Gooische vrouwen

Gooische vrouwen

Four rich friends are living their lives, how good it is...?

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Grant S (nl) wrote: Pretentious crap. The only surprise is that it isn't French...

Kat S (jp) wrote: I think this is a fantastic movie. Its right up there with The Princess Bride and Robin Hood Men in Tights... HILARIOUS!!

Seibert A (ca) wrote: e super tare filmul asta

Zach (it) wrote: Are you kidding me? Stop making sequels. No one but Pixar has ever succeeded in such a thing. Plus, Robin Williams doesn't do Batty. That's like Aladdin 2. HORRIBLE IDEA!

Brent G (ag) wrote: I loved this movie which is one of Katherine Heigl's 1st movies she plays a teenage girl Nicole who is desperate to appear as a woman while on holiday with her father Andre played by Gerard Depardieu brilliantly so in order to impress an older boy she starts making up stories that become more and more ridiculous as they go on. A memorable moment is when Andre sings Thank Heavens for little girls, to much misconception it is hillarious...

p b (ag) wrote: It's not as good now as I thought it was back then, but Goldblum and Thompson knows their stuff.

XG L (fr) wrote: [b]2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle:[/b] although this is definitely the weakest effort by the director (that I've seen), and while I can spot some flaws, this film kept me insanely enagged, and that's enough for me. It keeps the usual disorganized, lyrircal structure of Godard's most poetic works - this one's divided in different "sections". The "je" in the title is the director himself, who narrates the movie, the "elle" can be identified as both Marina Vlady, the lead actress, or Paris, the cit which has a strong presence in the movie. We follow both in a sometimes insightful, sometimes not so interesting look at the society: philosophical monologues, spontaneous conversations, Godard wondering about things, and so. Not a film but the impatient, but it offers a good view of Godard's perspective on the world.[b]Peppermint Frapp: [/b]this movie did win the Berlin Festival back when it was released, and all I can say is that it truly deserved the prize. This movie is dedicated to Luis Buuel, and that is not surprising, considering the content: Julin, a religious and aging radiologist becomes obsessed with the young wife of a rich friend of his. His desire will soon reach worrying heights, to the point of transforming his naive nurse, who eventually becomes his lover, as an image of that woman; he'll also plan the perfect crime. The great Jos Lus Lpez Vzquez shines in the role of the tormented lead, Geraldine Chaplin does an excellent job as well, portraying both the wife and the nurse. The film keeps a constant feeling of uncomfortableness, overall it's rather haunting, as Saura's debut movie, [i]La Caza[/i]. Here his style is even more defined, and his use of the cinematography is remarkable, as well as the direction of some of the scenes (such as the very final one, perfectly constructed). The film's perhaps a bit too ambitious and even dull at times, but it's really worth seeing.[b]Kairo:[/b] I'm no horror movie fan, but I decided to give this a try since Kurosawa's [i]Doppelganger [/i]was one fun film and the premise seemed interesting: spirits which decide to show themselves through internet. The whole movie was very moody, the ambiance was very well constructed (some scenes are specially effective, specially when the red tape rooms are entered). The concept is too farfetched, though, and the movie seems to get out of hands during the third act, concluding in a rather unsatisfying finale. Still, I appreciate the tense atmosphere which the director manages to create: the film is finely constructed, but I didn't find it to be anything specially memorable. There wasn't enough Koji Yakusho, though.[b]The Incredibles[/b]: the movie can be all syntethized as "a lot of fun". The animation here left me in complete awe, it is just flawless. The character designs, I think, were a bit extreme, but certainly adecuate for the type of movie; I didn't find any of the characters to be specially memorable, but they're certainly likeable. This movie, compared to other Pixar efforts, lacks humour (there are many hilarious moments, anyhow), but it is compensated by the awesome deals of fantasy action. I really enjoyed Bird's direction, his use of the camera is pretty interesting (sometimes it is used as if it were a real movie, cool stuff). The story, however, wasn't all that great. It was very basic, predictable, and at times clichd, despite the variety of characters. I'm sure this would benefit from a rewatch, though.[b]A Night at the Opera: [/b]Marx brothers at their best? Well, kind of. This film contains excellent marxist scenes, and the humour is very, very good, but I just felt like it got too exageratted on the third act - not that there's anything wrong with that. The first half of the film is argueabily the best, despite these dull musical numbers between the romantic couple (Chico and Harpo playing the piano is classic, though). But yeah, it's a must for comedy fans.

Tommy G (kr) wrote: Classic Chucky at his best

James W (kr) wrote: A yawn inducing so called thriller that never thrills. The Roommate benefits from gorgeous and talented actresses such as Minka Kelly, Aly Michalka and Leighton Meester who will obviously give the film an appealing look, but their performances aren't enough to make this movie go anywhere, they are certainly not at their best here. Not one actor pulls through this mediocre mess, and Cam Gigandet gives his career worst as well as Billy Zane who is just strange in this. There are zero thrills or scary moments, the only thing that's remotely scary about this is the script and characters which are dull and thinly developed. The most annoying aspect of this film is the soundtrack, an endless rock guitar riff that plays over character dialogue and in unnecessary scenes. The ending lacked suspense, when it should be gripping considering it is the finale, but nothing happens and then the whole thing ends. One of the worst films of 2011, if you want to see a fun, thrilling, sexy and scary thriller set in a college with hot actresses watch Sorority Row.

Giuliano D (it) wrote: Beautiful movie, with a superb Diane Lane.