Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry

After picking up an alluring woman,Toby, a gifted chemist slumming as a high school teacher, is kidnapped by her violent boyfriend and ordered to use his skills to create methamphetamine for a group of drug traffickers. When Toby refuses, his nightmare only worsens.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   kidnapping,   drug,  

Toby, a gifted chemist slumming as a high school teacher, stops on a quiet stretch of Ozark highway to help an alluring young girl named Laurie whose car trouble--and attraction to the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon W (nl) wrote: A low budget zom-com that offer a few laughs and not much else.

Darion D (ag) wrote: WHY OH WHY DID THEY MAKE THIS?!?! This film is horrible, unfunny, a badly told script, and OH GOD... THE LIP-SYNCING! Do not watch this movie. It's awful!

Al S (nl) wrote: An awesome and sensational action-packed thrill-ride. It's hard-boiled, stylish, thrilling and well-crafted from its star. Dolph Lundgren is terrific, he delivers a great performance and crafts a great action film showing great promise as a director. A great piece of revenge cinema. It's wickedly cool and exhilarating from beginning to end. It truly is one of Lundgren's best films yet. It's explosive, exciting and adrenaline-pumping. It explodes with pulse-pounding action in intense doses. It's sharp, stunning, riveting and surprisingly emotionally effective. An nail-biting and powerful edge of your seat action-thriller that packs a wallop.

Eric D (gb) wrote: The first two certainly were good and I want to see this but I'm not expecting big things ... just an hour and a half or so of entertainment

Nathaniel R (mx) wrote: Ok a bit strange and hard to deal with some ill shit in throughout the movie ..but all in all pretty dang good

Francisco L (ca) wrote: Despite the fact of the ballet scenes fall short becoming more a movie about tap dance, it is an interesting and well-acted movie that will entertain you with its emotional plot.

Ricky G (jp) wrote: This movie is down right hilarious, and I am seriously wondering why it got such a low rating. A man must try and have a police officer (Shannan Elizabeth) marry his friend, who by the way is loaded with cash, and gain the money he needs to pay back for his money that he lost gambling trying to get a girl in bed and the whole movie your just laughing. I really enjoyed this movie and I think people who like sick comedy will too.

Kimberley C (mx) wrote: For a '96 film which looks to be somewhat low budget but most of the money spent on the cgi of the dragon, it's a pretty damn good movie. You want to see laughable cgi? Go watch sandsharks. I watched the first ten minutes of that film thinking it was a piss take but all through the movie, it was proving to be a box office disaster! Maybe I'm just an old fashioned 20 year old or maybe values have changed since I was brought up.

Neil T (de) wrote: One of the best but not well known. Lee at his finest.

a (gb) wrote: Impressive feat from Anthony Waller when considering his other contribution to cinema history is "An American Werewolf in Paris". He does good delivering a comedy-thriller that is high quality in both parts. Which unfortunately is also it's biggest problem. The beginning intesion, worthy of all the comparison with Hitchcock it's had, climaxes halfway through the movie, and makes it feel like the other half drops the ball. It's never bad though, and certainly worth watching. Especially now that a remake is due out next year. Please note Billy's choice of weapon when the killer comes at her with a power drill in the bathroom. That cracked me up. It also features a certain Sir's last movie appearance as the reaper...

Grayson D (mx) wrote: Three Poe stories adapted by Roger Vadim, Louis Malle and Fellini. Surprisingly i enjoyed the Vadim with his then wife Jane Fonda's section the most though Vadim was certainly the least talented director of the three. The quality varies considerably throughout but it's worth watching once

Les E (kr) wrote: Gritty Northern drama, Ambition drives a young man to aim beyond his class. He then falls for a married French temptress and it all gets very ugly. This is real top drawer British drama.

Jacob E (mx) wrote: A comedic attempt from Hitchcock that doesn't quite work.

Nicolas M (mx) wrote: Une comedie loufoque et dejantee, pas toujours hilarante. Certains passages valent toutefois leur pesant de cacahuetes.

Jimmy F (ru) wrote: Good movie with John Travolta. He hires four guys to kidnap a guy and then it all goes wrong. Solid action and storytelling make this a cool movie.

James D (kr) wrote: Great visuals. Lacking story.

ruth a (au) wrote: it's a really good children's movie which is actually good for the whole family as its good for adults too! it's got some really good actors in I would defiantly recommend it!