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Rasika M (ru) wrote: I use the word 'Aiyyaa' 100 times a day so I had to watch this movie... it is weird and crazy. I am giving it 3 stars for its out of the box treatment.

Alex P (es) wrote: A fantastic documentary on the greatest fighter to ever live

Sinem S (gb) wrote: I am sure the book must be better but the "fresh out of botox" Brittany Murphy robed the thrill out of it.

Stuart M (fr) wrote: Sweet movie, well-drawn characters. An enjoyable romantic comedy. Sort of an uncluttered "Love Actually"

Michelle G (es) wrote: It was awesome. The filming was a little dull, but it was better that way, it made it seem like reality tv or something. Bats are so cool, they look like chicken nuggets with wings,lol.

neel p (ag) wrote: wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent!!!!!

holy c (kr) wrote: like an art installation of film...beautiful and original.

Panayiota K (us) wrote: What is this? Is it trying to make us feel for the characters? Is it trying to connect with Elvis fans? Is it trying to connect different generations? Because i didn't get any of that. Tuesday Weld acted with the real King but here she is, going crazy about David Keith who doesn't even look like Elvis.

Edward C (br) wrote: Great movie, great western.

Sanity Assassin (br) wrote: even the strippers are ugly...

Justa C (br) wrote: Great movie! Action, adventure, violence, and a touch of romance! Denise Nicholas, wow what a beauty!

Van R (ca) wrote: Director Bert I. Gordon's "War of the Colossal Beast" is a sequel tohis 1957 opus "The Amazing Colossal Man." The original depicted thetragic circumstances surrounding the exposure of U.S. Army officerLieutenant Colonel Glen Manning to plutonium radiation from a bombblast. Manning experiences a growth spurt and towers 60 feet in height.Of course, growing so quickly takes a toll on his body and he goesinsane. He stomps off for Las Vegas and winds up atop Hoover Dam where he falls apparently to his death. "War of the Colossal Beast" picks up after Manning disappeared from hisfall at Hoover Dam. Miraculously, although his body was never found,the eponymous monster survived the plunge and is alive and well inMexico when the sequel starts! He is hiding in the mountains and hepreys on vehicles delivering any kind of food. The film opens with aterrified youth, Miguel (Robert Hernandez of "Cavalcade of America"),careening hell-bent for leather to escape whatever he saw that hasseverely traumatized him. As a matter of fact, Miguel is fleeing fromthe "Colossal Man," but we aren't shown his foe. Gordon leaves it up toour imagination. John Swanson (George Becwar of "Bride of the Monster")owned the truck that Miguel was driving and he sets out to collectinsurance on it. Unfortunately, he cannot find his truck. Eventually,he questions Sgt. Luis Murillo of local police and Murillo takesSwanson to the lad. Poor Miguel is supine in the hospital undergoingtreatment for shock. A television station, WTLA broadcasts word of the accident and itarouses the suspicion of Manning's sister, Joyce (Sally Fraser of"Giant from the Unknown"), and she goes to Mexico to see if she canlearn anything about her brother. This is odd and interesting becausein "The Amazing Colossal Man" we were told that Manning had norelatives. U.S. Army officer Major Mark Baird (Roger Pace of "Jump intoHell") and scientist Dr. Carmichael (Russ Bender of "Maryjane")whoheads up the military's "radiation exposure department," accompanyJoyce. Twenty minutes into the action as the heroine and companydiscover a graveyard of abandoned trucks snatched by the titularcharacter, "The Colossal Man" makes his appearance. Clearly, all Gordondid was mask off part of the screen conveniently using he contours ofthe mountain and rely on rear-screen projection so the big fellow canstride into view. Baird and Carmichael prepare the "Colossal Beast"loaves of bread spiked with enough Chloral hydrate to knock him out foreight hours. Talk about fast-acting stuff! Not long after the "Beast" gnaws the bread, he collapses. Baird loadsManning's tied down body aboard a military transport and flies him backto America. Initially, he cannot obtain clearance to land the "Beast,"but his relentless harassment of Los Angeles' mayor gets him a reprieveto land his cargo plane and lock up Colonel Manning in a nearby hanger.Naturally, the "Beast" escapes from the hangar and stomps up toGriffith Park Observatory where he picks up a bus packed with juniorhigh school students and hoists it over his head like a barbell. Joyceseizes a jeep and drives up to where her misshapen brother is andpersuades him to put the bus down. A dejected Manning utters his onecomprehensible word "Joyce" and then commits suicide by electrocutinghimself on a power line. Movies like the two "Colossal" epics were standard fare during theparanoid 1950s when Hollywood loved to use atomic energy to mutateeither man or beast or both for sensational consequences. Clearly, inone sense, these movie served as cautionary tales about the unknowndangers associated with nuclear power. One of the earliest examples ofthis genre was "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" (1953) where an atomicbomb blast in the Arctic Circle melted the ice that had kept a millionyear old giant rhedosaurus confined. The following year saw the releaseof "Them!" (1954) about gargantuan ants irradiated by a nuclearexplosion. "Tarantula" (1955) tweaked the narrative when researcherscreated chemical from atomic science to grow a gigantic spider. TheJapanese appropriated only on the paranoia over nuclear energy but alsothe genre for more spectacular results with "Godzilla" (1956) andlaunched a franchise. Not long after the monster is brought back to the States, it relivesthe part of its life when he was stricken with radiation, so if youmissed the first movie, you know what happened. There is an amusingscene after word of Manning's survival when a legislator is asked whatpart of the government will rule about the mutant. Everybody inWashington gives the press the bureaucratic run-a-round aboutjurisdiction in the case. Gordon made movies for American International Pictures. What is interesting about "War of the Colossal Beast" is itsfinale when the monster seizes the high power lines. Everything turnsinto full color. This movie is entertaining for a laugh and isrepresentative of Hollywood's obsession with nuclear power during the1950s. Clearly, the title is all hype because there isn't much of a warin this 69-minute film.

Kerem C (it) wrote: benim favorilerimden O?UZ Alda izle artik :D

Zachary R (nl) wrote: I will say this movie even though short, is very entertaining and I will even go out and say that we don't get much of why Saya is the last original vampire. That is the let down of this picture other than that we get Saya sent on this mission to a girls school in Japan to investigate disturbances of unrest involving genetically altered vampires. This movie has good action, and a pretty good plot line that can keep you interested to unravel the mystery behind this film. So, it is worth checking out. 8 out of 10.

Nathan R (br) wrote: As a movie it doesn't really hold up. As a horror movie it deserves some credit for some atmospheric chill and some genuine scares, but it's cheap tricks for the most part and the twist at the ending is just painfully obvious. James Wan still seems to be polishing up his scare tactics here before really hitting hard later with hits like "The Conjuring" and "Insidious".

Steve Z (us) wrote: Interesting drama, but so poorly acted it was a letdown.