Goodbye Gary

Goodbye Gary

Au milieu de nulle part, une cité ouvrière vidée de sa population depuis quelques années déjà. Pourtant, certains habitants ont décidé d'y rester, plus par choix que par nécessité, parce que c'est là qu'ils sont nés et qu'ils ont grandi. Parmi eux il y a Francis, l'ouvrier consciencieux qui continue d'entretenir la machine sur laquelle il a travaillé toute sa vie ; Samir, son fils.

When their factory is closed down, some irreducible people stay to live in the factory city where they've been spending all their lives. Some of them also keep going to work, to repair the machinery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mikey M (kr) wrote: Hugely impressive and engaging low-budget film that rose out of the European festival circuit. The central revenge premise is simple enough, and while there are a couple of question marks over Katalin's initial motivation, the creation of the beautiful visual story and atmospheric soundtrack is a massive inspiration.

Michelle D (ag) wrote: (BIFF 2008) A largely atmospheric movie about ennui and secret love in a post-tsunami Thai town trying to bring itself back to its former glory. Although the filming is lovely, it often founders in the ample spaces between pieces of dialogue, and the ending is not well-approached by the plot.

Ryan C (br) wrote: not really a story line but it has its laughs but without them it really iusnt to special of a movie

xGary X (it) wrote: Bad tempered small-time criminal Takeshi Kitano is "volunteered" to take a young boy to meet the mother he has never known, and after blowing all their money at the track they resort to hitch-hiking meeting the inevitable mix of oddballs along the way. Anyone familiar with the films of Beat Takeshi will know of his formula of crime drama punctuated by comic snapshots of "gangsters at play", but here he ditches the whole gangster element leaving a warm if slightly aimless character study cum road movie. There is little in the way of narrative or drama, the story instead concentrating on the relationship between the boy and Kitano's worst-role-model-ever of a father figure and their comic mishaps. It may be because I'm a little too hard-bitten and cynical, but for me this wasn't quite enough; there are laughs and some nice images, but when a film dispenses with narrative driven drama, an emotional connection must replace it, and I didn't really feel it. A pleasantly amusing tale, but it all felt a little slight and insubstantial to me.

Dave L (us) wrote: very good I just watched this for the first time since it came out kinda cheesy but still good you could clearly tell Clive Barker directed it

Harland B (gb) wrote: A classic fun comedy that people can both take serious and laugh at.

Jonathan R (ca) wrote: Early 70's new York cop thriller. Very gritty. Very good. Great car chase too.

bill s (de) wrote: There are some interesting ideas to think on but this movie is a very slow drag and I lost interest toward the end.

Adam B (es) wrote: Ra Ra Rasputin - Russia's greatest love machine. So sang Boney M - great song - makes for a great Hammer movie too. Lee grimmaces and stares at every lady on the Russian scene and beds them all. Good to see Lee have more screen time than his Dracula outings - the Hammer sets and direction lend themselves well to this interesting film.

Brian P (ag) wrote: An allegory that combines both great aesthetic visuals and haunting unwontedness.

Leigh R (es) wrote: Not as good as the first.

Grant S (gb) wrote: Sean Mercer (played by John Wayne) runs a business in East Africa. He and his team capture wild animals for zoos. It is dangerous work - on of his men almost dies after being gored by a rhino. He accepts a request from a photographer to join his business and capture their experiences but is very surprised, and bit inconvenienced, when the photographer turns out to be a woman. However, over time he grows fond of her. Meanwhile, plans to capture certain animals lead to all sorts of plans and adventures.Pretty much John Wayne on safari, with a romantic twist or two, and it works pretty well. Plot development is largely fairly conventional, though the setting is very original, and stunning. However, the movie is reasonably funny, the adventures are quite entertaining and there is a decent degree of engagement with the characters. Some cute moments with the animals too, especially the baby elephants. On that note, the movie gave the world the famous "Baby Elephant Walk" by Henry Mancini.The romantic side of the movie had the potential to weigh it down and turn it into a plodding, schmaltzy mess. Fortunately, however, the romance isn't overwrought and is kept to the minimum.Probably the best thing about the movie is that it is set in colonial Africa and has as its main characters people who hunt animals (for capture). This is bound to freak out modern-day history revisionists, social justice warrior trolls and similar morons. And if they're unhappy, I'm happy.