The true story of Henry Hill, a half-Irish, half-Sicilian Brooklyn kid who is adopted by neighbourhood gangsters at an early age and climbs the ranks of a Mafia family under the guidance of Jimmy Conway.

This film is about life of a notorious mafia. When he was a child, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) has dreamed of becoming a gangster. He admired the Lucchese gangster family. In 1955, Henry and his friend Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) left school to work for the Lucchese family. Tycoon Paul Cicero and Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro), his assistant, gradually trained Henry to become the notorious mafia. So that when he grew up, Henry became a professional gangster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Goodfellas torrent reviews

H L (nl) wrote: Have seen the movie many times and really like it. Some of it is difficult to understand 1st time out but worth seeing more than once. If you can open your mind to new ideas in an unstructured format there is a lot here for you

Jeffrey P (us) wrote: Wow, this is pretty horrible. Low production quality at times. Poor writing. Indifferent acting. Was all the money literally spent on contracts?

jesse k (fr) wrote: Another one of Stone's didactic lectures. At 3 hours and ten minutes this self-important movie is an hour and forty minutes too long. The over-rated director directs over-rated lead actor.

Wes S (es) wrote: Goofy and yet I was rather fond of it. The leprechaun seemed to make more sense in this one and there was more to the story. The effects weren't too good though, and the jokes weren't very funny, but it's still a fun little horror flick.

Kevin R (nl) wrote: It looked like some kind of flying rat!A group of fairies live in a portion of the rainforest known as Fern Gully. A group of humans are cutting their way through the forest threatening Fern Gully. A curious fairy encounters a human and accidentally shrinks him to her level. The two learn more and more about each other and quickly discovering some educating needs to happen on both sides quick or Fern Gully may be done for."Humans can't feel anything; they're numb from the brain down."Bill Kroyer, director of three short films, delivers Fern Gully in his lone directorial feature film. The storyline for this picture is interesting and well done. I thought the plot was interesting. The animation style is nothing special and two dimensional. The voices fit the characters well and include Christain Slater, Robin Williams, Tim Curry, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Tone Loc, and Samantha Mathis."Am I dead?""We could fix that for you."Fern Gully is a film I came across on Netflix and added to my wish list to watch with my daughter. We both loved it and were glued to it from beginning to end. I thought the fairies were well done and the plot unfolds well. This is a worthwhile addition to the genre."There's a little man on the windshield here."Grade: B-

Black S (jp) wrote: This story is based on real people and events, from the first Vietnam/Indochina war to the Algerian quagmire, the multicultural French Colonial Paratrooper "Maroon Beret" units & Foreign Legionnaires (many of them ex-WW2 German SS Nazi "anti-Partisan" fighters unable to go home for fear of war crimes trials. Entire units enlisted en mass in the Legion...) fought and died bravely "Mort De La France". Although a "Hollywood version" of events, this film is unique, and has been used in military training classes to show examples of combat tactics, the accuracy is that good, with actual army troops as extras adding to the excellently directed action. The story stays close to the book ("The Centurions" By Jean Larteguy) and is about the all too real pride & prejudice lurking in the backstabbing politics of the French military. Dashing Colonel Raspeguy (Quinn) is not a "real" Frenchmen, but a looked-down-upon minority Basque of peasant stock, who has only advanced to such a high rank by being a hardened (as his lover calls him), "Beautiful Beast of War". His men love him because they know he is looking out for them at all times and that he is "of" them, no pretentious political officer type A-hole. Raspeguy loses his command in the wake of the withdrawal from Indochina/Vietnam (Burt Kwouk, known as "Kato" from the "Pink Panther" series, turns up as an arrogant but hapless Viet Officer here), but with behind the scenes politics, get a last chance for glory (and a General's star) by being given command of the newly formed group of hard cases, criminals, & miscreants of the "10th Parachute Regiment"(known as "The Lizards" due to their special camouflage pattern uniforms and billed caps), being sent in to the "dirty war" breaking out in French colonial Algeria. The film details both the heroic and shameful actions that ensue. Raspeguy recruits many of his former Vietnam comrades to stiffen up his new unit, all bored with the calm life in metro France & still looking for adventure. Captain Esclavier (Delon) is the soulful but naive intellectual & conscience of the group, while Cpt. Boisfeuras (Ronet) is his evil avatar, a sadistic vietnam raised french war-lover with psychopathic killer tendencies and a love of the knife. Unusual for the day, there is featured a strong & silent Black Officer as the unit Doctor. Lt. Mahidi (Segal in dark makeup) is their comrade gone wrong who snaps and joins the terrorists after returning home from Nam' and sees what has become of his family. Actress Claudia Cardinale stands out as the college girl sister of Mahidi who dons high-heels and tight skirts as a faux-hooker to help the terrorists by manipulating the gullible Esclavier. Cardinale makes the most of her role as the innocent but sexy "It" girl here, while Michele Morgan as Countess De Clairefons, is the war-widow who beds and helps Rapseguy get his new command. Her ice-queen aristocratic beauty and style intrigue here. Despite these diversions of sex & politics, this is at heart an action film, and succeeds on that level. The film has an excellent and stirring soundtrack arranged by Franz Waxman. There is an "evil twin" of this film, Pontecorvo's "Battle of Algiers", that unlike "Command", blatantly takes the side of the terrorists, showing them as the heroes of the piece, and significantly was used as a "training film" for 1960's Red radicals such as the Black Panthers, Puerto Rican separatists & murderous Weather Underground radicals, all who killed people in real life terror attacks in the USA. (The serious filmhead should see both of these and decide for themselves). All this is particularly interesting considering current events in the Middle East (and the descendants of these 1950's Algerians transplanted to France that are now fighting the Police and rioting in the streets of Paris as criminals & Terrorist sympathizers). The now independent Algerians are still fighting and dying in the continuing war against their own anti-government fanatical fundamentalist Muslim terrorists even today. Things did not turn out as expected from the hopes for "peace" after the French, who lost so many brave warriors in the fight, de-colonized and left Algeria...With this in mind, One can only reiterate the french canard "Ce'st La Vie, Ce'st La Guerre"...Grab the buttered popcorn and check it out!...

