Gong gui zai

Gong gui zai

While filming in Malacca, a Hong Kong film crew release the Red Dwarf ghost from her tomb. They continue on to Borneo to stay with a local tribe. It is there that the ghost begins to kill them one by one.

While filming in Malacca, a Hong Kong film crew release the Red Dwarf ghost from her tomb. They continue on to Borneo to stay with a local tribe. It is there that the ghost begins to kill them one by one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (ca) wrote: Acting So Bad, You'd Think It Was Porn. So Awful I Cut it Off Halfway.

Gareth D (nl) wrote: hmmm. Works well on the ship. Loses it when they 'up the stakes' and go off on a different direction.

Elise P (au) wrote: An intriguing film. Feels very indie, with slow pace, consisting of a collection of scenes that are more observational than plot driven. It doesn't feel intrusive or voyeuristic though. The cut aways to documentary style handy cam 'interviews' were unnecessary & irritating with their soft focus & lighting. The rest of the film was beautifully lit, with interesting cinematography, like focusing on background elements, also the use of static wide shots & mid shots created the feeling like the audience is 'eavesdropping' on conversations, which was quite an effective technique. Overall it had a raw almost mundane feel & it lacks any real conventional plot per se. Also feels distancing & unsatisfying, which perhaps was the intention.

D C (jp) wrote: Excellent movie, extensive examples make the points in the movie clear and irrefutable. It's hard to imagine what kind of people would take the time to see such a documentary, then come here and blast it. Clearly people who are either threatened by it, whether afraid it's real or afraid of the backlash. A must see film if you care to begin making sense of the insanity of the behavior of our federal government.

Chris B (ru) wrote: Sin City is the best adaption of a comic book I have ever seen. It is like they just copied and pasted the comic book to the screen. It is so visually stunning and impressive to look at. It has a lot of gratuitous violence. A solid movie and one that will change the comic book genre.

Gabriel M (it) wrote: Well directed, nice acting, and a touching, interesting story. :)

Craig M (nl) wrote: erman moives are always so stupid funn

David L (us) wrote: Incredibly funny and unbelievably involving, 8 Femmes is a black comedy done with bravura. The character development is outstanding, every one of those eight women has a personality, motif and a back story. The film is also very bold with its lesbian scenes, the ending is unexpected and truly fantastic, the social context is evident and although the music tend to diminish the film as a whole (the characters just burst into song in most awkward of moments) and one could make a point that it is unnecessary, it is nonetheless a joyful ride thanks to superb acting, strong characterization and extremely funny jokes. 8 Femmes is a memorable, strange, disctinct picture and a cult movie for a reason.

Duncan K (ca) wrote: Remember how Pauly Shore could sort of pass as tolerable in his earlier films. Now he's torture with this film marking the beginning of the end of his career.


Lynda W (it) wrote: This movie is SO good!!

Jesse R (br) wrote: This was just too silly for me, and is pretty weird if you ask me.

Bruce B (it) wrote: This film contains a large number of all star actors from the fifties and sixties that make cameo appearances so you really have to watch for them. This is part of the Classic Sci Fi Ultimate Collection Vol 2. If you like cobras and if you like Faith Domergue you'll like this film. At the beginning the mysteriousness of the cobra cult is well done as the servicemen watch. Faith, the villainess cobra lady, steals the show. Her beautiful eyes are highlighted just before she turns into the cobra. Each time she appears in the film you're drawn to stare at her eyes wondering if it's time for her to change into a cobra again. The cobra's perspective is realistic as it seeks out its next victim. In Black and White but that makes it all that more awesome. 4 1/2 stars 4-16-12

Erin J (es) wrote: But she's not Asian...