Godzilla vs. Megalon

Godzilla vs. Megalon

In his 13th film, Godzilla takes a supporting role to the far more prominently featured Jet Jaguar, an Ultra-Man like robot. Aliens take control of Earth's monsters and begin using them to destroy the human race. Jet Jaguar decides to stop the attack by recruiting Godzilla and enlarging himself to Monster-size.

The undersea nation of Seatopia sends the gigantic Megalon to destroy the world above - and it's up to Godzilla and a size-shifting robot, Jet Jaguar, to defeat him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kapten V (ru) wrote: American Dream that has gone wrong. Picture perfect couple (Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Connelly) has a troubled child. At first the girl has a stuttering problem but growing up and reaching puberty, there is no denying that she wants to be nothing like them. And then it gets much worse...Don't worry, it's not a horror movie or thriller although the summary may hint at that. To put it really shortly, it's a family drama.Also starring Dakota Fanning (the daughter as adult), Molly Parker (as her psychotherapist), Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes from "Orange Is the New Black"!), Valorie Curry, Peter Riegert, David Strathairn. There are a lot of good actors movie although McGregor's character is firmly in the center of it all.This is gonna be the kindest review of "American Pastoral" you will probably read. Critics seem to hate it and viewers will likely stay indifferent, or not praise it highly. But me - I'm loving it! To really understand what Ewan McGregor's directorial debut* is all about, you must be interested in watching and deciphering it as a parable, or simple story which includes a hidden moral or spiritual lesson.On more superficial level, "American Pastoral" can be watched just as a family drama set in 1950-60's USA. This way, it's a functional if uneasy viewing which makes you fathom something bigger lurking somewhere around the corner but not quite appreciate it fully.On deeper level it's about how difficult it really is to be flexible to the world and life around us. It's very human to long for freedom and try to place everything in boxes at the same time.The deeper meaning here can unfold by relying on several different frameworks - psychoanalytical, just intellectual or spiritual / symbolic. The viewer's personal approach will, of course, be highly dependent on one's general world view, be it esoteric or rational (all things are ultimately explainable by science and reason), or somewhere in between. I say "American Pastoral" is most enjoyable from spiritual viewpoint. Actions and the behaviour of the characters make the most sense and seems most understandable and human, if one concentrates on WHY we do things we do. If one only view causal relationships - he/she did it because of the past event x or y - the whole story loses a lot of its colours and shades.The real magic here is how Ewan McGregor, with the help of all his cast and crew, has managed to make the movie work on every level you choose to see it. One may not particularly enjoy approaching "American Pastoral" just rationally as many critics have done. But the movie still has a strong sure sense of style, both in visuals and storytelling. This also works on two levels. Some see the movie as comical and theatrical, and characters as caricatures. At the same time, all this can convey so much emotion and sharp little observations about everyday life and relationships, that one can't help but be delighted during at least some moments. Just like reading a good spiritual book. I liked all the actors and Ewan McGregor is my long-time favorite. But especially powerful are Dakota Fanning and Valorie Curry, both evil and innocent at the same time.It's not often that movie manages to talk to me so directly and arouse emotions so strong as "American Pastoral" did. This is one of my big favorites from 2016 so far. It may surprise that McGregor has such a sure hand as a first-time director of a complex movie. But he has always been versatile and has starred in similarly dark and complex movie already, 2003's forgotten little gem "Young Adam".What DOES surprise is the fact that McGregor was not the original director and the man behind all this. As a director, he stepped in at the last minute after Philip Noyce left the production!I have planned on reading the works of Philip Roth for over ten years or so. Still haven't done it somehow. After seeing "Pastoral", I want to do it even more.* I know, McGregor has also co-directed 1999's "Tube Tales" but he only had a segment in anthology movie. "American Pastoral" can be still called his real debut as a movie director.

Dinesh P (nl) wrote: The plot started off in interesting manner. But the movie looses steam mid way. But still enjoyable film.

Sterlin R (ru) wrote: This movie has horrible acting, disgusting and unfunny garbage humor, a very poor story, and the worst part is the CGI is so sickening and terrible! I am so glad Jim Carrey did not do this movie.If you have not seen this movie, PLEASE DON'T!!! For the sake of your sanity, avoid it forever because it is not worth anyones time. It is godawful.

Brad W (nl) wrote: Turned it off. With all of these names in it too; what a waste.

lyssa (ru) wrote: i looooooooooooooove maraiah carey i neeeeed to see that movie!

Katy F (ru) wrote: typical Woody Allen film, the overly anxious persona is getting a bit old though Woody

Richard S (au) wrote: Aaaaagh, things you can't unsee! It's so horrible, it's funny. And creepy with a capital creep!

Thomas K (au) wrote: A terrific little B film that sets out to do a very specific thing and does it very well.

