Good Night Good Morning

Good Night Good Morning

A boy driving from New York to Philadelphia with buddies, and a mysterious girl alone in her hotel room - complete strangers - engage in an all-night phone conversation on New Year's night.

A boy driving from New York to Philadelphia with buddies, and a mysterious girl alone in her hotel room - complete strangers - engage in an all-night phone conversation on New Year's night. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Terra N (br) wrote: Eddy Murphy turns in a fine performance as a man living behind a facade of incredible reserve and practiced civility. Some critics find that somehow demeaning or even supportive of racial stereotypes. That is both thoughtless and unfortunate. This was not a film about race. It was a film about love and redemption. It was about the value of maintaining a calm, kind and steady hand for the sake of others. It is about valuing small things and finding power in it. It is about giving of yourself and finding value in the process. It made me want to be a better person.The film fails to develop the characters as well as it might have, but Murphy's presence was majestic and almost cathedral-like. I enjoyed seeing him out of his type-cast comedic roles. While there were missteps in the plot, the general theme is believable and hopeful. In an age when civility is largely lost, this film pays homage to the value of using a polished dance of etiquette to create calm place for love and confidence to bloom.

Pathmanathan D (mx) wrote: Second half of the movie picked up, a commercial mass movie. Can watch once.Rating - 2.5/5

John C (au) wrote: This very short and tight film ironically takes its time setting up all of its characters' motivations before we even see the big fight, so that we're that much more invested in the payoff when it comes.

Rohan D (gb) wrote: Brilliant movie!! Really weird,but damn interesting! Loved it!!!

Brandon B (es) wrote: A shocking, but brilliant drama. One of the best movies that star Scout Taylor-Compton. This movie is unknown, but its still good. A really good indie movie. If you like disturbing dramas, then you should check out this one.

Marianne G (it) wrote: Although incest is a fact of life which I find difficult to watch in theater or film, this movie handles it superbly. It, incest, is central to the story, and the radiating effects of it reverberate throughout the family. The back-and-forth telling of the story is most effective, the acting superb. Bryan Brown is tops as the crusty, sick old patriarch, and Rachel Griffiths and Sophie Lowe are standouts.

Russ B (nl) wrote: Lost interest in 20 min.

Andrew Thomas Graham G (ag) wrote: This short documentary is about a man who wants to create a bear proof suit after encountering a grizzly in the Canadian Rockies. He dreams of wrestling 'the old man' and some how gets goverment funding for his wacky development of the suit. The suit itself will have you in stitchs and the testing reels are hillarious and consist of Hurtubise just being knocked all over the place. Early on your just plain laughing at this ridiculous man but soon you will gain respect for his offbeat dreams and just want him to fufill his near lifelong quest and wrestle the bear. This man has some integrity! An entertaining affair but on the whole lacks enough substance for a feature. Would probably be stronger as a few gag shots.

Christopher M (jp) wrote: Haunting, beautiful, brutal and awesome. This movie's narration alone is incredible. i suggest it highly

Arnaud L (br) wrote: Disapointing effort from Mario Bava. A very basic story and not much of his usual style on display to save it.

Alyson C (es) wrote: First things first: if you aren't familiar with or fans of the cast, don't bother. This is basically a collection of unconnected shorts featuring all these big name 40s/50s stars. However, if you are a fan of at least a few of them (and especially Fred Astaire), you should find good enjoyment in this. Some numbers aren't particularly intriguing and seem to go on forever, but others are definite highlights; namely, Red Skelton's gin-sponsored TV program skit (SMMMOOOOOTH!) and especially the dance showdown between Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. Gah... why don't people dance like that anymore? So... not a top-notch musical of any sort, but if you like classic movie stars and want variety, give this a try.

James S (mx) wrote: It's been a while since DreamWorks had an unqualified hit on their hands. The Shrek franchise is dying, and there will always be new kids who want a series all their own. I do not know whether this was planned as a potential new franchise, or if DreamWorks stumbled backward into it, but either way, this movie is great.It begins as a typical fish out of water tale; scrawny Viking can't live up to his father's expectations, needs to become a man, yadda yadda. Once we get going, we see the true depth of character present in everyone, including (and this is key) the ability to change heart. Every major character in this movie has a great arc, and it work so well with the rest of the story.The voice cast is solid, with Baruchel, Butler, Ferguson, and Ferrera all delivering. Some of the accents seem contrived, but I can't be too hard on an animated film.The world is very richly detailed, with lots of lore and backstory. It really drives home the motivations of the characters, and just feels fun. This is very enjoyable for children and adults alike.

Fernando Z (ag) wrote: No Movie has scared me latelly like this movie has! OMG! This Vampires in our Real World look like.... yikes!

Debbie P (gb) wrote: I saw this many years ago. It's a movie I will never forget - especially the scene with Lillian Gish on the ice flow.