Bill T (mx) wrote: Alright update of the Baby Peggy story, except I prefer the earlier adaptation better. It had, believe it or not, more edge then this one dows.

Daniel Y (es) wrote: Big Eyes is a film that I walked into expecting it to be very whimsical and fantasy like, due to the fact that it was directed by Tim Burton, and though I don't usually find that as a problem, seeing as how it is his style, but when it gets repetitive and rather quite predictable, that's when it can turn into a problem. So, walking in I didn't really expect much realism, but, to ky surprise, this film was surprisingly normal. So normal, in fact, that half way through I totally forgot that it was directed by him. Now that doesn't mean that a bit of his style doesn't seep through here and there, because it does and it's totally noticable, but in an odd way it ties in rather quite well with the story. Now saying a film is realistic doesn't mean it's guaranteed to be good. The real reason why this movie is good is due to the lead characters and the people portraying those leads, such as Margaret Keane. She was a very well crafted and emotional character that I felt for throughout the entire film and most of this is due to Amy Adams terrific performance as her and the character Walter Keane and just how nasty, disagreeable, and down right insulting he truly is. Walter Keane, who of which is played pretty damn well by Christoph Waltz, is such an asshat that if you were to find a pictionary and look up the word asshat, you'd find a picture of him, because taking someones art, or life in this matter, and calling it off as your own just to gain fame and fortune is truly one of the most dickish things to do to anyone. Now there are a couple of problems that I had with the movie and that is Christoph Waltz got a bit too cartonish in some scenes whenever he was playing Walter, mainly towards the final act. Also, there are some subplots and side characters that I would've like to have explored a bit more than I got to such as DeeAnn, palyed by Krysten Ritter, and her friendship with Margaret and her as person in whole and the character of Danny Houston, who, I felt, was the unnecessary narrator for the film and the film could've done fine on its own without him and if they were to have done that, why not get more into depth about him, because in some cases I didn't know whether or not the main character was the reporter or Margaret, because they kept flip flopping back and forth between them in the first act, and some small parts of the second act. But other than that I had no problems with this movie and I do recommend it to anyone who has yet to see it

Jeff B (us) wrote: Interestingly reminiscent of "Sex, Lies, and Videotape." This is a movie that seems like it will probably take many viewings to appreciate, but bits and pieces of it are pretty terrific right now. It's a bit too disjointed for its own good, I think.

Gotham H (gb) wrote: It's not amusing and Bill Murray's character is so stupid.the movie doesn't have good humor, has some problems in pacing and suffering from some silly situations, but it has funny special and a fresh idea which can make anyone have a good time while watching it.

Sam R (it) wrote: I didn't expect it but, this sequel to the 2003 movie Johnny English is funnier, cooler, and more original than it's predecessor, with plenty of very nice moments and an all-star cast.

Justin B (de) wrote: Ambitious for its budget. It's bad but oh so enjoyable.