A guilt-haunted samurai warrior attempts to stop a massacre taking place.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:124 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   japan,   massacre,  

A guilt-haunted samurai warrior attempts to stop a massacre taking place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate T (kr) wrote: Another Woody Allen classic... Andrew Dice Clay stands out in a too brief role in the film. On Blu-ray.

Martha C (nl) wrote: Gutwrenching and brutal, yet essential viewing. It leaves you utterly disgusted and filled with indignation, to see what the US military is allowing and has been allowed to cover up for years. Every woman, in particular, should see this before considering joining any branch of the US military.

Pranav K (kr) wrote: Very disappointing after the first one. At best this evokes a couple chuckles. The only thing good about it is Vinay Pathak's performance.

Ari B (fr) wrote: it was a great movie. i saw in on netflix and jumped right into my top 5 sports movies of all time behind, "remember the titans" "miracle" and the "blind side"

Pnbee A (de) wrote: ??????? ??????

Nurul I (ru) wrote: Great story! Great actors! I loved this kind of movie. I felt like get involved and get into trouble while watching this. Competition in a family, and maybe revenge in a family life is like common to happen. It just like how we handle it without hurt anyone, even someone that we love. This movie taught many things about family life. How we should treat our family, and the way to love each other. With peeled great sense of humors, it made this movie is very worth to see.

Smashproplaya (nl) wrote: Great start for Laika

Greg S (br) wrote: Childhood sweethearts are tragically separated. One becomes an infamous bandit, and the other is arranged to marry a police captain who plans to hunt him down. A campy Thai spaghetti Western with arthouse visuals, this flick screams, "Look at me! I'm a cult movie!"

James H (br) wrote: Surprisingly funny and clever romantic comedy, with some great one liners, and a very effective cast - especially Estelle Harris, who is hysterically funny. It's not predictable, flows well, good direction and writing. A little seen gem.

Jerry W (es) wrote: [b]Short Eyes[/b] - A "short eyes" in prison parlance is a child molestor and even among the social pariahs, child molestors are persona non grata. One of these short eyes arrives at the New York prison where this allegorical screen-adapted play is set. This film is proud of its stage heritage, as it includes a couple of impromtu songs and a number of speech-like dialogue. Such stage conventions can seem clumsy in a film, but director Robert Young and his collaborative team do a good job to add a level of lyricism to the film. When taking on a subject as grim as this, one can see why. The film's insight is in the microcosm of the larger society that it creates in the prison, where race and sex relations are dominated by power struggles. The ultimate conflict in the film is to what extent the characters are willing to give up their humanity in prison. The movie suggests that this may not be all that much of a conflict given the similarities of prison life to the larger world. [b]Husbands and Wives[/b] - Woody Allen. Need I say more? Woody plays Woody Allen in a story about relationships all brought to life through witty dialogue that is cynical, ironic, and touching; acted by a capable ensemble. The details hardly matter. [b]Caresses[/b] - I'm a sucker for foreign movies. This one's Spanish, I think, and offers vignettes of half a dozen coincidentally related couples whose relationships take all forms (heterosexual, homosexual, father/son, brother/sister, etc). It's not exceptional, but it's always interesting. [b]Maurice[/b] - Wonderful film, this. Director James Ivory adapts this E.M. Forster novel of an early 19th Century man's struggle with his sexual identity. The script lays out the story of a middle class Londoner's (James Wimby) coming of age in Cambridge and falling into love with a upperclass contemporary, played by Hugh Grant. The movie is touching, well written, beautifully shot, and well acted. [b]The Last Picture Show[/b] - One of the best films that I've ever seen. I need to find room for this on my Top Ten list. Peter Bogdanovich's film about the sexual mores in a small Texas town is hauntingly bittersweet. The impressive ensemble cast, including Ellen Burstyn, Cybill Shepard and Jeff Bridges, become their characters. And what characters!!! They inhabit a slow town, where sexual deviance lies barely hidden below the surface. Bogdanovich's main achievement is aesthetic: the black and white enhances the starkness of the dry landscape and the silence (there's no score) only adds to that.

Steve D (fr) wrote: The horror the horror the horrendous casting

Drew S (kr) wrote: I honestly don't know if this is a 0 or a 5.

Peter S (kr) wrote: Beutiful filming location

Kevin P (fr) wrote: Het concept van In Secret is redelijk voorspelbaar, maar dankzij een bizarre uitwerking en uitstekende cast is dit een kostuumdrama die beter is dan je zou denken.

Janis T (gb) wrote: Too precious, too dear, too heavy-handed. And ultimately too depressing.

John T (de) wrote: Many compare this film to Charlotte Bronte's classic Jean Eyre, but with supernatural undertones in the form of the island natives strange belief in voodoo. This is the second successful collaboration between producer Val Lewton and director Jacques Tourneur released one year after the their slightly better "Cat People". The basic story revolves around voodoo in a Caribbean island and the effects it has on one particular family. The whole film provides a horror film's necessary elements of atmosphere and great cinematography, but there is no violence or gory scenes; just a lot of suspense, leaving a lot to the imagination. There is a constant pounding of faraway drums during the picture which increase in tempo and sound level to indicate impending doom. This film is not in the same genre as the classic film Night of the Living Dead or from The Walking Dead television series and anyone looking to see cadavers returned from the grave, meandering about looking for flesh to feast upon will be disappointed. These are traditional, mind-erased zombies, unfeeling, unthinking and unresponsive to anything.The two leading actors, Tom Conway as the family patriarch and Frances Dee as the nurse are both very good. Although Christine Gordon, as Jessica the voodoo stricken comatose wife, says not a word during the whole film, she manages to steal every scene she is in. The calypso singer, portrayed by Sir Lancelot, was hilarious in a dark humor sort of way when he sings about the family's history, spilling the beans for the audience. Edith Barrett was good as the mother who plays a rather surprising role at the end. There are several creepy sequences, most notable when Jessica mindlessly walks thought the sugar cane fields (hence the title of the film) to the place where voodoo worshippers gather. The following scene of a voodoo ritual was also memorable.I Walked With A Zombie is definitely worth a watch. I rate this movie as one of the Tourneur/Lewton best and highly recommend it to all lovers of the genre.