Goopy Bagha Phire Elo

Goopy Bagha Phire Elo

The last and final sequal of Goopi-Bagha series as they invited at a palace of a king and their various attitudes as they are trapped by a astrologer cum imposter.

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Barry T (fr) wrote: A rather odd film. Its funny and well acted and its set on a space ship where the captain doesn't like the fact a woman captain has come on board. Tyler is good as is Wilson.

Terri J (jp) wrote: Want to watch this where's the play button ?!

Swagat R (ag) wrote: Finally a Bollywood film that you can sit through and enjoy! Highly recommended!

Garth J (nl) wrote: Not the action movie I was expecting. Film is about some Special Forces soldiers who are betrayed and captured then when they get away are out for revenge against the people who betrayed them. On paper you would think it's going to be bang bang bang with a little bit of talk but there were very few action scenes in the movie. It is in fact a psychological drama about the effect on the soldiers after they return from being on mission where they have commited horrible crimes against people who may or may not be innocent. Not bad in the end, just don't go in expecting lots of action.

Ed C (jp) wrote: One line summary: Young adult action thriller with steampunk and fantastic elements.-------------------- The time and place are somewhere that has both steampunk and fantastic elements. The clothing and cultural affect is late Victorian; the technology, steam, mechanical, with some electricity, but no electronics. The dual quests are for a lost brother and a magical, powerful box. The Mundi family and Charity are on one side of the quest for the box. Luger and Monica are on a different side. Charity gains some particular intelligence about Luger's efforts, plus a broken key relevant to the box. He relays some information and the pieces of the key. Soon thereafter, the Mundi family is attacked. Charity helps Mariah escape, but Charles, Catherine, and Felix are kidnapped. The parents, Charles and Catherine, and questioned harshly by Luger, and Felix is made to work in a particular mine. Mariah works at Luger's hotel to gain intelligence, disguised as a new porter. He has some success at this, and meets Sacha. After Luger gets the two broken key pieces from Felix and Mariah, he adds another piece to complete it. The fun really begins, as Luger gets closer to the box.-----Scores----- Cinematography: 8/10 Dark and murky, but well shot. Sound: 9/10 No problems. Acting: 7/10 Sam Neill was good, as was Michael Sheen. Aneurin Neuman grew on me during the film. Screenplay: 8/10 Moves right along. I'm looking forward to the sequel. As a YA film, this was fine.

Andr D (kr) wrote: Luego de la salida del director Paul Greengrass y de su protagonista Matt Damon, la serie Bourne enfrenta en serios problemas. Tony Gilroy asume la direccin con mucha clase (pero no es Greengrass) y asume una propuesta de accin e intriga similar a la serie del agente Jack Ryan. Jeremy Renner ("The Hurt Locker", "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol", "The Avengers"), reemplaza a Matt Damon como el agente Aaron Cross y sale bien librado de semejante encargo (pero no es Damon, quien naci para el papel). "The Bourne Legacy" no llega a la grandiosidad de los captulos anteriores de la saga, pero es una cinta de accin y espionaje que mantiene el inters de principio a fin, pese a las prdidas de actor y director.

Jacob B (gb) wrote: Diane Keaton is getting worse and worse as time goes by... just a bad actress anymore...I actually like Dax in this... But the movie itself wasn't all that great.C

Greg W (gb) wrote: good well done com-dram

Josh S (fr) wrote: One of my absolute favorite indie comedies. Thomas Haden Church and the cast make some fairly normal, innocuous lines comedic gold. Not really a stoner movie, it's much smarter than that.

Molly R (ru) wrote: A fun movie from my teen years. Not going to win awards, but enjoyable.

Kendrea H (it) wrote: loved it...really proves the point that you should be true to yourself and never be ashamed of who you are

Ts Yeung Yvonne P (fr) wrote: Beautifully filmed. Story doesn't flow fluently, but it doesn't matter. Interesting look at different gender through the body of one person. With the light tone of the film, it suits. The very last scene did put me off a little bit, but I guess that's iconic to Orlando in every chapter of his/her life.

Wahida K (br) wrote: ILU! ILU!It was so much fun to watch this Movie I remember. This Movie has a tiny bit of everything but it was great to see two Bollywood Mega Superstars in one Movie.Both late Raaj Kumar and Dilip Kumar were awesome and Manisha and Vivek Mushran. I wonder what is Vivek doing these days?

Kristen F (br) wrote: I saw this movie when I was 8 and I still love it.

Wayne R (it) wrote: My father loved this film. I have enjoyed it. It is dated by the 1950's but the negative critics must consider history. It was not until 1965 that you could marry a Chinese woman in the U.S. This is based on a true story and romance. So it would be a more provocative film when it was released. The character that Jennifer Jones plays is a somewhat very traditional Chinese woman. Traits which the modern American would not understand.

Cha t (ag) wrote: One of Kurosawa's first movies, a judo/martial arts film. A little uneven and rough around the edges, it's interesting to see as part of the complete Kurosawa collection. A better early A.K. movie would be One Wonderful Sunday or even better Drunken Master with Toshiro Mufune in his first movie.

Tim O (es) wrote: Quite possibly the best romantic comedy of all-time. Chaplin has a way of making us laugh while also pulling at our heart strings. The master Chaplin is at his best as the tramp. This is a timeless piece about how love transcends social class and wealth. Enjoy the journey and a spectacular ending.

Lauralee B (nl) wrote: Tom is a great actor .very good movie.

Fong K (mx) wrote: A laugh-out-loud mockumentary that wickedly pokes fun at celebrity gossip, psychiatry and the inert conformists in all us with a yarn about a "human chameleon".