Goomer is an intergalactic space trucker who lands in an unknown planet and finds it impossible to leave. After a long intergalactic trip his robot assistant wakes Goomer - they are approaching a planet that shows signs of life. Goomer sees the possibility of making business and rapidly getting rich since nobody there knows his reputation. Goomer hopes to become a celebrity as the first human to landed on this planet. But nobody really cares for him - at first.

Goomer is an intergalactic space trucker who lands in an unknown planet and finds it impossible to leave... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gareth J (au) wrote: "Stonehearst Asylum" is everything that "Shutter Island" should have been but wasn't - not that it was a particularly bad movie either. Good to see Ben Kingsley once reprising a clinical physician's role, even if he is still technically a villain, and Kate Beckinsale is in full "Haunted" mode. If you like your Gothic horror to be realistic, this is a fairly safe bet since it truly does emphasize the cruelty and vivisecting nature surrounding the early years of mental health industry.

Jon B (kr) wrote: Try drinking a beer every time they say "Lucy" in the movie. VERY low budget but still entertaining. Good story.

Richard D (nl) wrote: This is a really weird film. Marisa Tomei plays a waitress who has trouble attracting men (no, really ... you're supposed to believe that). When she's rather brutally assaulted by some customers on the way home from work, she's saved by the reclusive bus boy (Christian Slater) who seems to be obsessed with her. The two fall in love, and the movie stoops to the most egregiously awful literalized metaphor you can imagine. On the bright side, Tomei gets naked.

Nadia C (au) wrote: It could have been done better, but it's not bad...

danita s (au) wrote: best worst movie ever.

Bill C (ca) wrote: Jonathan Demme takes us on the coolest, darkest, hippest, jaw-dropping road trip of the decade, then offers up co-conspirator Sister Carol East to talk us down over the closing credits.Demme may have still been under the spell of David Byrne while "making sense" of this clever and comic ode to the American split personality. Brilliantly cast.

Chris T (es) wrote: One of my favorites, Wings Hauser is awesome in this

Ajai S (kr) wrote: I wish I could give this tortured-porn dribble zero stars.

Simon D (mx) wrote: I still haven't decided if it's a good thing or not that this film hardly strayed from the original at all, but instead, bought it into the modern world in both the story and in the technology they used to make it. I enjoyed it anyway, some pretty good performances.

S C (fr) wrote: Interesting drama that makes you wonder ponder at it's realism. Every character is flawed and dysfunctional in some way, and intertwined together. Makes for some good conflicts, but it feels forced.