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Grammos torrent reviews

Brian S (nl) wrote: A ho-hum low-rent zombie flick that transforms into a ho-hum low-rent alien invasion flick at the halfway mark. Might be a good candidate for psychoanalysis; the alien invaders don't just turn men into zombies, but they make their genitalia fall off and replace them with wombs. Not only that, but the invaders also hide inside of women, then leap out of vaginas to kill unwitting male victims. Of course, the film's also got a final message that guns and lots of alcohol are the solution, which might proceed from the same mentality that gave us the brains-and-spaghetti aliens lurking in uteri in the first place.On the other hand, the mediocre acting, reliance on cliches and stupidity of its characters leave "Days of Darkness" a movie that doesn't exactly demand to be seen, so who cares? Cars that won't start at just the right moment, hypocritical bible-thumping preacher, the porn star with a heart of gold, the innocents who must save the day, the last stand where the strangers must overcome their differences and work together, it's all so unimaginative and yet unusually unpalatable. Unless you truly want a window into the apparent dysfunctionality of writer/director Jake Kennedy, there isn't any reason to bother with this one.

Mattias E (kr) wrote: Double cuteness alert with both Twins present in Stephen Fung's sophomore directorial output House Of Fury. But by giving only Gillian some serious screentime, Fung rather graciously refrains from capitalizing on the Twins effect. Gillian holds her own however, even in the presence of a great actor like Anthony Wong, and does her rather undemanding part justice. The movie hints at a more dramatic plotline at times, but since House Of Fury is hardly the appropriate vehicle for serious issues, Fung soon drops it and focuses on the fun instead.

Christopher P (kr) wrote: Violent and entertaining as well as badly acted and poorly scripted dialogue.

Adam A (it) wrote: "Minority Report" has a smart, futuristic take on the crime drama genre but is a bit too long to keep you onboard all the way through.

Espen B (ag) wrote: beautiful but mystifying

Matthew J (jp) wrote: The original poster to this film is much more appropriate. This film is super cheesy although it has one of the best beheadings ever. The music is painful, the direction is poor, and the acting is even worse. The story has potential but fell extremely shy of it.

Andrew L (es) wrote: Entering Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada by dull-lighted small rowboat transporting but a few passengers is a rather determined and beautiful young lady. Opting to stay at a boarding house and not a nearby hotel, she gives her name to the coachman and the owner of the house as Miss Lewry. Any individual can thus discern that this is a pseudonym, an alias, a cover, and we are afterwards informed by her half-hearted attempts at secrecy that she is the second daughter of the famous French author Victor Hugo, younger sister of Leopoldine Hugo?Leopoldine who, at the age of 19, drowned.Her name, though, has not brought her here to Halifax, no, it was love: a passionate and all-consuming love that tortured her frail person to a truly cinematic degree. Adle Hugo (Isabelle Adjani) has followed Lieutenant Albert Pinson (Bruce Robinson) here to marry and keep him, but upon first meeting it is evident that there are obstacles: one, Albert?s conviction that her parents will not consent; and two, that Albert himself may not share her prominent feelings, and her endeavor to elicit his emotions will only exacerbate their respective lives. This, though, will not stop Adle from trying to retreive him and change his mind, even when she finds him with another woman: she will, with help from her late sister, continue to impress, to adapt, to propose endearing sentiments of faithful, tearful love. ?Since I can?t have the smile of love,? she says, ?I condemn myself to its grimace:? unlike her sister, she will not drown.One of director Franois Truffaut?s most impressive films, it takes its roots from the diaries of Adle Hugo, whom Roger Ebert thinks ?must have seemed the ideal Truffaut heroine.? The film is filled with intense, engrossing scenes: for example, the first meeting between Adle and Albert in Halifax: hesitant Adle unable to choose a dress (white, red, blue, representing her struggle with her differing emotions) before deciding on a fragile-looking light-blue gown in which to appear; their conversation, especially heated and heartfelt by Adle; a firm, set jaw and simple exit by Albert leaving a distraught, disconcerted Adle in tears. That ardent quality, that obsessive behavior, beautifully and tragically shown by actress Isabelle Adjani is what earned her an Oscar nomination and considerable success for her and for Truffaut thereafter. A fascinating film, a powerful performance and a stimulating study of the harsh and hard effects of unrequited love on a sensitive soul.

Jo Y (mx) wrote: they are all good actors.They are my favorites

dri s (kr) wrote: Oh boy, this man is incredible.

Zdravko P (de) wrote: Another great Laurel & Hardy flick I can probably watch again and again if I owned it. I don't know why they haven't made a Laurel & hARDY definitive collectors edition DVD. 6 discs with all their shorts and movies. You can't put a price on them though, these 2 are gems they make me so happy to be alive I can't even begin to tell you. Boy thats akward writing that...begin to tell you..or begin to tell you why...or why i like them..hmmm

Noname (ca) wrote: A pretty unknown classic movie to me other than that i have heard the title name before. I like most classics if its the right genre / story and if there are some famous talent actors aswell in it. The story follows 2 criminals , Papillon (Steve McQueen) and Dega (Dustin Hoffman ) on an prison island with escape as one option.. i like these kind of movies alot because its a good exciting genre for the most time. This was such a time and i was very satisfied with this powerful drama with amazing performances from both Steve and Dustin. Sometimes it felt slow paced but thats usually a common thing with older classic movies mostly because movies length.. anyway a flick to enjoy !

Justin T (ag) wrote: An average 80s crime thriller with an amazing cast.