Good Copy Bad Copy

Good Copy Bad Copy

Good Copy Bad Copy is a documentary about copyright and culture in the context of Internet, peer-to-peer file sharing and other technological advances.

Good Copy Bad Copy is a documentary about copyright and culture in the context of Internet, peer-to-peer file sharing and other technological advances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bradley N (nl) wrote: Better than that other Suicide Squad movie and having Kevin return as Batman is a must.

John F (de) wrote: True to its name, the lead character is a jerk, which makes it really difficult to empathize with him. I knew guys like this in high school and college. I didn't like them then, either.

Nathan S (kr) wrote: its sad, but sub-par british sci-fi is a thing now. in general i would say its better than our average american sub-par sci-fi (or canada's = sci-fi channel). i bet you're excited now!

Roy O (de) wrote: Artsy foreign film that has deep undertones. Nassar Ali has decided to die and gives up on life, he stays in his room and thinks back on his existence. Everyone in the movie has their flaws and scars...but everyone has a story.

Samuel M (ag) wrote: A great horror movie with a great new iconic killer. The kills and effects are amazing. Not surprising since the director owns the Almost Human special effects studio. Fun and gory.

Shiela E (ru) wrote: Most Christmas-related horror films are camp, registering high on the cheesy meter (the cringe inducing badness of jack frost for example). this was a most pleasant surprise. It was a straightforward, little scary flick that just happened to take place at christmas. I loved it. It was suspenseful, a bit unique in storyline, and the characters were great. even the villian was somewhat sympathetic (my daughter now has a crush on the admitedly cute wes bentley). if u want a holiday movie for adults, minus the sentiment, give this a try. and you will never listen to elvis' blue christmas the same way.

David J (es) wrote: Teeth is a good, solid horror-comedy with a very creative premise. Why on earth hadn't anyone thought of this before?!?

Hani H (br) wrote: one of the worst movies, i have ever seen, just amazingly dull and boring. story is stupid. everything about it was lame

Roger T (nl) wrote: A Brilliant Feel Good Movie. Based on a true story of two army dentists who in search of some action go awol and decide to invade occupied france with a pistol and bag of hand genades.. If you like Dads army you will love this film its class

Nina L (ag) wrote: You have everything but you need sth more, sth called passion! A well-done movie about adultery between a blond successful woman and a dark-brown Arab waiter who's father of two kids. It's not another Italian comedy about adultery, marriage and lovers in a glorious sunny Mediterranean city but a sad drama of two lovers in a rainy Milan who cannot become a couple. The movie in my opinion is a bit too long though.

Tammi B (au) wrote: Nicholson, who wrote and directed, reprises his Jake Gittes role from Chinatown, one of his most interesting. In this update, which occurs a decade after the events in the first film, Gittes finds himself accused of complicity when an adultery sting goes awry and his client shoots the lover in a fit of jealousy. Or does he? Iin the course of investigating further in an attempt to clear himself, Gittes finds an old recording which puts him back on the path of Katherine Mulwray, who was - CHINATOWN SPOILER -shot through the eye by her father in a shocking, Oedipally symbolic ending to the first story. (A climax which producer Robert Evans and Director Roman Polanski claim Hollywood would never allow in today's film industry.) Now on the track of Mulray's incestuously-conceived, missing daughter (who she was trying to rescue at the end of Chinatown) the old mysteries as well as some fresh ones are opened up in a fresh tangle of intrigue. While the ending to The Two Jakes - POSSIBLE 'THE TWO JAKES' SPOILER -lacks the shock value, drama and tragedy of the first, let's just say it goes out on a BANG!. Harvey Keitel (the other "Jake") as always, delivers an absorbing performance as the cuckolded client. The Two Jakes is underrated by critics and well worth a watch for Noir fans.

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 87%Watched this on 18/5/16Gorgeously animated and with a truly engaging and sensible world from Miyazaki, perhaps his most interesting one. Whenever there's no action, the film is terrific, that is in those moments where its a science fiction film. However, I don't approve much of the action, mostly because I didn't want any. I just did not love this as much as Princess Mononoke.

David S (ru) wrote: Very few films transcend their Zeitgeist. This is one of them. Hard to believe that it was released 40 years ago when some of us were young. Yet the theme of loneliness, and isolation are still with us. Along side of Raging Bull which I would put in second place, this just might be the greatest film of the 1970's. The violence in the film is American society and how it leaves behind so many people.... It did then and it still does...And Let us not forget Paul Schrader's

Momin K (es) wrote: Number 1 tires u to death

Josh P (it) wrote: This may be the performance of a lifetime. I am positive Clint Eastwood can deliver more quality to his characters and how his stories are inspired by all events.

Rene S (ca) wrote: Disappointing letdown. Even the great cast couldn't save it. Snooze feast. Full of cliches and a plot that just limps along.