Yoshida's first feature follows the lives of young students against a background of jazz, emptiness and boredom. The plot is fairly simple: a "good-for-nothing" from a poor background falls in love with the young secretary of his rich friend's father. The woman senses good in him and tries to lead him on the right path.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Yoshida's first feature follows the lives of young students against a background of jazz, emptiness and boredom. The plot is fairly simple: a "good-for-nothings" from a poor background falls in love with the young secretary of his rich friend's father. The woman senses good in him and tries to lead him on the right path. But to paraphrase Roger Ebert: it's not what a film is about but how it is about it. In the case of Rokudenashi, beautiful lighting and composition highlight this early work of the Japanese New Wave . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mrs Ward (ag) wrote: ooooo i'll want something like that for my 40th birthday!!!!!

diane w (es) wrote: This movie is a huge disappointment. There is little redeeming quality. It is a slap in the face to all Catholics. The congregation is lack-luster. The only priests we see are weak, confused and immoral. The two sacraments shown are insulted. The "new-age" christianity shown by the one priest is lovely but does no favors to God or the Church. It is poorly written - with unrealistic conversations, and poorly acted. A waste of time and money!!

Michael R (us) wrote: Pretty great film. Very interesting to see the the rapid decline of two people's lives.

Wreckin B (mx) wrote: I loved the zombie puke!

Rebecca R (it) wrote: Great story and consistent with the actual history of the Crusades. Enjoyed it immensely and thought thag the message was a great way to tie it up. On the contrary, you really would've had to study the Crusades recently to understand most of the movie.

Bob V (jp) wrote: The final part in Araki's Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy, with "Totally Fucked Up" & "The Doom Generation" preceding it. Arguably his best beloved film until "Mysterious Skin" came along, and his most conventionally accessible. Its cast list - major parts, small parts & the copious cameos included - reads like a Who's Who - listing of the teenage nineties running the gamut from indie sweethearts (and Araki regulars) like James Duvall, television stars looking for some street cred (Christina Applegate, Shannen Doherty, ...), young stars on the brink of the big break-through (Ryan Philippe, Rose McGowan, Mena Suvari, Heather Graham, Denise Richards ...) & controversial tabloid mainstays (Traci Lords, Jeremy Jordan, ...). All these actors play characters that immediately convey to the audience that they are fucked up & wouldn't know how to be anything else. The main plot takes us through the open relationship between Duvall & True, and his issues with her bi-sexual philandering + his crush on blond boy-toy material Bexton, and oh yeah, also the appearance of giant cockroaches from outer space who disintegrate people with their lasers. You know it's going to be a rough day when you have to cope with all of that. The side-plots follow their friends & associates through unconnected events that mostly serve to convey the atmosphere of the doom generation, but slightly unusually for Araki, most of them actually tie into the main plot at some point & gain relevance for the story. I know a lot of people who can't stand Araki, not even this film, which is, like I said, much more accessible than his other films. At the same time, I know enough people who worship the ground he walks on, so it's not easy to predict how you'll react. In general I myself cannot enjoy a film where the plot doesn't follow an established narrative pattern, or is secondary to message and/or style, and yet I saw this film when it premired on television, when I was about 12 I guess, and it's one of the films that I remembered vividly ever after, unlike anything I'd ever seen before, and I didn't understand what the hell was going on at all, but I was pretty much smitten from that moment on. I saw it a second time many years later, when I was in my early twenties and was gratified that I did indeed remember it in surprising detail, and that it still had a wondrous effect on me, though a slightly jaded one that comes with growing up. Having seen it now for the third time, again quite a few years later, I stand by my opinion: this film fucking rocks, rape by celebrity, incest & one of the strangest unsettling endings ever made included!

