Special agent 007 (Sean Connery) comes face to face with one of the most notorious villains of all time, and now he must outwit and outgun the powerful tycoon to prevent him from cashing in on a devious scheme to raid Fort Knox -- and obliterate the world's economy.

Investigating a gold magnate's smuggling, James Bond uncovers a plot to contaminate the Fort Knox gold reserve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alnissa S (nl) wrote: And that's being nice

Max C (br) wrote: This was a beautiful movie -- sad but beautiful. And it became most beautiful at the end. But it ended just one scene too quickly. The last scene was a disappointment because it had a chance to offer a way out, to show the possibility for an affirmation of life in spite of --the affirmation of life precisely Because Of -- the Suffering that it depicted -- suffering that is all too true and is propagated by the empty consumer society that it depicts -- It had a chance to end on a high note, of this affirmation of the carrying on of the human heart alongside all this suffering. This was the affirmation when he returned to see the girl who he had taken care of, and when he was back in his classroom at the end -- to the audience's surprise. Anyways, we can imagine that this was indeed the case, as it was before the final shot, when suddenly the students weren't there and the chairs were strewn about -- There must still be beauty in this world -- there still is. And that is the thread of hope that still runs through all the tragedy in the world. He was a moral man and he cared about people -- and because of that we had the gift of all the kindness through him, touching the couple of people he managed to help.

Ha H (es) wrote: This film would have been a lot more interesting if it didn't focus on throwing in as many black musicians as possible to sing songs. The history and facts are always interesting, but they focus on things that have been taught since you were a little kid in school. The final shot of Obama (which I find out of place and completely irrelevant), shows that the makers of this film are only trying to win Obama another election.

Darrin C (mx) wrote: Not a bad movie that actually has more of an intricate story than I thought it would, but Steve Carell pretty much has to carries the entire cast.

April W (gb) wrote: Drew does an amazing job & hugh is as entertaining as ever!

Jamie A (jp) wrote: "Despite all the recent hype behind this film, it comes across as bland when re-watching this flick."

Claudette A (jp) wrote: I borrowed this from my local library. I listened to this (didn't watch it) while doing work on my computer. So I was a bit lost with the story line. Maybe if I'd watched it I would have liked it better.

Philip N (fr) wrote: A fun dark comedy. Ellen DeGeneres is GREAT as the cop. The cast is fun and the twists and turns keep the plot intriguing. Fun watch!

Anuwat U (de) wrote: (TM)?>(TM)""-?->(TM)?- ??(TM),(TM)-(TM),"" -???-- ,(TM)- -(TM)(TM)?-?,--(TM) (TM)(TM)-?>(TM)-"

Jams G (it) wrote: saw this but dont remember a thing of it

David D (ca) wrote: Ex-cru-ci-a-ting. The dialogue must be heard to be believed...but you're better off not hearing it.

Private U (au) wrote: If someone can find this on DVD for me..I will be eternally indebted to you. Great movie.

Molly R (kr) wrote: I found the plot confusing and hard to follow. There are also a lot of ridiculous social effects and plot twists. However, it is interesting to see an early Hitchcock.

Jesse L (ca) wrote: it's definitely funny, but using the same style of humor gets old, i hope they don't make another movie. or at least make something more interesting.