Going Away

Going Away

Two unlikely friends — a supply teacher and a lonely young boy suspended between two estranged parents — embark on a weekend motorcycle voyage full of surprises and unforeseen consequences in this surprisingly tough, unsentimental drama.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:tennis,   beach,   flashback,  

Baptiste is a solitary type. A teacher in southern France, he never stays more than three weeks in the same job. One Friday, he finds himself in charge of Mathias, one of his pupils, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven V (au) wrote: The key deal in the film is about information, and how it is King, and can be used as a tradable commodity from making money, to saving lives. Everyone has a price especially when you're in possession of vital, life-making or breaking, juicy insider news from stock tips to who's banging who. The movie moves at breakneck speed, and it also managed to provide that little bit of detail toward the personal lives of the main characters. The casting is something that deserves a mention, as it's one of the chief ingredients in holding the movie together, and engaging the audience's attention throughout. Lau Ching Wan is evergreen, and has so much charisma on screen, that he could have been just sweeping the road for all that matter, and still has this steely surety that with him at your side, nothing could go wrong. His big brother role to the other younger actors in Daniel Wu and Louis Koo spoke volumes as it got translated down to the story, playing the leader of the pack who decides to haul his flock out of trouble. Cinematography was excellent as well, with Hong Kong put under the romantic spotlight at times, and one of my favourites involved a montage sequence which Alan Mak & Felix Chong used to perfection in showing the drudgery, monotony and cyclic fashion of a round the clock surveillance, with fatigue and shift changes all rolled nicely into one.

Ilsa W (it) wrote: Good chemistry between the two leads make this an entertaining if somewhat formulaic buddy cop movie. Washington adds a touch of class as he does to everything. The plot get rather convoluted but stick with it, it gets you a satisfying finale eventually!

Max T (br) wrote: I can recommend it, but yet i can't don't want to openly lead people into the most horrorfying viewing experience of all time

Jess L (fr) wrote: A definite surprise in Australian film from this year. BY no means an Australian classic it sees the industry moving into different directions, notably producing films that will be welcomed in both the national and world wide market. Clubland, a coming of age story with hit and miss comedy may bring the more than occasional smile to your face while watching it. The character of Jean annoyed the absolute shit out of me, therefore the actress and director are successful in their characterisation. My only problem is when the film shifted and we are meant to sympathise with her I failed to see why. The difficult character of Mark wasn't pulled off as successfully as it could have been as the actor occasionally fell out of his character's speech patterns. But overall a very fine effort from the cast.I could have done without all of the sex, one scene would have sufficed, it bordered on unnecessary and uncomfortable, but that's just me.On the whole a thoroughly enjoyable Australian film.

Adam R (fr) wrote: An interesting film for its time. Things have changed a little since, but it still reflects the sad state of American health care. It does drag a little though. At over two hours it is too long for a documentary. (First and only viewing - 7/14/2016)

Panos Y (it) wrote: Beautiful and dreamy. Very nice visual effects, blending the strange with reality. The acting is satisfactory, but the main work was done from the director.

Tyler R (fr) wrote: It was ok. Very boring and corny

Ryan J (ag) wrote: I'm not quite sure what to make of this film to be honest. Connie Nielsen, Gershon, and Sevigny gave good performances. However, that's not enough is it? The plot was very convoluted and hard to grasp. It was corporate espionage within the porn industry. Which could have been very interesting if the direction was executed properly. But that wasn't the issue as much as the script was. Towards the end there were one too many 'back stabbings" to keep track of, and I wasn't sure who was responsible for what. Gershon's character seemed to have disappeared and another main character did as well with no explanation, at least that's my take on it. I did like the downer ending though, that was a nice touch. The cinematography was beautiful at many points in the film and the score from Sonic Youth fit in very well with the vibe of the film. Back to the cinematography for a second, I couldn't enjoy it as much I should have since the DVD I viewed it on (region 1 - USA) had a very poor transfer. The image was very pixelated. Did the production company or distribution company not care enough to do the DVD encoding properly? Anyway, I tried my best to enjoy this film but I could not. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Apologies to everyone that worked very hard on this project.

Tom S (ca) wrote: (B) A staff of dead people helps the recently deceased choose one memory to take with them into the afterlife. The "documentary" scenes where patients reflect on their lives are poignant, but the film derails later on when we're forced to watch the staff boringly reconstruct patients' dreams. The film reinvests in the staff protagonists later, which returns some of the emotional urgency, but it could have been a jolt rather than a mere flicker.

Chris C (mx) wrote: Just promise me Costner will never sport that stache ever again. Thanks

Roxanne D (us) wrote: I watched it like 10 times. (=

Muhammed S (ca) wrote: The story wasn't that well thought over. Utterly failed ending.

Farah R (kr) wrote: Very pointless and hardly funny. Katherine Heigel is taking her career into a downward spiral with these romantic comedies and dramas.

Christian M (mx) wrote: The second movie in a trilogy is just about always the worst because it acts as a filler so its understandable why many people didn't like it. I surprisingly enjoyed it more than I did the first one, but I still thought some parts of the acting and the in and out of dreams/testing throughout the movie was a bit hard to follow.