he knows if the protagonist were a young Islamic girl mainstream audiences wouldn't be interested. It's a French take on how Hollywood treats minorities. Ever notice how any movies about the black struggle are always from the point of view of whites? Almost a half century later and we haven't had a Martin Luther King movie, heaven forbid Hollywood would show blacks actually achieving something on their own. Likewise the only major production about the holocaust is about a Gentile saving Jewish lives. It's ironic that in a film about a young girl being exploited by men, Dumont has his lead perform a ridiculously gratuitous nude scene. Perhaps this is why he casts amateurs? This is a very technically accomplished movie and Sokolowski is a revelation in her debut but the sheer bigotry made it hard for me to appreciate.

(gb) wrote: The dialogue was pretty shitty and the plot is almost as bad but those things never come first when a film has red indians, cannibalistic cavemen and badass dino's all kicking ass and tearing each other apart. There's a lot of blood and graphic violence in this and it's a good thing it was so coz otherwise this would've sucked real bad. It's still very weak as a film, mainly due to the horrible dialogue and the piss poor editing but it's entertaining enough for me to watch it till the end. As long as they don't plan to make a live action film, an animated sequel wouldn't be too bad I guess.25 November 2008

Alejandro G (de) wrote: Un hermoso poema sobre la incomunicacin y la incomprensin. Y el posible efecto de ambas en el ser humano. Una obra arrebatadora, profunda, fascinante y sorprendente.

Justin E (ru) wrote: i could've stood for a little more narrative, but the footage and commentary were great.

Sweety H (jp) wrote: yawn....would rather have my wisdom teeth extracted.

Adriano B (au) wrote: A Chinese Alamo. Gourgeous setting (the Silk Road) and a solid western feel; some weird twists throw it in the realm of the bizarre, but, reading it as the crossgenre play it is, you inevitably agree that, in the end, only Buddha owns.

Sara C (ru) wrote: It's worth seeing just for Tori Spelling's hairy toes

Meredith W (jp) wrote: So wrong and so stupid but in such a funny way that this was one of my favourite movies for ages.

Steve D (us) wrote: Poor direct to DVD follow up not fun for any of the family

Bront Y (au) wrote: I've seen this movie about 4 or 5 times now, so I'm surprised I've never rated it before. I first watched this on netflix having heard of it, but not really knowing what it was about, and I just fell in love with it. It's so easy and natural and funny with just enough drama, and I love all the actors in it. It's one of my favorite movies and I think it's a little underrated. And the soundtrack is good too!

bill s (es) wrote: A 5 star film until Sammy Davis Jr. does tap .......what a pleasure to watch talented dancers Tap.

Gustavo R (nl) wrote: I have been marked for this film. This show waht the politics name "the deep Mexico". And this happened to 15 minutes from a urban city.

Mark C (jp) wrote: Visually stunning; beyond that -- a mere repackaged rip-off of Dances With Wolves.

Anthony L (es) wrote: Harry and the Hendersons is an 80's classic. Not the big Steven Spielberg production it could have been, more of a welcome relief in fact. The TV show was pretty good too, Sunday afternoons of Harry and the Hendersons, Alf and then Dinosaurs were the happiest of my childhood. Harry was also a Predator, who knew!?

Devon W (gb) wrote: very odd, very disturbing, never really commits to any theme or tone entirely but somehow I don't regret watching it.