Gone, But Not Forgotten

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Melodrama concerning a 40-year-old man coming out.

Drew (Aaron Orr) is a forest ranger who meets yuppie Mark (Matthew Montgomery) after he falls while rock climbing... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (au) wrote: A warm, melancholy drama that enchants and moves us even more thanks to the way that its three-dimensional characters reveal so much about themselves between the lines - and it is only a pity, though, that it drags a bit in the third act and ends in a rather frustrating conclusion.

Cole P (fr) wrote: With absolutely no connection to the previous films (besides the line "F you lucky charms"), "Leprechaun Origins" starts off as something that could enter 'so bad it's good' territory, but instead becomes a boring, non-scary, uninspired paint-by-the-numbers of what not to do when making a horror film. Or any film at all.

Simon C (gb) wrote: Self-involved, much? Fuck off Paul.

Brendan N (gb) wrote: like all sequels the body count really goes off the rails in this one. I liked it for a little bit then it went down hill very quickly with twists that were bad and characters that were annoying. the first was fun but this is just very boring

Poul F (ca) wrote: A decent into a different state of mind then your use to.

Jaret M (au) wrote: What the hell was he thinking?

Ryan C (gb) wrote: A great sci-fi action flick starring Mr. Van Damme. This is one of my favorite flicks of his up there with Bloodsport, Lionheart, and Hard Target. This is a very fun film and its never boring. The fight scenes rock and its great entertainment. I recommend it to all action fans.

William S (it) wrote: just saw this movie for the first time today ... I loved it ... not a great movie but I can think of worse ways to spend an hour & 1/2.

Lori B (it) wrote: Four stars more in comparison to other Louis Malle films than in comparison to other movies in general. This is one of those "only in France" films that may be disturbing to an American audience. But is is also a well-told, well-acted (Lea Massari is wonderful), gorgeously shot movie.

Liam H (fr) wrote: Three witnesses offer conflicting accounts of the same crime and only manage to prove how unreliable people are. 5 bursts of hysterical laughter /5

Ricky W (mx) wrote: Excellent, but possibly one of the most uncomfortable films I've ever watched.

Candace B (fr) wrote: A thought-provoking film with a sweet, sweet ending. And no, it's not what you think. Lovely performances by a terrific cast.

Michaela B (ca) wrote: Horribly cheesy movie, with terrible humour and god awful scripts... I had to turn it off midway because I just couldn't. Maybe it's because I'm very into Athiesm but I found it hard to eatch because of that.