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Simon D (ca) wrote: Quite a nice Norwegian film. The story is far from original but it has some funny moments and a few good actors in it.

Zach M (ca) wrote: This was a fairly good adaptation of the amazing graphic novel Batman: Year One.Though the animation wasn't as god as the art from the book, it's still quite good.The story is an excellent and well translated to the screen from the book.A good selection of actors do the voice over work with Bryan Cranston, Eliza Dushku, Ben McKenzie, Alex Rocco, Katee Sackhoff and Stephen Root.Warner Bros. and DC have done an excellent job of making animated movies that are very well done.

Christopher H (mx) wrote: Erotic doesn't even begin to describe this pseudo-foreign, pseudo-lesbian-coming-of-age film about two women who cross paths in Rome and end up together, naked in a hotel room, telling each other lies about themselves, mixing in hints of the truth, attempting to get to know one another. Struggling with their "other" lives, Alba (Elena Anaya), a mousey lesbian with a troubled past holds the reigns of the evening, trying to enlighten Natasha (Natasha Yarovenko), a heterosexual Russian bombshell who is about to get married. Never quite pornography, "Room In Rome" toes the line gracefully, delivering one of the sexiest films I've ever witnessed, while still developing a strong character based narrative between two females shedding light on an unmistakable, yet ultimately tragic love.

Jennifer E (fr) wrote: This could have been so much better, there was potential for it. I have yet to see werewolves that look better than the ones in Underworld.

Adam K (br) wrote: Strong flavor and atmosphere from the redneck setting somehow keep Altered above the standard its genre-schlock premise sets for it. Part of that also comes from an effective commitment to keeping the character relationships meaningful, with a simple but felt history revealed artfully as the plot unfolds. I was astonished to learn that it was made in 2006; I don't know how much they intended it, but it successfully pulled off the 80's horror-action-thriller look.

Daniel P (kr) wrote: Has the Hallmarks of a classic Verhoeven picture, a blend of graphic sex & violence set during WW2

Ibad S (es) wrote: Disturbing, but amazing.

Don H (au) wrote: Watching this movie as we speak. Love it.

Muffin M (us) wrote: Jake Schram (Ben Stiller) and Brian Finn (Edward Norton) are single, successful, extremely popular guys who have been best friends since, well. forever. They are about to be reunited with their other best childhood buddy - the feisty, lanky tomboy, Anna (Jenna Elfman). Anna is a high-powered, workaholic beauty whose reentry into their lives turns this old circle of friends into a love triangle - a very complicated one at that, because Jake's a rabbi and Brian is a priest.also stars Anne Bancroft, Eli Wallach, Ron Rifkin, Milos Forman, Holland Taylor, Lisa Edelstein, Rena Sofer, Ken Leung and Brian George

Steve M (it) wrote: Blankman definitely tickled my funny bone. Probably one of the greatest comedys of 1994, and still holds up today. To date probably the best comedy movie you could see.

Wahida K (au) wrote: I very much respect Buddism and I enjoy watching movies such as this one. Brilliant

Matt K (ca) wrote: I'm only the 10th person to rate this? That's crazy. This is a good movie. It's a thriller about a sniper at a football game. We meet all the people with semi-boring soap opera mini stories and then we see them all get shot. John Cassavetes and Charlton Heston play the cops trying to get the sniper before he does a bunch of bad stuff. It's exciting, it's gory, and it's fun. A good 70's thriller.

vigan s (ag) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Dane P (ru) wrote: Aside from the art direction there isn't that much in this film. Its pretty dull and uneventful and is too short to make an impression. The thing is that just because I don't like this film doesn't mean I hate all silent films... Watch "THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE" A film released around the same time with great visuals, interesting characters, a riveting story and genuine scares. Why didn't that one become important? This one doesn't hold up too well.

Vessela D (kr) wrote: A bit silly, but still OK to watch if you're in the right mood...:)

Sean D (mx) wrote: Not your typical drama and at times difficult to follow, but very well done and interesting.