Goodbye Again

Goodbye Again

Stranded by her lover, a 40-ish interior decorator in Paris turns to a U.S. client's playboy son.

In this adaptation of Françoise Sagan's best selling novel, Paula is a beautiful and highly successful 40-year-old businesswoman. She is deeply in love with Roger, her mature consort of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chance F (ru) wrote: Bad acting, poor writing and completely predictable. Special effects are cringe worthy. Despite this, I'd label it as "pretty bad", but not terrible. Would not pay money for it.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Ignore the budget and the "special" effects, and you have a good movie--Fun, Suspenseful, and Very Entertaining!!

Lee O (us) wrote: Every bit as good the third time of watching as it has been each time before. Carey Mulligan is utterly enchanting.

Janna L (au) wrote: I'm pretty sure I owned this movie on VHS, right around the very last gasp of that particular medium. Now I've purchased it in digital format and watched it on Flixster! It's my own personal constant through the evolution of home entertainment. Also - in case my multiple purchases didn't clue you in - it's a fantastic movie, in every possible way.

Private U (mx) wrote: Hilarious movie....if you can find it definately watch it.

mirabella 1 (ru) wrote: TRACK 29 (1988)Directed by Nicholas Roeg. Exec.Producer George Harrison.Written by Dennis Potter.This nightmarish adaptation of Potter's play, Schmoedipus, tells the seemingly simple story of a man in search of his mother who gave up her child (a result of rape as a teenager) some 20-odd years ago.She has been left permanently scarred, trapped in a child-like limbo, drinking away her pain & pining for the child she never got to hold or love.She feels safe but desperately unhappy, in her loveless marriage to a paternalistic physician, who has infantile obsessions of his own, & spends his time locked away playing with his train-set, telling her off, working, or being disciplined by his mistress (played with considerable aplomb by Sandra Bernhardt).Enter Gary Oldman, the prodigal son, who has "come all the way across the pond in search of my mama."And suddenly, small-town USA is no longer the place of home-baked cookies & white-picket fences, but a dark, hallucinatory nightmare of repressed sexual desire, violence, revenge & madness.Welcome to the mind of the late, great Dennis Potter.This is by far one of his best works, reminiscent in many ways of Brimstone & Treacle, only honed into a more mature, polished & refined tale.It is downright disturbing & leaves one with many more questions than answers, so often the trademark of Potter's hallucinatory works.You will never hear the song "Chattanooga Choo Choo" in the same way again*****5 out of 5 stars*****

Tim S (de) wrote: Terror Train is not what I'd call a proto-typical sort of slasher, but it does help give rise to the "back for revenge" sort of sub-genre of slashers that were all the rage in the 1980's. Not that it hadn't been done before, but this one in particular probably revitalized it. It's basically Halloween on a train, and the producers admit to that outright. They went so far as to get Jamie Lee Curtis, who played a similar role later in Prom Night. The movie may not be perfect, but it has a lot of interesting characters and dialogue. It also has a great score, which is non-traditional for this kind of movie. I also like Ben Johnson giving it his all in this one. He's sincere and does a good job with what he's given. It probably won't win anyone's "favorite slasher of the year" award, but I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a slightly better slasher than most.

Weul S (ru) wrote: Joe Gideon drinks too much, cheats too much, smokes too much. He's also a genius choreographer workaholic. While working an a surefire hit, he suffers life-altering heartache, triggering hallucinatory stream-of-consciousness musical numbers as he comes to terms with his own mortality.And that ending....oh gods, that ending number is so fabulously amazing. I think this might be the greatest musical I've ever seen.

Gregory W (nl) wrote: this odd film shoot in the sixties but never released until 1991 well we didn't miss much as a man the director provokes his cast and crew and then films the results.

Deadly V (gb) wrote: The Dirty Business of Espionage

Tim S (gb) wrote: Being that this is the first film in a three part trilogy, I have to cut it a little slack in terms of storytelling. Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto tells the story of a young man who joins the Japanese army in 1600 AD to fight and become a samurai. Along the way, he loses friends, falls in love, gets into trouble and begins to develop wisdom by the end of the film. I suppose that the filmmakers might have struggled a little to come up with a satisfying conclusion, because there isn't really one. There's an emotional conclusion to the characters but not to the story. It leaves you wanting more, which is the best thing about it. The film is absolutely beautiful. Shot on Eastmancolor film stock, the film looks both rich in detail yet has the authenticity of an old photograph. It's marvelous to look at, to be sure. Two more films would follow after this one, but none made an impact quite like this one, which won the Oscar for best foriegn film in 1954.

Daniel M (nl) wrote: I don't understand the negativity of these reviews. Doctor Dolittle is tremendously fun and whimsical.

Tyler S (gb) wrote: A really good tale inspired by a locked in Mickey Rourke.The movie is the tale of a washed up wrestler who 20 years after his hay-day and top notch fame, tries to survive in the industry by doing whatever he can.He is old, his body is breaking down, his relationship with his daughter is breaking down, he is somewhat homeless, and he is still wrestling just trying to get by.It isn't a joyful tale, but the acting here is so good, you get drawn in to the performance of Rourke.It won't really uplift you, but it is really well made. It is made with a direction that makes it almost seem like a very good documentary.A real life portrait of a man who is hanging on by a thread based on the one thing he knows how to do well...Wrestle.

Kyle M (de) wrote: John Candy done it again with the usual, fun deliverance in most of his realistic roles: bringing out the heart in a form of realization from another character and doing most of the comedic work that's typically funny and occasionally hilarious. In this comedy on family values started out humble to experiencing the meaningful warmth and fun times. Another nicely-captured work from director John Hughes. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Jay M (gb) wrote: I'm sorry I hit you camel.