Goodbye Lover

Goodbye Lover

Police investigate when a man having an affair with his brother's wife disappears suddenly.

Ben and Sandra are hot and provocative lovers, but Sandra is unfortunately married to Ben's younger brother Jake, and soon Jake will find out about Ben. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam N (mx) wrote: A hilariously amazing feel good movie that goes down in history for being one of the best movies ever made.

Wesley V (ag) wrote: This movie does what it's supposed to. It entertains.

Salsy S (ca) wrote: Wow, I have never and I mean NEVER, laughed this hard!

Jenni P (mx) wrote: What started out as a contracted job for mercenary Curtie Church (Djimon Hounsou) turns into a revenged fueled all out war between two rival gangs. With the assistance of a heartless weapons supplier Jimmy the Brit, (Kevin Bacon) Curtie finds himself finding solace and comfort with the spiritual assistance of a young woman named Mae. Despite the fact that Curtie believes in nothing but staying alive long enough to getting the "job" done, He eventually finds that he was nothing more than just a pawn in someone's devious game in an attempt to overthrow the gang's grip on the flesh trade of young women in Thailand. One action packed spiritual adventure you wouldn't want to miss...please see this one...action fans!

Lucas Y (br) wrote: Liked it when I was a kid, but it's pretty silly now. My parents would've never forced me to go to summer camp. I feel bad for the kids that were.

Sergio Rodrigo A (kr) wrote: Last Exit to Brooklyn (1990)

Anthony I (nl) wrote: If there ever was a movie that captured the glory of the music of the past, vividly and emotionally, it would be this one. What a fantastic film.

Aj V (jp) wrote: From the reviews I saw about this movie, I was expecting to see a lot more blood and gore and nudity and perhaps some sex too. Not saying it wasn't a little scary, but that's the problem, it's only a little scary. There is a scene that I can see being somewhat controversial, but like most controversial scenes it's not much when you actually see it. It's an okay horror movie, but like I said, needed more death scenes and stuff.

John M (ca) wrote: Another fine offering from Hammer house of horror. Nastassja Kinski, the Scarlett Johannssen of her day, teases and titillates as the nun mesmerised and used in satanic ritual by an intense Christopher Lee.

Jeff L (es) wrote: This film was a lot of buildup, amounting to nothing in the end. The twist was unsatisfying and lame. Storylines that were built up from the start are never returned to and fully developed. The actors are mediocre at best. Definitely could have been better. But i do have that damn song stuck in my head.

Cynthia S (de) wrote: I think that they need to show this movie in every Sociology class. It's a perfect example of how, for example, Hitler's Germany was even possible. It shows how easily people can be manipulated and influenced by hateful thinking in society. It was an apalling thing to watch unfold, and intensify, but it was at the same time an amazing thing to watch. Scary, but amazing. ..On a side note, William H. Macy was fantastic, as usual.

Becca C (mx) wrote: Two actors that do action, drama and comedy well individually. Put them together and it's explosive! Watch many, many times and love every minute!