Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Despite his talent as a musician, a city boy decides to become a boxer. He's successful as a fighter -- much to the dismay of his parents. When gangsters try to by a piece of him he begins to have second thoughts.

Despite his musical talent, Joe Bonaparte wants to be a boxer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Borhan K (gb) wrote: The Last Keepers is about a family of witches and how the new generation during her teen years start to possess powers she does not understand.This teen supernatural flick is for the younger audience but it does have some adult themes that adults may need to accompany the young people.The movie has a great story line however in the middle after an hour in with half an hour to go the movie really hits a lull and you sit there saying get a move on.This movie reminds me of Practical Magic however the kiddie version.If you have kids that are into witchery or twilight and movie of that nature then this movie is for them however its not at twilights lofty standards.I would say the age group is 12 to 15 year old girls.It does have some well known names and they all play well.I guess this movie was just some extra pocket money for themselves.

Felix W (au) wrote: I am the kind of person who likes structured movies where all the cinematic elements come together. "Stand up Guys" is not one of those movies but I enjoyed it even more because of that. There is only one word to describe this movie: FUN.It is one of those movies that doesn't require much thinking about the plot or what is going on, it simply wants the viewer to enjoy each scene by itself and enjoy the great performances by three amazing actors. In this movie the plot is not important. The sole purpose here is to watch three of the best actors of a generation have fun at their jobs. The acting by all Pacino, Walken and Arkin is simply so amazing that the plot is just there to have an ending to the movie although I personally did not want it to end. While I like to analyze and evaluate movies in detail there is simply not more to say to this picture than enjoy! Enjoy every minute because it will be over in a flash. In conclusion we can say that this movie is simply about the art of acting and having fun and three great actors showing off their talent.

Vamika S (ru) wrote: d pace of the movie iz really slow ..oh sorry der iz no pace ..:(

Justin B (nl) wrote: Cannot stand alone as it's own film as it relies heavily on flasbacks and over lapping timelines of the other films but overall I enjoyed this one for it's stronger focus on story over gore. One of my favorites in the series.

Denise C (de) wrote: so u think u can dance contestants debut on tis movie - Benji n Heidi.. great dance moves.. da songs in da movie are nice though - Dance wit me, Just like tis, You're my lady, etc...

Robert F (us) wrote: Not as good as the original.

Joseph H (it) wrote: pretty good.I liked it.

Sally B (ca) wrote: This movie is excellent and his actors also. Alice Krige is particularly brilliant !!!

Conner R (kr) wrote: The thing about Wise Guys is that it??s actually not that bad at all. Since De Palma is the heir to Hitchcock, it??s only fair that you relate this to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It just shows that he can do anything. He??s not just a suspense storyteller, he can also show off his literal sense of humor. Danny DeVito is hilarious and there is also a very funny performance by Harvey Keitel. It??s not amazing, but probably better than most people give it credit for.

Silke B (ag) wrote: Trinity and Bambino, two brothers, have not much in common- at first sight. Trinity let's himself drift from town to town, living from trickeries and his bad reputation. His brother Bambino is a Sheriff... since he shot the real Sheriff by accident. Now he plans a big horse robbery under the protection of the star on his chest. Trinity and Bambino help a group of Mormons to fight against "The Major", a real bad guy, and a bunch of stupid Mexicans. But not unselfishly. Just because they like fistfights and because they want to get the horses! A very laid back spaghetti western-comedy. Funny, entertaining and the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I have watched all Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies, more than once. And they are always worth another watch.- "What could I do? He called our mother an old whore."- "But that is the truth!"- Well...she is not THAT old!"

Mark N (us) wrote: Extraordinary by anyone's estimation the tale of transgender Myron/Myra is extra hammy in plot and performances. Both Welch and West struggle with the delivery of the absurd dialogue but that's somehow part of it's awkward charm. Right from the opening of boots walking the walk of fame and kicking a butt off Veronica Lake's star the movie states it's qwerky credentials. The bizarre choice to often cut in scenes from older movies was seriously confusing and disjointed with some a few seconds to whole minutes for little apparent reason. West's campy/slutty performance is delightful as she knowingly hams it up... it will certainly raise a smile albeit often through confusion as much as joy.

Antonia P (ru) wrote: Really good film if you like thriller and your not keen on jumpy paranormal films.

Scott J (es) wrote: Pretty much just like Training Day (not surprising, since the director wrote that movie), except Keanu is playing both the Denzel and Ethan Hawk roles.

Darryl S (fr) wrote: Interesting, but almost a complete disaster. Beautifully film, though, of course....