Brian M (kr) wrote: If you(TM)re about my age, you may remember this movie from the mid eighties. If you(TM)ve never heard of it, fear not. It was a French-Canadian production that was only released to video in the rest of the world, but somehow as a kid, I came to watch it.~The Peanut butter Solution(TM) is one of those rare 80(TM)s movies of my childhood that will always stay with me. Not because it is a good film. But because it was so strange...The story centres on young Michael, who lives with his dad and sister. Michael(TM)s mom passed away some time ago, and he hasn(TM)t really gotten over it. Michael is your regular kid; he plays soccer, hangs out with his buddy from school and believes in ghosts. In the town where they live, stands a burnt down, derelict old house. All the kids believe it's haunted. Dared to walk in there one day, Michael does. We watch him walk up the rubble and enter the dark, creepy house. We don(TM)t see inside, all we hear is Michael scream. Following this, he tumbles down the pile of rubble and has passed out. This was the part of the movie which scared and fascinated me as a kid, and still does to this day. What did Michael see? Some of the best monsters and horror creations of film were scary because you didn(TM)t always see them; parts of them were revealed slowly and strategically, building up to their grand unveiling later in the film, i.e. Jaws. This film plays on that idea " it(TM)s what you don(TM)t see that scares you.As a result of being frightened so severely, Michael starts to lose his hair. His father provides a wig for him and Michael tries to continue on as normal. At a soccer game one afternoon, a player from the other team pulls his wig off and Michael is chased home by all the kids. Another disturbing and scary scene, that taps into that childhood fear of being exposed and picked on by countless other kids, with no grownups there to help you. Michael makes it home safely and locks himself away from the world.A couple of nights later, Michael is lying in bed when he hears some noises downstairs and like any kid would, goes and investigates. He comes across an old couple snooping around his kitchen. They see Michael and introduce themselves. They(TM)re ghosts and have come to help Michael. They came from the haunted house he entered and got a fright from, and they wanted to make it up to Michael for scaring him. The old couple tell Michael about the Peanut Butter Solution; a magic concoction of peanut butter and other household ingredients that will make his hair grow back. He is given the recipe and the ghosts disappear. Giving it a chance, Michael sets out to gather the ingredients and makes the solution. Once made, he spreads the substance all over his bald scalp in the hopes of growing his hair back. Unbeknownst to Michael however, he has used too much peanut butter. The next morning he wakes up to his dad and sister ecstatic and jumping for joy. You(TM)re hair(TM)s grown back Michael!? the dad screams, and it sure has. Overnight, Michael(TM)s hair has fully grown back, and as he sees this in the mirror for himself then proceeds to run around the house in happiness, it keeps growing. By the end of the day, his hair is down to his shoulders. The solution has worked so well, his hair won(TM)t stop growing. Each time he cuts it, it grows back in minutes. However, happy with having more than a full head of hair back, Michael gets on with his life.Back at school, Michael tries his best to conceal his uncontrollable hair growth, but it doesn(TM)t go unnoticed. Michael(TM)s art teacher, who the students call the Senior, catches wind of this and comes up with a devilish plan to harvest Michael(TM)s hair....Now this is where the film gets even wierder; Michael is kidnapped by the Senior and taken to a factory, where other kidnapped children work as slaves, cutting off Michael(TM)s hair and turning it into paint brushes. The Senior then uses these paint brushes to create paintings that come to life and can somehow allow people to walk into them! I know! I am confused as you are, but as a child I was fascinated by this movie. I don(TM)t know why my parents let my sisters and I watch it, as there are references to not just bullying and the kidnapping of children, but possibly inclinations towards paedophilia and an obsession with puberty. Well, that was the 80(TM)s for you. That incomparable decade surely spun out some unusual films, and having been a child of the 80(TM)s, I just so happened to watch this one.

Bill C (jp) wrote: Fine POW slice of war film.

Justin B (mx) wrote: It seems as if people either love or hate this film and I actually happened to love it. I'm constantly looking for good horror films to watch and in my quest I've seen countless bad movies, so it's always refreshing when I make a good discovery. It's certainly not a perfect movie but it served its purpose in scaring the crap out of me. There was a similar, found footage Bigfoot movie that came out about the same time that got a really high RT rating which I don't understand because it bored the hell out of me. If you want to actually get scared, turn off the lights and watch Exists.

Logan H (ag) wrote: Absolutely loved this film. Considering 85% out of 225,686 people rated this 3.5 or more stars out of 5 proves this is a class film. Tomatometer gave it 16% with 53 out of 63 critics rated it Rotten, obviously the people know better than the critics. :) this is coming to netflix next month, give it a watch if you can :D

Chris D (mx) wrote: Not bad. Not great, either.

Elias J (ru) wrote: Been a while since I've seen a 5-star film (and judging initially by the title and description, I certainly doubted it would be this one) but this film surprised me with its ability to be deep, realistic, charming, and funny all at the same time. And of course, as with any good movie, the glue that held all of these traits together had to be the fantastic, well-rounded characters. Each of them are likable in their own way and possess qualities that the others lack, which makes you really care about what is going on throughout the movie. There were many great things about this film but what I feel made it stand out was the unique ending. I won't spoil it but I'll just say that it gave a great message which was to not rely on the affirmation of others to be happy with who you are. Overall this film did a great job of making a multi-layered, outlandish plot seem completely realistic and normal, while drawing you in with great dialogue and character development.

Gemma B (nl) wrote: What can i say - superb, except i am a bit confused, on my dvd it stated the film was in colour (i was shocked and excited as i had thought it was in B/W), yet when i came to watch the film it was in b/w ~ tut! It was a bit sad, as this is the last Vivien Leigh i shall watch (since i have watched all of the available others). I have read the book, and enjoyed that significantly and the film just polished my view. Vivien Leigh was devastatingly good - i love her drunken scenes! The dwarf concluded the tale superbly!