On the outset, the Okunos seem like a normal happy family with father Tadashi and his two bright sons, genetics researcher Izumi and artsy Haru. When a series of arson attacks strike the neighborhood, clues left at the crime scenes seem to be somehow related to the Okunos. Izumi and Haru try to get to the bottom of mystery, slowly unveiling a tragic family secret that has come back to haunt them.

The story of a seemingly settled bank employee who breaks the shackles of his everyday life and becomes a wanderer between worlds. Frederik is an up-and-coming young bank employee who lives... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gravity torrent reviews

Tino R (au) wrote: I wished I could of seen this all the way through. This may be low budget, but it's an interesting subject to make a Hour & 1/2 doc on it.

Nate J (ru) wrote: One of my favourite comedies of all time, completely underrated. It's one brilliant gag after another and the highlight of the movie is certainly Hector, who is a truly brilliant character. "Fuck Nick"

Brendan N (fr) wrote: quite funny but it is to little to late for pauly shore who continued playing the same character over and over again.

Lupe B (es) wrote: increbles coreografas. Lo q faltaba en las actuaciones ms que compensado en el sentimiento del baile.

Adam W (au) wrote: The Shakespeare angle is annoying - Yanks can't do it - but its entertaining.

Alysia V (fr) wrote: Plot synopsis: A "light-hearted" story? Really? Because I didn't think it was light-hearted at all. I found it to be quite depressing, actually. Billy Crudup's character is pretty much, just messed up and sleeps with all three of the Crudup sisters, hurting each one in a different way, and while at it, hurting his brother in the process, as well. Liv Tyler really just loves Joaquin the entire time, but he, along with Billy, just keep getting swept away by Jennifer Connelly's sex-appeal, and therefore, Joaquin overlooks Liv for the longest time and it seems it's only once Jennifer is sent away that he begins to look at Liv in a different light...which, in itself, is a little under-handed, as well. Jennifer Connelly is a great actress and I was a bit disappointed by her small role in this film. I was hoping she'd be in it more than she was. I always enjoy performances by Billy Crudup and Joaquin Phoenix-I think they're both great actors and played well as brothers in this film, though they didn't seem to actually like eachother very much. I like the 1950's era of this film and the whole feel that carries. The whole thing left me feeling kind of sad, though, and certainly not "light-hearted."

Meg D (es) wrote: The first lesbian movie I saw after I came out...I still love it!!!

Cassidy S (ca) wrote: If you like b-movies, you gotta check this one out.

Eric F (de) wrote: Disappointed, expected a lot more story with all the high ratingsGreat visual effects but weak storyline and what lesson do you learn?No one sticks to their true principlesPure fantasy

Anthony V (it) wrote: I had enough of Ronny and Nancy in the 80s.

Jordan T (ru) wrote: A little different than most Abbott & Costello films, but it's good stuff. Not a fan of Arthur Franz's character. However, I love William Frawley and he makes a nice addition to the antics of Bud and Lou.

Jose R (us) wrote: Great performance from Tom Cruise and Michael Mann's stylistic direction makes this film a great thriller. A+

Forrest P (br) wrote: Forget the best musical -- of course it is that, and not just in the cinema, but in general. No, this is the best film ever made. A romance with the musical, a romance with Hollywood and a romance with the girl, only Chaplin's City Lights can rival this love story. It's the most exciting movie ever made, a lighthearted comedy that appeals to everyone and has the most deservedly happy ending ever put on the screen. Not a single moment or music number feels contrived, unalike contemporary song and dance shows. The grace of Gene Kelly and his costars delights. This is a feel-good movie for the ages. The story resonates about all that life can be: you can find personal, professional success, but that doesn't mean much if you can't share it with your partner. To see this film is to find the most honest and genuine acting in cinema history. Gene Kelly performs the title number in a routine that embodies the true spirit of being in love. Don Lockwood is carefree and doesn't mind to just be, "Singin' and dancing in the rain."