Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

A recovering alcoholic travels to the untamed coast of Patagonia to reconnect with his estranged daughter in this gentle yet deeply resonant drama from Argentine writer-director Carlos Sorin.

Marco Tucci is the standard tourist type, on his way to Puerto Deseado where he intends to fish for sharks. Or at least, this is the way he looks. But he is not well trained for game ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gone Fishing torrent reviews

Private U (kr) wrote: This is da worst film ever... A low budget movie indeed. I was actually gonna watch Eragon but somehow the video gave me this low budget worthless movie...

Najd G (nl) wrote: In one scene, Colin Farrell mutters "you two are weird" to a midget and his hooker, and I feel like this quick exchange encapsulates the entire movie.It's hard for me to get behind a movie that has no likeable characters, but the plot is so well-developed and the characters are so interesting (particularly Ralph Fiennes' character) and the comedy comes so far out of left-field that, against my better judgment, I really enjoyed this film.

Akhdarmungurhotmailcom A (us) wrote: li pa p jouer likisorma la

Marito R (it) wrote: Very funny!! I loved it!

Richard W (au) wrote: Fantastic sunday afternoon film, if your a war film fan this is a must see, great dialogue godd action scenes I love it!

Sergio M (ru) wrote: i really enjoyed this, specially all the fx. the fog is just amazing. probably one of my favourite nuclear/eco-disaster movies. and i love the end, it's that uncertainty what makes it even more brilliant.

Jonathan P (nl) wrote: Sorry but rocks that grow when exposed to water just isn't all that scary to me. If you can see past the strangest of horror movie concepts than you might be able to enjoy it, but otherwise it is just your typical drive-in fair with a bit better acting than normal.

Karsh D (au) wrote: Usual Hammer Horror film with Ingrid Pitt needing young virgins to keep young........and thats a bad thing??

Tom D (ag) wrote: This is a difficult film to review because I really like the last 2 rooms but I dislike the first 2 rooms. The first 2 rooms are not enjoyable at all and the dialogue and situations are poor. The third room with the misbehaving children is delightful and the highlight of the film. The forth room is also really enjoyable, exciting and funny. Overall this movie is an interesting experiment that works for half of the film only.

Steven C (ca) wrote: I really liked this movie! Great recommendation by Jason