Good Arrows

Good Arrows

A darts player slides into depression after an heart attack spooks him so much he loses his skill.

A darts player slides into depression after an heart attack spooks him so much he loses his skill. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren B (gb) wrote: I actually was never aware this sort of compelling competition existed - nor did I realize the cash prize was in the millions for top team. Dota is a unique gaming experience and seeing it through the eyes of these die harder's is quite remarkable. Really impressed & learned something new!

Kasha M (fr) wrote: This movie sucked and is SUPER cheesy!

Theresa C (it) wrote: Highly recommended HK film.

Adrian W (kr) wrote: Great movie!! Same principal as Groundhog Day (ie the same day repeats) but with 3 rehab youths.

Aurora B (mx) wrote: This movie is awesome.

Eric D (jp) wrote: nice one for the collection

Emily R (fr) wrote: This movie makes me want to read every book ever.

Giulia F (ca) wrote: Saw this movie at TIFF08. It was amazing. The director is one of my favourite Indian film stars. She has acted in loads of Indian movies with a social message. Her directorial debut is impressive, to say the least. I was fortunate enough to participate in a Q&A after the movie.

Justin J (it) wrote: The storyline was attractive and amazing. very outstanding and spectacular movie although i don't know the background of Communist between Nationalist (A Bit like China before 1949) whatever... but it's stunning !

John N (br) wrote: Superb mystery/thriller by Lumet. Excellent performances from the entire cast.

Private U (br) wrote: Le film rotique le plus esthtique qui n'ai jamais t ralis. Avec Fabrice Luchini! Borowczyk est un gnie...

Michael O (br) wrote: Whoever thinks this is dated and lame doesn't know comedy! It means you've been raised with a brain dead understanding of what's funny and that you must've learned how to laugh from a drunken billy goat! learn a thing or two or go back to will ferrel.ya yokes.

Jacob Y (nl) wrote: I thought this was a pretty good movie. I liked that they had CAgney play Chaney. THe only problem that i had with it, was that it was drug out.

Jerome W (kr) wrote: I take back what I said about The Hitchhiker. The last two episodes I saw dratically improved my opinion of the series. They were stories with Brad Davis playing a sleazy TV host who follows decadent young rich kids around and another about a hitwoman on vacation. They were nasty and unpredictable and the last one in particular had an end twist worthy of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The only feature I've seen has been "Baba Yaga", a weird comic book-derived thriller from Italy that starred Carroll Baker. It was OK if dated. I should mention one other wog-boggling thing I've encountered lately. I viewed a disc called "Treasures Of Black Cinema" which seemed to be some kind of TV series that crammed four "race films" from the 40's onto one disc. They were all various genres with different stars, a gangster movie starring Ralph Cooper, an old horror movie with Nina Mae McKinney and a Herb Jeffries western. They were all pretty cheap and rudimentary but still entertaining but the fourth one made my eyes bug out. It was a comedy starring Mantan Moreland but instead of any of the all-black films he made, they showed an old Monogram film where he was paired with Frankie Darro as a comedy team. Moreland was the only black actor in this and he acquitted himself well. The kicker was one scene where Darro was in blackface adn doing a Negro accent! How the heck did something like that slip onto a "Black Cinema" series? Why didn't they just trot out the original Amos & Andy or the Two Black Crows? Sheesh! Richard Roundtree did the introductions for these films. I wonder if he had any idea what he was involved with.

Tero H (br) wrote: Oh man, this was so ridiculous. My first impression had been that this was a horror movie, but it turned out to be a slapstick comedy with a strange sense of humour. Gross effects, funny acting, ooze, was fun. stupid jokes, Bad effects, obscene language and silly plot were not fun. The biggest minus is the awful storytelling and there isnt much story to talk about really. Its just a crazy horror comedy..of sorts.. I didn't like the stupid humour otherwise it might have worked for me. It had some funny scenes, most having to do with cats and dogs. I think they were the best actors in the movie.

Jim M (jp) wrote: it is hard to make a movie about boxing boring but the they managed it with this one.Dull to the bone

janet c (nl) wrote: excellent movir chris reeve's best

Joey T (jp) wrote: This is on my top 4 star treks88%

Dylan M (ca) wrote: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an adaption from the world famous book written by Stieg Larrson. It tells the story of a fiancial reporter hired Swedish industrialist looking to redeem himself from his past actions by solving a family murder mystery. I thought this film was really well done. David Fincher's dark take on the films story benefited the movie in so many ways. The entire tone and theme of the film is so creepy and chilling in so many scenes but it is so fantastic to watch. Daniel Craig and Rooney Marra are terrific. Both actors are extremely devoted to their roles making them very convincing and believable. Their chemistry on screen also binds perfectly with each other, both two dark mysterious characters that I really enjoyed watching. The films pace is also remarkably fast. You would think a film nearly three hours long will drag at times or get really slow, but not this one. I was completely invested into the story getting fed with engaging dialogue and gritty details. I also loved the visual aspect of the film. The cold snowy scenes really added to chilling, dark perspective Fincher was going for. If I could nitpick a little, I'd say towards the last 15-20 minutes dragged on just a tad but that's about it. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with stellar performances, great visuals, and a thrilling story that anybody will appreciate.

William P (es) wrote: Watching this movie in my earlier childhood really mad it out to be funnier than it is. Still it brings back memories of childhood and the movies we used to love picking up at the rental store again and again. This and ANGUS ( one ofmy foundest childhood movies ) being two of my favorite oldies but goodies childhood comidies. If you saw this when you were younger , remember laughing for twenty minutes when his pecker fell off and rolled like a stone ( Bob Dylan pun ) down his pants to the floor. Literally had to pause the tape and take a breahter . But being older it was just a chuckel. This is the kinda movie I would sit down and watch with my kids and have a good laugh. When I have them that is.