Matthew R (gb) wrote: Horror has not been so confusing,stupid and god awful bad until this crap was released to the poor world, last minute was pretty good with Freddy.

Josh G (gb) wrote: The worst movie I ever seen. Watched every single Jason movie recently. This has to be one of the worst movies of all time. I remember it being bad from the one other time I watched this, but damn it doesn't even compare. Even with my mindset being good which makes movies more enjoyable, this was still straight trash

Galvy F (es) wrote: When some things we seen won't hurt us, and other things do when what we see is ourselves get older, but still young and others young bit getting older we wish not to see. When what we do is see all sorts of cases that we wished we had never seen, especially those whom are close to us. When what we see we have eyes all over when we have an eye for fighting crime. When what we see we wish were here, that we rather eye down a barrel instead to end it all. When we see we can't do it, when it's not the cure to our pain. When we see we have to lift spirits high to lift others we see low. When we see we have experts to see closer to give us a report. When we don't see somethings that we could see as one of us to learn the hard way. When we see we have a good reputation, with serious weaponry, to see that some people are loose cannons waiting to blow. When what we see we know it's serious business thst others see and others wish they don't see to get out. When we see some people are good, honest and can see good when their aim is the best. When others want us to see some evidence when we are on the right direction. When we see our shots are better thst others show us otherwise. When others want us to see to go to the direction that is sabotaged for us.***************************************************************************When we can't get enough of things bad for us, that we can't get enough of the feeling of being high and soaring all the time. When we can't have enough good mornings of being over joyed celebrated and good company and food. When We had enough of bad mornings. When others cant get enough of bad things We can't get enough busts and takedowns. When we can't get enough of some people it makes us crazy knowing they have the upper hand on us it makes us hysterical with power and rage. When we can't get enough of living without those not around anymore that we wish they were there with us. When we can't get enough coming home alive after every takedown we do. When we can't get enough living we are close to ending it all.When we can't get enough high hopes to add to more. When we can't get enough experts to handle the case. When we can't get enough of the excitement and danger that we learn the hard way. When we can't get enough of what we are good at, we are honestly good. When we haven't had enough but had too many to know we are lose cannons waiting to pop. When we can't get enough pain, good help, in somethings but for others it's too heavy to bare that we wish help was there for us. When we can't get enough living on the edge that jumping off the ledge comes natural to us when we are crazy. When we can't get enough of work that we continue for it is the only thing that keeps us alive, when death comes natural to us. When we had enough deaths when they are prime suspects we wish to question. When we can't have enough backup to save our ass. When we can't get enough of some people, when they are good partners welcome in our home. When we can't get enough of somethings when we are having a good time and harmless compared to other substances. When we can't get enough good shots when we are one of the best. When we can't get enough of somethings when it's healthy competition. When we had enough of us to sabotage what trail we are on. When we had enough kids to know we can't keep up with them all but only one that gives us a tip. When we can't get enough evidence when it leads to our own people and those higher up to know we are in over our head. When we haven't had enough danger and excitement to have it blown in our face but not stopping us. When we had enough of some people to keep trying again till they had enough and quit. When others can't get enough of our family to use them as leverage. When we can't get enough of our own to see they don't escape our grips when they are the best at what they do and we need them. When we can't get enough of pain when it's helping the enemy with what we know. When somethings we are sick off we shake off when we had enough of them on us. When we had enough of some people to blow them away when they come our direction. When we all had enough of each other to be the first one to shoot each other first but first settle things like men the old fashioned way. When we had enough of death to let the law settle it. When we had enough of somethings when we have our whole life to look forward too. When we can't get enough of some people that we partner up with them when every screw job just needs their screws tighten. When we have some people who can't have enough, and others whom are lethal weapons that can see, we naturally partner up with those whom bring the trigger happy gun men addicts their targets.

Bethany S (kr) wrote: What ever happened to Natasha Lyonne?

Graham J (br) wrote: A good film worth watching but....It's the inverse of the Railway Children. Both in story and mood. Dark and and reflective of the rural working class daily strife set in a harsh Presbyterian Scottish community.It is 90% about a young woman conflicted within the confines of rural poverty, religion and gender with fantastic acting from an old friend actually, Agnes Deyn.The cinematography is awesome as are the sets. The script is wonderful only dipping into the unreal occasionally. No spoilers.It feels at time like a play in theatre but then reverts back to a film.One cannot help though and admire what is a unique and almost real window on our past and our history. Not the glorified history of books but the hard reality of working class struggle before the First World War. Grim, enlightening, challenging, some minor oddities.

Bjorn O (us) wrote: Alla som klarar att se hela den hr utan att stnga av eller slnga bort filmen borde ha en medalj.