Good Morning

Good Morning

Two boys beg their parents for a television set, nagging them until all patience is lost. The parents order the boys to be quiet and the boys do exactly that--refusing to utter a word. The boys' silence ultimately puts the whole neighborhood into turmoil.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:student,   poison,   prayer,  

Two boys begin a silence strike to press their parents into buying them a television set. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew C (kr) wrote: After having just watched 2 bad movies, I needed to take a break with something good; and it was.

Jeffrey N (jp) wrote: It doesn't surprise me that, after-the-fact, I found out that this movie was directed by Noah Baumbach. The direction is unique, painfully slow at times (intentionally) and physically makes me squirm in my chair while watching because the uncomfortable things happening to the characters in this movie are entirely too real. Mid-life crisis is an understatement here. A man so arrogant that he believes he's better and deserving of so much more than he's received in life, which has turned to pure bitterness. At the same time, that bitterness is tempered with sporatic episodes of maturity and responsibility. That dichotomy results in very schizophrenic behavior toward the friends and family he loves. At times he's defensive of the mistakes he's made that brought him to the misery he is currently experiencing, while he also calms down and realizes that he shouldn't blame and that he, in fact, is causing his own misery. It's painful to watch and so uncomfortable to the viewer, especially me who experiences bouts of the same thing every now and then (though to a lesser extent). One almost has to be older to appreciate what this movie is saying, but even those open to its content have to also get past the brutal way Noah brings it to the screen. The Squid and the Whale was depressing enough. It makes me wonder how depressed Noah is to consistently present this much raw pain. However, what makes the movie is its optimistic, and sweet, ending.

Paul D (kr) wrote: A decent mockumentary with a nice style, although quite bleak as you don't really care for any of the characters in it.

PunkPrincess M (de) wrote: its a gud movie.............

Kyle B (nl) wrote: Daniel Day Lewis is as incredible as ever and Fiona Shaw is great in a small role but that's what makes the movie

Jim H (it) wrote: Various guests, including an aging dancer, a dying accountant, a business magnate, a beautiful stenographer, and a thief, stay at a posh German hotel.It takes a long time - perhaps twenty minutes - for this film to get started, and during that exposition I thought that director Edmund Goulding would attempt to pass off the hotel as the main character. However, once the film realizes that John Barrymore and Greta Garbo are in it, it picks up steam on the strength of the performances by these two exceptional talents. The rest of the characters and the setting find their place, and the film gives off an amiable charm. Later it turns sad, but not oppressively so.Like Nashville and other Robert Altman oeuvre, the film portrays little dramas that might amount only to a recognition of the variance of life and the mercurial nature of fate, but the later director (Altman) developed these themes more clearly and effectively.Overall, once the film is on its way, it can be charming, but it's too long a wait.

Faisal F (jp) wrote: Apocalypse Back to Prehistoric Age

Claudette A (au) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. Sometimes things don't work out as you have planned. Especially after feeling guilty over a murder.

Ash M (kr) wrote: Very well acted by both Cage and Shue. It's a pretty depressing story, but that doesn't take away from how good the movie is.

Cecily B (it) wrote: I am not that knowledgeable on all things Kennedy Assassination but I have heard that Tom Hanks is so I feel like this movie would be everything he would want people to see, feel, and know about the topic. It definitely showed me some things I didn't know and had a pretty good cast. Not too bad in my point of view.

Bill B (de) wrote: It's nothing all that original, but as far as a film that feels a lot like a a forgotten '80s slasher, you really can't go wrong with this one. A faceless killer stalks collegiate co-eds, and that's about it.Fun stuff, worth a rental.

Jessi t (us) wrote: Vincent Price stars as a frustrated and oft-panned Shakespearean actor looking to get some revenge on the critics who ruined his career and his life. Inventive murders (all inspired by Shakespeare's plays) and Vincent Price reciting Othello really just make this movie way too fun to watch.