Goodbye Solo

Goodbye Solo

A man planning to commit suicide hires a taxi driver to take him to his jumping-off point.

Two men form an unlikely friendship that will change both of their lives forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Goodbye Solo torrent reviews

Tanveer A (de) wrote: what starts off as a slightly stupid and funny off-beat comedy, develps into a quite wonderful drama about love and weirdness.

Clarice C (ca) wrote: LLLLLAAAHHHHVVVV iiiiTTT

Slappy M (nl) wrote: Nothing ground-shatteringly new revealed in this doc. Nothing too deep. Just a series of bios about various truckers. Doesn't speak to any bigger issues. Interesting, but that's about it.

John R (es) wrote: 160520: I remember seeing the previews for this film and thinking it may be pretty neat. Well, I waited 14 years and it definitely is not neat. Too many holes and no redeeming features. Garage sale pile.

Felipe F (nl) wrote: Although the ending may not please all viewers, Tom Hanks' powerhouse performance is enough to carry the movie on its own.

Sabine R (us) wrote: Joe is playing a very charismatic cabana boy out in Florida, sadly, there is no real happy ending...

Craig T (it) wrote: Robert Altman presents us with a trio of bank robbers doing business in the 1930's southern United States. I soon grew to appreciate the lack of polish on this film and the delicacy of the characters (namely Shelly Duvall). None of them are especially sharp or educated but Duvall stands out as the always awkward yet kindhearted misfit. She and Carridine mix well and give a certain credibility to the story. However, credibility being a strong suit here, what the film lacks is posture. It sulks and never flexes any muscle. It has ideas but never really seizes any moments. The calm pace is tranquil enough to set the mood for Altman's show but every time a scene ends we feel the next will promise some impact. I don't feel this effort needed excessive shoot outs or wild car chases, that would have been out of character for this breed of film. Yet, any kind of intrigue or passion is never really revealed by either Carradine or Duvall. Likewise, for any of the other robbers, as I wanted more from them. They stood on the verge and then scooted back onto safer ground before taking too much risk. Maybe some kind of 30's appropriate southern music could have helped but I don't know that music or a score could have saved the film from the mundane. While there is not much to like or dislike, the film is like a falling snowflake as it seems pretty until it touches ground and quickly evaporates. Not much can be taken away from Thieves Like Us since it is, in all respects, a weaker version of Bonnie and Clyde minus the performances, dialog, and climax. (D)

Garrett C (nl) wrote: Lloyd is hilarious and charming as usual in his most successful film of the 1920's. Widely considered one of his strongest feature films, with good reason.

christopher t (ru) wrote: good movie steve omg good job