Gordon Glass

Gordon Glass

Gordon Glass is a comedic film about an aspiring actor Gordon who pursues his dream and moves to Los Angeles.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
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Gordon Glass is a comedic film about an aspiring actor Gordon who pursues his dream and moves to Los Angeles, California based on a promise to his grandmother on her death bed is a fun ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard L (ag) wrote: I thought the movie was really creative during the first hour, with a reporter and her camera crew providing live coverage of the black swan unveiling of a city with robot workers, but then it became an interminable chase scene with a sudden lack of new ideas. The CGI is as good as one can expect from a low budget effort; this is no District 9. Still, I found a lot to enjoy.

Omac1985 (fr) wrote: My mate brought this down to watch for a laugh and thats all we did, at how bad a film this really is don't watch just avoid at all costs.

Charlotte H (ca) wrote: it's a long story...

Andy G (gb) wrote: A very good movie of family and hopes, dreams and everything in between.

Wes M (es) wrote: "Hey look, it's a college boy. Anybody wanna beat him up?" Nice. Ever wanted to know where a quote came from? That's pretty much my average day. I heard this used in Bigwig's Unmerry Melodies and thought "Hey, I wonder what movie that's from." Also, the meat quote from their song Carnivore is in this film too. Unfortunately, the movie is super average and nothing outa the ordinary. Once again, they took a cool idea, such as outlawing frats, started out strong, then began to lose momentum, intrigue, and common sense. It was like Van Wilder, if it was done with less finesse. However, the movie does have a great cast, a handful of funny lines, and some ridiculous scenes. So I guess, from that perspective, it's worth a one-time view...unless you like average movies, then it's right up your alley. Noooo! I finally found a movie from 1994 that's not amazing. Alas, the streak has ended ;( Among the cast are Jeremy Piven, David Spade, Jon Favreau as the token idiot, and Jessica Walter, the mom from Arrested Development! This movie was 18 years ago, and she still looked just as old haha. But to be fair, she was in her 50s. Yikes, that makes her 71 now. Hope she doesn't die before Arrested comes back :/

Eric J (gb) wrote: It predated "City of Your Final Destination" by 12 years but similar nonetheless. A long boring yarn also set in South America

Glenn C (us) wrote: Some creative minds say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I bet those people are inwardly seething... grinding their teeth, wishing misfortune upon those perps who capitalise on their success. When a film like Jaws came along it was followed by a string of creature features riding it's coat tails... from Piranha and Alligator to Razorback and Devil Fish... but these were tongue in cheek and paid homage to their inspiration. in 1975 Trilogy of Terror featured a killer voodoo doll and then it wasn't until 1985 that Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) made a modest little horror movie called Dolls. Few people saw it until years later when Child's Play came along and terrified audiences... both were inventive and well crafted interpretations of the creature feature and Child's Play affectively played with film noir. What followed was an onslaught of copycat flicks. Puppetmaster and Pin were two popular examples and of course, Dolly Dearest. This is perhaps the most blatant of the Child's Play clones and while its similarities are shameless, the movie still has a charm of it's own. A family moves to Mexico to take over an abandoned doll factory where one of the toys is possessed with an ancient Mayan curse. A pretty little doll comes to life and channels evil through the family's young daughter. Denise Corsby and Rip Torn add a touch of genre cred and the script moves at a steady pace, making for an easy watch. The death scenes are well staged and creative and the doll is wisely kept in the shadows, avoiding lots of tacky puppet crap. Mark Snow of X-Files fame provides an affective and eerie score to help bring together a nice little genre pic that manages to shake the rip-off stigma and stand on it's own. It might have been poorly received at the time but 20 years later I think it offers a guilty flashback with fonder perceptions. But hey, that's just me.

NCube K (gb) wrote: The 2nd bolly film i saw (the first was Sholay).. loved it ... Juhi and Aamir were perfectly cast..the rest is history..

Chris P (us) wrote: Interesting movie, lousy DVD transfer.

David B (mx) wrote: Lake Placid I believe is a very underrated film. The film seems to be crucified by the fact it was written by Alley McBeal creator, David E. Kelly. If you can get past this fact, Lake Placid is a very entertaining horror comedy. The acting is decent at best and the scares are good enough, but the film works because it is entertaining and is meant to be a fun film to watch, it is a film that doesn't take itself to seriously and that's why the comedy works. Some good fun, if dumb moments and the slight gore but the script is a tad weak but is helped and probably made better from the cast. Just try and avoid the pointless sequels.

Hugo G (ru) wrote: This was a great movie about a very unconventional duo with excellent performances mainly from Tatum O'Neill, who was out of this world. It had a lot of depth in their characters, and the final scene was so heartwarming and just brought many emotions the characters were holding on to.

Lucas W (us) wrote: An interesting and unique films. I found it kind of adorable as well. It seems to shift genres too much, though, from a drama to a fantasy to a horror to a romance and back to drama in the end which is unfortunately a big downfall for me. It was well acted for the most part and well written. There were a few very interesting shots in the film as well which I liked. The ending was quite bittersweet for me though and I'm not sure that's the way they planned it, it seemed like it was supposed to be happy but I just kept feeling sad. I recommend for someone who wants to see a unique and interesting surreal film. 6/10.

Alex K (ru) wrote: Really funny film, really enjoyed it and I would watch it again.

David W (gb) wrote: Cliche,but good action

Zachary M (it) wrote: One of the most nothing Westerns ever made. None of the characters are likeable or memorable, I honestly couldn't tell you any their names without having to look them up. The plot just seems like they wanted to make a movie as a star vehicle, which always backfire. You make movies for art and purpose, usually, but of all the sellout type movies, these are always the worst.