Going Back

Going Back

A group of Marines return to Vietnam with a news crew to relive their tragic war experiences.

A group of Marines return to Vietnam with a news crew to relive their tragic war experiences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eyal D (de) wrote: Unlike the standard biopic, BBC has produced a film centring on the very last Taylor-Burton collaboration, their much maligned Broadway coupling in a revival of Noel Coward's PRIVATE LIVES, about a year before Burton's untimely death. The focus here is on a 50 year-old Taylor and the slightly older Burton trying hard for a duo publicity stunt following their subsequent high-profile two marriages and divorces. As Burton was ever the consummate actor, West plays him mostly straight and with a nuance of reserved dignity commonly associated with the poised drinker. He is a commanding presence even if he maintains a low key demeanour throughout. Clearly that is only in comparison to Bonham Carter's astute take on Taylor at an age when she was no longer the glamorous Hollywood starlet, as hard as she tried, and mostly when her acting chops were questionable [even as a two-time Oscar winner, her acting chops were always questionable]. The sheer beauty in Bonham Carter's performance is that she's captured Taylor in her purest form through the legend's iconic mannerism, never mind that they don't necessarily look alike, and she becomes Taylor, warts and all, and makes her loopy ticks all the more endearing. She easily channels a level of sympathy, if not empathy [you start feeling sorry for Taylor here] from what seems to have been outlined as a mostly unsympathetic role.

Erika K (es) wrote: A sweet, back to basics story...Just the right amount of 3D effects added...

Richard D (fr) wrote: In many ways, this film seems inspired by Abel Ferrara's "Ms.45". Not only is the basic set up of a woman seeking revenge after being raped twice in one day very similar, but Danielle Panabaker bears more than a passing resemblance to Zo Lund. If this film has a serious fault, it's that most of its elements are quite familiar and many viewers will find every turn of the plot to be predictable.Still, despite this flaw, I enjoyed it. It resists many modern trends in this kind of film and isn't about torture or extreme gore, although it doesn't skimp on the violence. It also avoids falling into any traps of simple-minded sloganeering. It's clearly not about all men being scum or feminists being psychos. It's a fairly straightforward genre piece that's well-acted, written and directed.

BanFoo L (mx) wrote: Whose fault is it when a relationship breaks down? It's never an easy question to answer. More often than not, both parties are to blame. Mikkelsen is an amazing actor.

Brian S (ca) wrote: I wanted to give this movie between two and a half and three stars. Cause it has some okay points, but also it's shitty points. It's an alright crocodile film, but it does have it's flaws, but compaired to some of the cheap, terrible croc films out there, this one is at the top, so I don't complain. The acting is pretty good, and the crocodile effects are alright too, and even a little creepy. It's no masterpiece at all, but it's worth a look.

Alex S (br) wrote: Boring and unfunny cgi wankfest with the usually unfunny Ricky Gervais, avoid it.Even as a kids movie, it was awful.

Tabatha G (br) wrote: Awesome movie love Albert brooks!

Gregory W (mx) wrote: not the best version

scenequeen1livecouk A (kr) wrote: agatha cristi black and white comedy great fun

Vincent C (ca) wrote: This looks like a great film because Lon Chaney is in it and it's about clowns. =D

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Known as Monster of Terror in the UK when it first came out, and directed by Daniel Haller (The Wild Racers (1968) and The Dunwich Horror (1970)), and loosely based upon H.P. Lovecraft's 1927 story The Colour Out of Space. This is a creepy horror film that manages to be quite effective, and it has some good moments of horror throughout. It has American scientist Stephen Reinhart (Nick Adams), coming to the English village of Arkham to visit the Witley family, as he intends to marry Susan Witley (Suzan Farmer), but no-one in the village of Arkham will give him a ride up to the Witley estate, meaning he has to go on foot. Near the estate, he finds a huge crater with blacked out trees nearby. He gets to the estate and is given a cold reception by Susan's father Nahum (Boris Karloff), who is non-plussed by Stephen's visit, and the mother Letitia (Freda Jackson), who is bed-ridden with some unseen disease. But, Stephen becomes curious as to what Nahum is working on, and after discovering some huge, mutated vegetables in the greenhouse, he soon starts to worry for the safety of this very disfunctional family. At a mere 76 minutes, it manages to be a very good horror film with some good moments throughout, and Karloff making a creepy old father and scientist, the effects at the end as they fight a weird creature of light is a particular highlight. Oh, and look out for Patrick Magee of A Clockwork Orange as the village doctor.

Ryan J (ag) wrote: a little disappointing. good acting saves this film big time as its been done a million times before

Dleo P (gb) wrote: A nice little package and don't forget to place the big red bow on top. The concept of what was the "ghost" was good. A lot of these movie are capitalizing on the "scary supernatural". The scares are fairly appropriate for the 13 crowd. The story line lack in drawing adult views in.