Good Morning, Professor

Good Morning, Professor


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Good Morning, Professor torrent reviews

Megan N (ag) wrote: Waste of time to watch

Lauren P (au) wrote: First horror movie I've ever watched and I still have nightmares about it...

Steven B (kr) wrote: I enjoyed a different take on a zombie film like this. It shows the politics of the situation quite well such as activism for the civil rights of the Returned vs public safety and seems to allude toward real-world HIV/AIDS carriers in that manner. This is not a traditional zombie movie. The few zombie scenes there are are meant for symbolism which is done well too. Some characters decisions in the plot seem farfetched; despite this, the movie still makes for a good watch.

Chad D (de) wrote: Never got too into it, it doesn't grab you with anything but its style, which is not enough to make it viewable

Lynda C (de) wrote: True, it was silly and often didn't make logical sense, but I was watching it as an escapist fantasy and it was fun for me.

Joen O (it) wrote: The twist at the end was unexpected. Pretty good movie.

Fred D (kr) wrote: Witty, Intelligent and burst-out laughing wackyness. Though slightly heavy on the plot by the end of the film, I could watch these characters spar in their weird, sharp dialogue for hours

Sue S (au) wrote: It was good -- I've been missing "Friday Night Lights".

Guido S (ca) wrote: Wes Craven directs this vampire film in which Eddie Murphy is the vampire who ends up crashing into Brooklyn and is looking for the Dhampir so he can live to the next moon. This could have been good, but it doesn't do the comedy very well and the horror element isn't that good either. Eddie Murphy probably wasn't the best choice either in this case. This isn't very good and doesn't keep your attention for very long. Should have gone full on comedy instead of trying to bring in more horror and it might have worked.

Jamie S (us) wrote: This is genius. So is "The Wife" but I can't find that one on here.

David S (ca) wrote: Slow paced to be sure, but the performances are so delightful that one can not help themselves but to watch and be mesmerized by these veteran actors. The film is full of emotion and truly makes an impact on the viewer in terms of its humor and sorrow.

Antti V (nl) wrote: Aika hyv varhaisty Steven Spielbergilt. 70- ja 60-luvun taitteen jenkkikauhun vainoharhaisessa tunnelmassa on oma tenhonsa. Samanlaista meininki kuin Manaajassa ja Omenissa, tosin hieman pienemmll budjetilla toteutettuna. Toimii joka tapauksessa.

Tim F (it) wrote: Interesting but somewhat tedious revenger featuring the always alluring Jeanne Moreau in Truffaut's 'Hitchcock' homage. A few suspenseful scenes, but like most of these revenge films, after the 2nd murder, you start checking your watch and starting your own mental checklist ("ok, only three more to go") and the only suspense comes with whether or not the 'revenge seeker' will end up caught by the police.

Bill M (it) wrote: I kept hoping for the characters to get more interesting. I can read a newspaper article to get indignant about workers getting the shaft, but if I'm going to spend 90 minutes on a movie I want more.

alex s (br) wrote: The best rating I will ever give an Adam sandler movie

Erin D (br) wrote: I saw this when it first came out, and many years later I had a dream about it. so i had to watch it again. It's not as creepy as I remember it, but it was still a well thought out story and had some interesting imagery. I laughed my head off at the kicking the bucket scene.

Samantha G (nl) wrote: A fantastic adventure movie. The whole movie was great. The acting, the locations and the everything. John Wayne is definitely my favorite character besides the elephants. Such an awesome film.