Grass Labyrinth

Grass Labyrinth

A drama about a young man who is searching for a particular song, or maybe his father, or maybe his true self? He encounters many figures and places, where there are many contrasts: his diligent mother versus a disturbed prostitute, an endless ocean versus an endless desert, a young boy versus a grown man, but also there are lots of balls (that resemble pregnancy stones, some with lots of string around them), a long red string that turns up everywhere (I assume this is a Biblical reference?) and many female, male and childlike figures that begin to haunt the boy/man.

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Elma M (au) wrote: Veteran detective So-young and her rookie partner Hyun-gi happen onto an incendiary homicide case. They discover that the present case is somehow related to the mysterious death of a girl ten years previously.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Arang has the same elements of many other horror movies like the long-haired female ghost but the story itself is interesting....its also a well done chiller that works as both a horror and murder mystery... film will keep you guessing and unexpected twist in the end...Worth watching...

Veniea T (fr) wrote: I hope that it is good

Matt H (ag) wrote: the movie was hilarious

Charlie p (ca) wrote: I loved this movie, Both Donnie and robert were excellent in this one!

Tim M (kr) wrote: As an old school game show fan I think I held this to a higher standard and Robert Redford met them all. A fantastic cast matches the true to life story of the quiz show cheating scandals of the 1950s. It's a piece of history depicted to near perfection.

Sabrina S (gb) wrote: The love the story plot! I enjoy this movie a lot !

Matthew J (jp) wrote: "Without a Clue" has an idiotic premise which surprisingly works because of the efforts of Caine and Kingsley.

Dana C (gb) wrote: Brings up an interesting moral dilemma. End left something to be desired. I've always liked Richard Dreyfuss though - good acting.

Trent R (mx) wrote: Nice mix of post-war domesticity under threat by the spectre of repressed cowardice, embodied by Ryan in a terrific role. Heflin is a real estate developer, giving the suburban bliss theme an easy accessibility. Ryan's war wound is used excellently to provide suspense in an early attempt at revenge on lake boats, and his foot-dragging stomp plays even more well later on. Leigh and Thaxter get some nice clashes regarding their husbands' capacity for violence, and Mary Astor turns in a very interesting performance against type as a bar lady who picks up Heflin while on the skids and introduces an easier opportunity for resolution. Surtees' cinematography shines during a later flashback sequence in a tunnel, although the ending may be less interesting by contrast.

Dann M (br) wrote: Det. Alex Cross is drawn into a battle of wits with a master criminal in Along Came a Spider. After the kidnapping of a congressman's daughter the kidnapper contacts D.C. police detective Alex Cross, seeking to put Cross's skills to the test. Starring Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter, Michael Wincott, and Mika Boorem, the casting is quite strong and they deliver some good performances. The writing is also well-done and effectively builds suspense and tension as the investigation unfolds. Additionally, there are some clever twists and reveals that enrich the story. An exciting and compelling thriller, Along Came a Spider is an impressive entry in the Alex Cross series.

Ryan J (kr) wrote: haven't seen this since the late night i saw it on channel 9 back in the mid 90's one saturday night. it is quite silly and it has dolph lundgren in it so enough said. cheesy.

Rob B (jp) wrote: a nicely done sequel that takes the griswold's to europe where they get into all sorts of shenanigans. the best part is the beginning where the griswold's are dressed in pig costumes for a game show called pig in a poke. the host played by john astin (made to represent richard dawson from family feud) making out with audrey was hilarious!