Gorky Park

Gorky Park

Police Inspector Renko tries to solve the case of three bodies found in Moscow's Gorky Park but finds his attempts to solve the crime impeded by his superiors. Working on his own, Renko seeks out more information and stumbles across a conspiracy involving the highest levels of the government.

A man whose mission is to investigate a homicide which happens in Moscow's Gorky Park works for the Moscow police. Suddenly, he uncovers the real conspiracy which involves the Moscow city government. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DeMarkus H (de) wrote: Pretty good flick - Idris Elba - good acting

Ahmed M (it) wrote: Can't believe Akshay as well as Aishwarya said yes to this movie and Vipul actually made a movie this bad, this is a horrible remake of Back To The Future.

Timm S (it) wrote: Quite Slow. A Little Too Passe Art-House In Bits, Without Enough Energy In The Plot To Keep The Vibe-Tension Alive. It Ends Also Very Abruptly & Somewhat Predictable...But It's Still Got A Solid Morale Message Overall That Brings Ir All Home.

Paul V (us) wrote: It could have been longer. this includes extending some great scenes that could have been gems if they where cut properly. there is a wonderful rap soundtrack to this film composed by many of the soldiers stationed in Iraq.

Joseph C (it) wrote: This is the 2nd best korean horror movie I ever seen.The best one is A Tale of Two Sisters.

Emiliano R (ru) wrote: Once miradas; realidades; culturas; contextos y subjetividades diferentes de un mismo hecho: el atentado a las torres gemelas. Un film de once cortos muy buenos, de varias partes del planeta que indagan el derrumbe del imperio, muchas veces desde mun ...dos ya derrumbados. El de Burkina Faso no tiene desperdicio.

The Movie G (jp) wrote: Hilarious and stupid at the same time and VERY raunchy. The Wayne's brothers are good with their movies.

Dann M (ca) wrote: Though just as gratuitous and violent as the first film, Heavy Metal 2000 tries something a little different. Instead of an anthology, this time a single story is told; after her world is attacked by a mad warmonger Julie chases him across the stars seeking revenge. Michael Ironside, Julie Strain, and Billy Idol lead the cast and give pretty good voice performances. The animation style is also fairly well-done, but can be a little flat at times. However, the music is unremarkable and doesn't really add much to the film. While it's somewhat entertaining, Heavy Metal 2000 is a wholly unnecessary sequel that doesn't do anything for the series and lacks the unique style and tone of the original.

EmilyJane H (mx) wrote: this is the perfect movie for me

Jennifer M (ag) wrote: touching movie.made me cry

Darren B (ca) wrote: Great piece of 70s cinema.

Chrisanne S (us) wrote: Very PG, funny if you're in the right mood.

Luke V (br) wrote: Watch it for the last 20 minutes and check out the companion piece Footlight Parade. Good music, great choreography and some iconic shots that have been imitated and parodied for years.

Tony P (es) wrote: Cheap Cannon film from 1985.Cannon liked any film related to ninjas it seemed! It was originally titled American Warrior.The film in parts is like a glorified television episode of a show like the A-Team with its cheap looking action effects.Michael Dudikoff plays the title role? Who is he?It is typical of a film in a VHS rental shop in the eighties! Cheap Cannon B movies.Basically it follows a strange loner US soldier with ninja skills in a US army base in the Philippines.There is a typical shot of a model helicopter being blown up and studio insert with a painted background by a six year old.Luckily it only dragged on for approximately 90 minutes.It took two viewings. I fell asleep during the first although it was 10pm after a day at work.

Shanna M (us) wrote: At first i thought this was a good movie, but it turned out to be very disappointing.

Steve W (ag) wrote: Strange and unique, but not sure if its good. Johnny Depp plays meek accountant William Blake, who gets shafted out of a promised job, and ends up almost killed when he follows a lady of the night home. Then while the affected parties sends marshals and bounty hunters after Blake, he goes through a spiritual journey of sorts while meeting and shooting all sorts of deranged folks. The movie drags on in its third act, but its an interesting western for sure, even if it may be a bit too art house.