Golmaal: Fun Unlimited

Golmaal: Fun Unlimited

Four runaway crooks take shelter in a bungalow which is owned by a blind couple.

Four runaway crooks take shelter in a bungalow which is owned by a blind couple. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cline D (us) wrote: Si on enlve le personnage principal (la petite racaille qui se prend pour une cad et qui cause TOUT le temps), a va, quelques moments sympas, bon duo d'acteur en Fleurot et Baptiste.

Mark F (gb) wrote: This isn't as funny or capery as the first and it's all the worse for it. You end up just feeling slightly uncomfortable at the body count, the casual attitude towards death, and apart from anything else, without the deliberately light-hearted context, when you start trying to take seriously a group of 60-somethings breaking into the Kremlin and generally butt kicking every security service on earth, it just doesn't work so well. Having said that, it retains the fast pace with quick location changes, the soundtrack is better than the first and there's a fair amount of action. It's actually alright, I just think they missed a vital ingredient.

Alex S (br) wrote: Nicolas Winding Refn's typical unique atmosphere and sense of imagery makes Valhalla Rising better than it would be in other hands, and it feature a subtle performance from Mads Mikkelen. However, the movie is often slow and makes 90 minute runtime feel much longer. In addition, the movie seems to focus on unnecessarily graphic violence that it prefers over a good script

Andrew S (es) wrote: More of a character study. A movie that looks outward from the central character. Brief Interviews is a well done, original piece of film from Jim Halpert

Christopher B (es) wrote: Excellent horror/drama very reminiscent of King of the Ants. A potential sociopath is picked out as an aspiring actor by a group of snuff filmmakers. Unfortunately for them, the psycho finds them even sicker than him. Great performances (especially by the two main snuff dudes) and a little bit of the ole ultraviolence make this extremely watchable.

M C (es) wrote: Mimic 3 has scary and claustrophobic camerawork, a great performance by Karl Geary, and a creepy plot, but the special FX totally put a damper in some moments that should be the scariest. 49/100

Greg N (kr) wrote: Wonderfully cliche and at the end when the main guy goes to confession to confess that he's going to have to kill a stripper slasher the priest simply responds with let's say some hail mary's some our Fathers and you need to get busy you know you definitely have a winner on your hands.

CancerMouth E (br) wrote: Demented-even by today?s standards. I just watched an old, Italian horror movie from 1980 called ?Macarbe? and I got to say that it was far better than I expected. In fact, most of today?s horror movies can?t even compare to it. This movie has child murder (rarely seen in today?s politically correct society) and this may be one of the earliest movies depicting necrophilia. There weren?t any special effects ? it actually came down to a good script and good directing. If you haven?t seen it already (I feel shame for not having seen this earlier), check it out

Susan P (au) wrote: A striking film on many levels but oh... my goodness...the photographs of Vivian Maier, are out of this world and they will, I promise, strike a chord in your heart. Thank you, John Maloof, for sharing this amazing art collection and intriguing human story.

Orlok W (es) wrote: It's life, matter of fact and not hung up or lingering, simply moving on, devil may care, with boldness, dare, and risk-woe-begotten (or forgotten, for that matter). Men - one track-minded, to fly to deliver no-matter-what. Women - worry, or why worry. To love the man, much of letting go and let him be, comes with the territory, even if it's Jean Arthur or Rita Hayworth... And You Thought FedEx Delivery Men Had It Rough--If you ever wondered what all the fuss about Howard Hawks was all about, this is the film to catch. It is a first-hand lesson in what the Hawks universe was all about, and it is unsurpassed entertainment from the word go. Two hours of undiminished tension, action-wise, sexually & whatnot... Grace under pressure!!

Michael H (ru) wrote: One of the rare instances where the sequels actually improve on the original. There really isn't that much going on. But it's fun seeing a young Tatum dance with his future bride.

Rachael H (au) wrote: A crazy, funny film about spirits and a man seeing the ghost of his dead wife. She tries to break up his marriage and he tries to vanish her. The crazy fat little mystic who tries to help the ghost disappear is funny; being racist and arrogant. Her ignorance when trying to help and taking to the ghost's feet is amusing. The twist at the end is good comedy and feels like the perfect ending. It's a weird film and you do feel sorry for the lead character Charles as the final scene approaches.

Rini N (es) wrote: A fresh challenge for Meg Ryan, but I prefer Basic.