Goodbye First Love

Goodbye First Love

A 15-year-old discovers the joys and heartaches of first love with an older teen, but in the ensuing years, cannot seem to move past their breakup.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:French,German,Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:paris france,   beach,   letter,  

A chronicle of the romance between Camille and Sullivan, which begins during their adolescence and picks up after Sullivan's 8-year absence from exploring the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nigel I (ru) wrote: loads of action great one liners a very good film!

Courtney P (kr) wrote: A devastatingly honest, yet beautiful portrayal of the activists struggling to combat the AIDS epidemic. One minute I was crying, the next I was laughing. I personally feel that that is the epitome of success when is come to documentary film making. How To Survive A Plague could quite possibly be one of the most moving documentaries I have ever seen. It is devastating and brilliant ad well as inspiring and hopeful.

Mark G (fr) wrote: So, the film opens with a young boy witnessing his prostitute mother being murdered and now that he's older (at least you have to presume that it's the same character as that's it for back story and there's no explanation) he likes to video female corpses at the morgue whilst cutting himself. And that's about as original as it's going to get. A group of medical students who tick all the generic boxes, (except that this film is 99.9% white) although unintentionally funny is the pasty goth girl wearing the black and white striped top so that she looks like a mime, only a really bad one who hasn't mastered the silent part so that we don't have to hear her crap dialogue. Anyway, they go out partying, drug taking and drinking...probably at a club called Cliche. Morgue boy Kenneth is at the club & they all take the piss out of him except for token 'nice girl' Catherine, who Kenneth fancies. They talk so much cliche that they probably shit the word GENERIC. They give Morgue boy (sorry, Kenneth) some drugged booze and he falls into a coma. Do they call for an ambulance, use their training to help him or decide that 'they will get in trouble' and dump his body outside the hospital? Catherine manages to do enough research in 1 day to be able to manufacture an 'Amazing Wonder Drug' which she injects into Kenneth. Blah blah, adverse effects, blah blah, outer body experiences, blah blah possess others blah blah blah, murder murder murder...yaaaaawwwnn. The only thing that could've lifted this out of the mire would've been inventive, gory death scenes. But there wasn't any. So, in summary, "Yaaaawwwnn".

Matthew B (us) wrote: I can't believe I used to like this film.

Irish E (ca) wrote: A remarkable story of two people who loved books. This film is perfect in every way. I have loved books all of my life. So naturally, I have a soft spot for this story. Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins are remarkably talented and it shows in this film.

Sam M (ca) wrote: The book is actually much better, though I read it about 12 years ago. Never saw the movie 'til now.

Callum R (jp) wrote: 3. Pixote, A Lei do Mais Franco: This 1981 drama directed by Hector Babenco takes real children from the favela's of Sao Paulo and places them in the true world via cinematic adaptation, depicting what they will become as they grow up, an inescapable fate. A truly powerful piece of cinema, that though lives up to Brazil's one-story of the repressed under-class and exclusion has such depth and dexterity in dealing and developing an underground world of corruption, deceit and explicit murder that the film would provoke an emotional reaction out of the most cold hearted person. What gives Pixote a sense of realism and plausibility is its sense of reality. Unlike the over stylised and cheap mainstream cop-out of social class 'Slumdog Millionaire' a film, that caters for cinematic spectacle over true depth and grit that is displayed here. The production of such a fable is so unprescedented at the time (1980's Brazilian cinema was bordering on zero production due to the tv's influence and the Brazilian love of soap operas) but the reception to this tale and the subsequent events that followed 10yr old actor Fernando in his failure to escape the slums in real life all adds up to the this being one of the most accurate presentations of life in Favela ever made. In life, Fernando's character 'Pixote' shone like a becon of hope to those millions of homeless children living the life of crime, and his death in real life in his home at 19 (due to gangs and drugs, shot by the police in mysterious circumstances) leaves a permenant imprint and reminder of the brutality and opportunities presented to the poor. Such a heavy message is displayed here in unflinching child murders, nudity, rape amongst other violence. While seems to have completely disregarded women in the film (Deborah is stabbed after cheating the kids and she also a prostitute, not the most be representation for women. Sueli also is the mad/bad woman rejecting motherhood in a truly shocking sequence and plays the role of seductress) there is a great focus on sexuality and socialisation within the picture which adds to the cultural feel and overall variety and taste of Brazil. With a plot that hardly wanes or feels overwrought, this and Leone's Once Upon A Time In America both add a level of maturity and adulthood before a childs time (the young transexuals relationships, and Pixote's witnessing of death, rape and causing murder). This however does not glorify violence of the young through means of shock like in Kick-Ass but as the title suggests 'Survival of the Weakest'. There are procedures put into place to protect children from being sentenced for crimes they commit if they are orphans and they are thus exploited that way, falling through the only system that can help them while those in power suck on their miserable cicumstance. In essence Pixote deserves one of the few 10's I have ever given for commiting a reality that goes further than its peers, and one which neither seems exaggerated or hidden in focus, helping it become of the world's greatest depictions of youth livelihood. Incredible, if a difficult watch at times. Verdict: 95/100 - As graphic and disheartening as they come. Fernando Silvas still shows that against many odds of his lifestyle you can have hope, dreams and actually live. May he rest in peace.

Arseniy V (gb) wrote: The soul in this one, is particularly palpable. And as wonderful as everyone here is, Winters just smashes it.

Hayden L (ag) wrote: One of the funniest and probably one of their best films. Great in every way, I loved it. A must see for Abbott and Costello fans.

Rick R (ru) wrote: My Darling Clementine (1946)This movie has absolutely nothing to do with what actually happened at the OK Corral in Tombstone, but it is a very entertaining movie, all the same. The photography is very shadowy; like some kind of a film noir western. Linda Darnell is so beautiful as the latina, Chihuahua, that you look at Doc Holiday (Victor Mature) and wonder how he could possibly walk away from that for straight-laced Clementine (Cathy Downs); the girl from his past.Walter Brennan was so evil as old man Clanton, that I never looked at Grandpa Amos McCoy the same again. Bill Clanton (John Ireland) was very smarmy fooling around with Chihuahua when Doc Holiday wasn't looking. And, Henry Fonda, was just Henry Fonda. He's played this same character many times and it just fits with what we would think is Wyatt Earp.The rest of the town characters came right out of John Ford's casting list as well as the Monument Valley background, which Tombstone is a long long way from. Still this is an excellent movie and I highly recommend it.

Andy T (kr) wrote: Despite the mediocre story and cliched filmmaking, Solomon Kane remains an entertaining action piece powered by James Purefoy's excellent performance.