Grand Champion

Grand Champion

'Grand Champion' weaves the tale of a spunky young boy named Buddy and his prize-winning calf, Hokey, as they climb from the underdog position and up through the ranks of several Texas ...

'Grand Champion' weaves the tale of a spunky young boy named Buddy and his prize-winning calf, Hokey, as they climb from the underdog position and up through the ranks of several Texas ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jarrett K (kr) wrote: Not bad. Hopefully Kwanten takes his vampire money and runs. He is much more suited to be in stuff like this.

Pascal M (mx) wrote: Ok - thought it was about terrorism there but turned out to be simple story about youth troubles. Not bad

David F (es) wrote: MAKE THE YULETIDE GAY is a really sweet film and I enjoyed it a great deal. Sure, it is pretty formulaic (a Christmas movie and a coming out movie in one) and filled with corny situational comedy (the script features a cornucopia of gay-related puns, some of which elicit the expected groan but others which really, when placed in the mouths of these characters, really do make one chuckle), but it is also so unassuming that it won me over pretty quickly. I really enjoyed Keith Jordan in the main role, the bit gay man on campus who isn't out to his parents; Adamo Ruggiero as his boyfriend had some great moments and some where he worked a bit too hard as did Hallee Hirsh as the high school girlfriend-cum-fag hag; Kelly Keaton veered between enjoyable and over the top, but that was primarily due to the character and dialogue with which she was saddled; and the STAR TREK fan-boy in me cheered to see Gates McFadden on screen. Fun soundtrack too. I guess the film's absolute sincerity is a double-edged sword: it really does pull you in, but sometimes it is a little over the top.

Joshua (it) wrote: thought it was really weird and stupid

Barrington S (br) wrote: An excellent movie based off an excellent true story. It may be a bit predictable but it's still an enjoyable film.

Richard S (jp) wrote: World War II epic centered in Italy. Beautiful scenery and a wonderful cast makes this movie so great.

Feru S (es) wrote: The movie really has an 80s feel to it. Not great ... considering it was directed by Zeffirelli (of Romeo & Juliet) ... but I love the nostalgia and seeing a number of stars (incl Tom Cruise) in their early roles. And of course Brooke Shields looked absolutely gorgeous. But whatever happened to Martin Hewitt?

Stan D (ag) wrote: Play It Again Sam (1972) To me (and no one else), this is Woody Allen's best movie, about a nerd (played by Woody) who is given advice about wooing women by the ghost of Bogart (played brilliantly by Jerry Lacy). With Diane Keaton and Tony Roberts, a very funny and creative romantic comedy, that is an homage to Casablanca.

Robert C (jp) wrote: While the premise is fun and the cast is impressive...the laughs are few and far between. Most of them revolving around Peter Lorre, the perfect horror film "side-kick" / comedy "straight man". Not a GREAT film, but fun for fans of classic horror. It did leave me with one BURNING question: "Who is/was Beverly Hills"?

Bill M (ca) wrote: Superior 80's slasher movie that stands out thanks to creepy atmosphere, good shocks and characters who react in realistic ways to the horror unfolding around them (a couple of scenes were friends find their other friends or lovers find their other half's are dead isnt played as the usual callousness known for the genre, here it's genuinely upsetting in places, lending a rawness to proceedings) it also has a good, creepy plot that unfolds like a proper murder mystery rather than a tacky stalk and slash-athon. Very recommended fro genre fans.

Richard D (es) wrote: A fairly good action film, though it's pretty apparent why it didn't spawn the series that it hoped to. It has one really great action scene mid-film, but what comes before and after is disappointing. Fred Ward makes an interesting lead, but he's given so little to do during the incredibly long training scenes that his appeal really starts to wane. The concluding action sequences are dull and by the numbers. Although Joel Grey does a good job as Ward's Asian martial arts teacher, there's really no excuse for having a white actor in yellow face playing this role. Pat Morita, James Hong and Mako were ALL busy?