Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


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Chris H (fr) wrote: Great movie! It is time for a change in our healthcare system. It is clear what we are doing now as a society is not working but instead of looking at alternative ways to heal our country we continue to do things that are not working. More drugs and surgeries are not the answer. If they were then we would be getting healthier not sicker. We need a fundamental change in our system, true healthcare not just sick-care.

George B (jp) wrote: A beautiful film. Honest without being self-indulgent, full of longing without being sappy, it'll leave your imagination whirling at the end. 4.5/5 because some of the acting could have been better, but that didn't stop this from being a great film.

The Critic (ag) wrote: Using the real-life investigation into the suspicious death of TV star George Reeves ('The Adventures of Superman', 1952-1958) as a juxtapositional narrative for Adrien Brody's troubled detective works to great effect in Allen Coulter's drama; the underlying ugliness of Hollywood glamour and suburban living are both essential explorations here. However, Paul Bernbaum's screenplay waves its creative license far too liberally (there's so many blatant fabrications about Reeves) that it's difficult to become involved with the overlong proceedings without a sense of cynicism. 'Hollywoodland' is, nonetheless, a handsomely produced and beautifully acted piece; Brody is a captivating protagonist, Ben Afflack captures Reeves' mannerisms perfectly and Diane Lane is also in fine form. Admittedly, the film fails to reach its potential, but is well worth a look and also, perhaps, a revisit.

Wade H (us) wrote: Not really a good establish vampire movie. But it has it's moments. The effects and fights are cheesy.

Tom V (au) wrote: Oh how i wanted to like it but God this movie is stupid!

Steve F (gb) wrote: If only the movie was as cool as the cover. Vhut I haf to admeet I dun understand vhut dey is saying sometime.

Ralph R (gb) wrote: Tom Berenger is a goat herder.

R J (es) wrote: Sometimes "Saved by the Bell" would just baffle me when trying to place things like "Hawaiian Style" in context of the actual show. It can't be done. Regardless, this one's memorable... as is all SBTB, really.

Sasha T (de) wrote: Good murder mystery movie.

Jonathan T (fr) wrote: I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid, and seeing it again just now was a very pleasant, nostalgic experience. I believe it was something of a flop at the time and got bad reviews, but it was great seeing Ally Sheedy so young again and Judd Nelson too. The plot has virtually no credibility and is full of holes of course, but it's pure entertainment, not Dostoevsky. It really captured the mid-1980s pop culture-- the obsession with south Florida, big money making, crime, Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson, flashy night clubs, etc. Anita Morris (remember *Ruthless People*?) has a campy supporting role as a phony two-bit Southern sexpot rich skanky lady... LOVE the scene where she's walking through the supermarket munching on groceries while her beyond-loose-fitting hot pink silk halter top is completely falling off to expose 3/4 of her breasts... classic 80s millionaire trash! The total opposite of Ally Sheedy, who shines in everything she appears in, including this. I liked the Ry Cooder soundtrack-- it's kitschy but it works perfectly for the movie. Lots of pretty aerial views of the sea a la "Miami Vice," which curiously enough shared the same typography style in its credits too! :)

Christina D (it) wrote: The absolute best movie in the world!! A Must see!

Nicole T (de) wrote: Not the movie I thought it was and boring to boot.

Cameron J (ca) wrote: An energetic and funny early Capra film about a woman who gets her friends to help her pretend she's rich so she can impress her daughter, returning from Spain where she had spent her life and where she met her fiancee, a Count. Expertly directed, though some of the actors are a bit overly theatrical, and not dated in many ways, "Lady for a Day" is a worthwhile watch for fans of comedies and excellent acting (May Robson, in the lead role, is the only 30s actor I've seen so far that not only deserved her Oscar nomination in her day, but would be deserving in modern times as well). The ending is a surprise, too, going in the direction we wouldn't expect.

tomoko k (jp) wrote: get smart is a great movie it actually gets the action comedy thing right you can get it on dvd for around three bucks so its worth it if your looking for a comedy but dont expect a crazy 007 in depth action movie. its downfalls are mainly the comedy kinda brings you out of the action.

Abby T (ru) wrote: This movie satisfied me with it's dragon action and supsense. If you're a person looming for a good dragon film, this is the best one yet.

Hannah K (ca) wrote: Personally one of my favorite films involving the relationships among women.