Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin'

Two fishing fanatics get in trouble when their fishing boat gets stolen while on a trip.

Best buddies Gus and Joe eagerly anticipate another quiet, relaxing fishing trip to Florida. But their adventure takes a turn for the worse when they cross paths with a smooth-talking con man who makes off with Joe's car. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melissa S (br) wrote: The greatest way to see a concert. You can see the performer and see what they see from the stage. Kenny was AWESOME! The positive side to seeing a concert at the movies...no lines for the bathrooms or concessions. :) Best of all no one standing up in front of you and no drunks!!

Richard S (ru) wrote: It stops being funny somewhere in the second half, but it keeps being brilliant.

Joel C (it) wrote: great down home story and fantastic ensemble cast. Makes me happy when I watch it which is relatively hard to do. Say what you will about Billy bob thornton as an actor, sometimes he's not so great, but as a director and a writer he is an oddity... He can see it all in his head and knows how to get the story to you through all kinds of actors. Veterans and absolute novices. Watch Slingblade, the guy playing his boss in that movie had never done any other work as an actor at all and his performance is seemless.

Andrew T (ag) wrote: Very well done, very scary, falls short because it is not about much other than a UFO abduction, but the vision is good and works well to frighten the audience.

Justin A (kr) wrote: For as cheap and low budget as it is, it's a decent attempt. The problem is the first half of the movie is just the same basic stuff happening over and over again (someone kills someone and says "God told me to"). We don't really get the turn in the plot until about halfway through, and it kind of comes out of nowhere and makes the whole thing kind of difficult to understand because of it. The second half is far more interesting, but I was having trouble following it because my attention had faded at this point. It felt like a Larry Cohen movie at least, but it wasn't his best. I feel I may have to watch this one again because right now I'm not much of a fan and this is the second time in my life I've had trouble sitting through it because I was bored.On another note, the blu-ray is a mediocre transfer. Nothing special in my opinion.

Ethan A (br) wrote: Lenny Bruce is not afraid... Lenny is a magnificent biopic of the legendary controversial comedian, Lenny Bruce. Dustin Hoffman plays him flawlessly, earning him an Oscar nomination. This film starts off kinda slow, but it later builds up into a terrific film that any film fan would love.

Mick T (kr) wrote: Hailed as a camp masterpiece by many in the LGBT community, this sordid adaptation of Jacqueline Susann's novel (the number 1 best seller of 1966) has some hilariously atrocious dialogue and a decidedly horrible turn by Academy Award winner Patty Duke as a pill-popping actress. Yet, much of this plays as just bad soap opera, with an odd mixture of plush sets, sickening melodrama and back-stage misbehavior which plays like the poor woman's version of ALL ABOUT EVE. Much prefer Russ Meyer's delirious "sequel," although this has just enough kitsch value to make it worth a look for the most adventurous. If only Judy Garland played Helen Lawson, if only....

Simona (gb) wrote: Know the legend... but don't want to know the movie.

Brian E (jp) wrote: Holds a special memory.

Ryan M (es) wrote: Ray Allen fits surprisingly well in the supporting role

Tito S (fr) wrote: Very good technically and nothing else...