Gone to Earth

Gone to Earth

Jennifer Jones plays Hazel Woods, a beautiful young English Gypsey girl who loves animals and in particular her pet fox. She is hotly desired by Jack Reddin (David Farrar) a fox hunting squire who vies for her affection and pursues her even after her marriage to the local pastor.

A beautiful, superstitious, animal-loving Gypsy is hotly desired by a fox-hunting squire...even after she marries a clergyman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raffy John M (ca) wrote: Nice theme and one of the best teen film I?ve ever watch. It is not about the curse, if curse does exist. Well, if curse didn?t make it to the movie, then no merging will happen, which is the best part of the film ever happened. Just love it!

Kevin C (ca) wrote: I think the idea was good and there really is an interesting story here. The movie is painfully slow but if you can hang on its worth watching.

Luke M (ru) wrote: Philadelphia was the first film brave enough to portray homosexuals and AIDS patients with the respect they deserve. The cast is impressive - Tom Hanks slightly overdoes it as AIDS patient Andrew Beckett, but Antonio Banderas gives an heartfelt and passionate performance and full credit goes to Denzel Washington's homophobic yet charismatic Joe Miller. The screenplay doesn't waste a moment, the music is hauntingly beautiful and the cinematography and direction are simply sublime. Jonathan Demme's work to put the viewer inside the protagonists' head is responsible for much of the films heart and even more of its emotion. Overall, Philadelphia succeeds as a legal drama, as a cinematic message as an achievement in film.

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Justin O (de) wrote: At one point, Swamp Thing was bigger than Batman. When that point was, I couldn't tell you. Ask any kid today and they'll say "What is Swamp Thing".

Adam C (jp) wrote: Totally worth my time. Loved the stupidity of it. Only in the late 70s early 80s could this have even been made. It is a far cry from excellent, but worth watching once. I love Showtime-On-Demand. Where else could you find such a forgotten masterpiece?

Simon C (ca) wrote: One of the all time great films. The cinematography, the music and the performances combined with a true "boys own" story make this a film everyone should see.

Phil C (it) wrote: Careful, clinical retelling of a police officer's murder outside LA in the 60's. Wambaugh had creative control over this, and it shows. Nothing fancy, but very effective, especially Woods as a classic psychopath.

Luis M (nl) wrote: Intenso e dramtico. A forma como a histria me foi apresentada s me fez desejar por mais

Asif K (fr) wrote: wow .... i have to like this one ;p