The new member of a samurai militia unit causes disruption as several of his colleagues fall in love with him, threatening to disturb the rigid code of their squad.

Set during Japan's Shogun era, this film looks at life in a samurai compound where young warriors are trained in swordfighting. A number of interpersonal conflicts are brewing in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin T (us) wrote: A mostly original idea takes a while to get going. Story makes no sense for the most part, the gore is good.

Michael K (ca) wrote: A nice movie about a genuine horse whisperer.

Greg S (mx) wrote: A familiar family story, as critics have said comparable to "A Wonderful Life." With it's fast paced sports action and life questions that a lot of people can relate to, I think the movie went far and beyond of reaching the viewers with its message, even though you knew what the ending would be. I really enjoyed it.

Lucas N (it) wrote: An honest romantic comedy with more comedy than romance.

TonyPolito (it) wrote: A superlative moment in cinematic history, in that it will surely win the Oscar for "Most Cast & Crew Surnames Ending in OV". Not entirely surprising since Director David Worth shot this stinker in Sofia. Apparently, due to how far a dollar goes in Bulgaria, Sofia's a good place to film on a low budget - and take an extended vacation at the same time. The film ends with a bunch of people dressed in formal attire jumping off their sinking yacht, then climbing into life rafts and drifting away to land and safety. Well, actually Worth forgot to include the land and safety part of the scene. But we know he meant to. The expression and demeanor of every last one of the actors reveals they were clearly bothered by the inconvenience of having to get wet, despite the fact they are supposedly jumping for their very lives. Then the viewer gets to see something that vaguely looks like a big rubber shark still anxiously trolling underwater, hoping that everyone will return so it can be prop-rented out again for "Shark Attack 4." Run credits. Another barrel-bottom-scraper from the The Sci-Fi - ur SyFy - Channel, aired at 3am-5am. I was busy working email at the time, so I left it on - mostly so I could play "Tat Peek Bingo." RECOMMENDATION: This bow-wow was immediately followed by a Danbury Mint Fifty State Quarters Sets infomercial - which was much more entertaining.

Mark S (ag) wrote: Excellent, sobering documentary on the Munich Olympics massacre. Watch this alone or with the movie "Without Limits".

Andre M (au) wrote: A pretty good movie with my boy, Brian Hooks.

Damien K (it) wrote: I only gave it such a high rating because it was so funny. Low budget and if I think about it, it is kind of offensive. But it 's really funny and Almodovar was once a genius before his popularity made him creatively lazy for about a decade

Brendon M (gb) wrote: A lean, mean, classic late 70s auteur cinema. Nary a non captivating moment in this artsy thriller. Also: trannys performing live sex to the tune of Goldfinger.

Jamie F (ag) wrote: This was a decent watch, and went along at a good pace to the point that I was surprised it ended when it did. When I was younger I thought the picture on the cover was the bald chick from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture."

neil L (br) wrote: Kind of dumb but classic guy movie. I could never understand why the beer was illegal, isn't beer legal everywhere?

Steve M (au) wrote: My disdain for Robert Taylor's acting talents has been eroding of late, largely due to this film. Though his accent often makes his line readings hilarious, he actually does look and behave the part of the noble Sir Lancelot at the end of his beleaguered days (he starts out looking too old, but by the end of the film he is just right). - The film does have other hokey and objectionable aspects to it: the costumes, for instance. Mel Ferrer's Arthur is stiff and lifeless, but that is pretty much par for the course for filmic Arthurs. Gabriel Wolfe's Perceval, with the plummiest of English accents--"My name is Perceval: I seek the Holy Grail"--could by himself have launched Monty Python's film about the same. However, having watched KofRT several times in the course of my work, I have come to view it as a not-too-inadequate version of the love-triangle tale with which Malory ends. Indeed, the authors of the screenplay, or some one or two of them, appear to have known their Malory quite well. They had to change him considerably, of course, but they did so with intelligence and good taste. In addition, Ava Gardner, in addition to being beautimous, is a creditable Guenevere, and Anne Crawford and Stanley Baker are excellent villains.

owen b (fr) wrote: it's incredibly hard to describe this movie. i'm not sure if the words exist to describe it to you. it's such an impossible task that i'm not even sure it can be completed. it surely is a horrible piece of shit. but since the magnificent seven is coming out soon, I decided to talk about this movie. where to begin. so the film is boring from the get go and it never stops being that way for the rest of the movie other than the effects and the action scenes, there's really nothing this film to offer. this is how you ruin a samurai story that's supposed to be based on a "true story".Owens grade: D

Hasan Q (br) wrote: Don't know what got me to watch a teenager movie .. but it was actually entertaining !

JeanAntoine B (gb) wrote: Funny, but the ending was quite dissapointing.